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SierraCharlieAlpha 11th Jun 2020 02:50

Originally Posted by AW4070 (Post 10806272)
I'm early 30's with a wife and young child. Have been running a business which has been hammered by the current health situation and thinking about a career switch. Am I crazy to try and go down this path at my age? Wondering if anyone has insight into how mature-aged trainees tend to go, assuming they can make it into the training course.

Hi! Iím glad you asked this question, as Iím in a similar boat as far as career changes are concerned. Just make sure you hit the minimum qualifications, ie finished year 12 or a degree within 10 years :)

puddlejumpers2310 14th Jun 2020 07:40

Hatchet7 - just tried to PM you but I'm receiving a notice that your inbox is full and to delete some messages....get back in touch via PM when you're good. I've got good news.... PJ

Hatchet7 18th Jun 2020 04:56

Offer for 21st September
I have recieved an offer for ATC trainee starting on the 21st of September, anyone else got the same offer?

kickingdinnerplates 30th Jun 2020 01:12

Hi all, seems to me that this thread is dying but Iíll post anyway. I just applied for the most recent intake (June 2020) and I completed my online aptitude test last night. I did alright - not bad enough to say I failed but not good enough to definitively say I passed. Anyway, I was just wondering:

1. Would age affect my application? Obviously there is nothing written about age (avoid those discrimination lawsuits lol) but Iím 18 and Iím worried I wonít be taken seriously. This is my dream job. Iíve been researching air traffic control for years and my parents work in aviation. I even read all 198 pages of this forum haha. But yeah it would really suck if they thought I wasnít serious because Iím young :(

2. Would COVID affect the recruitment process? From what Iíve gathered, they only do the assessment centre in Melbourne now and Victoria is having a bit of a surge in cases at the moment. I wouldnít be surprised if the whole state went into lockdown.

Track Shortener 30th Jun 2020 23:57

Would age affect my application?
Your age itself, no (you meet the minimum requirement and it's illegal to discriminate on the basis of age). However, you may also get what I got when I first applied for ATC, straight out of uni (so a couple of years older than you are now): the feedback after my interview was basically to go away and grow up a little, then come back in a few years.
So I went away and worked in the 'real world' for a bit, took on a job that allowed me to demonstrate responsibility, and three years later was successful.

Having said that, that was my experience, yours may differ. Give it a go, and try not to get too disheartened if it ends in tears the first time.

kickingdinnerplates 3rd Jul 2020 22:44

Oh wow okay. Iíve had three jobs (one in a supervisor position) - would that help with demonstration of responsibility?

Have there been many successful 18 year olds or not so much?

WhisprSYD 6th Jul 2020 22:17

Originally Posted by kickingdinnerplates (Post 10828445)
Oh wow okay. Iíve had three jobs (one in a supervisor position) - would that help with demonstration of responsibility?

Have there been many successful 18 year olds or not so much?

Yep thereís a few I can think of that started at 18/19/20 and had no issues.

Not a terrible place to be at age 24 on ATC 6 pay level while mates have just started looking for graduate positions with a huge HECS debt.

puddlejumpers2310 3rd Dec 2020 03:39

Trainees from interstate, or even already in Melbourne...one room available in a fully furnished and renovated house for ATC guys and gals. Take the stress out of moving to Melbourne - I make it easy for you. This house has built quite a reputation for housing successful trainees over the years. Located in a quiet, leafy street just minutes from the Academy. Everything included to make your stay easy and stress-free. PM me for more info and a bit of history on the place...PJ.https://www.pprune.org/images/smilies/thumbs.gif

puddlejumpers2310 15th Jan 2021 04:06

Starting on course in Melbourne next week and no accommodation organised? One room is currently available in fully furnished and renovated house just minutes from the Academy. There's already a couple of ATC guys there, so you can get all the benefits of their knowledge. I make it easy to move interstate and get set up for the year ahead. Interested to know more? Shoot me a PM for details...PJ:ok:

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