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ATC Humour (Merged)

ATC Issues A place where pilots may enter the 'lions den' that is Air Traffic Control in complete safety and find out the answers to all those obscure topics which you always wanted to know the answer to but were afraid to ask.

ATC Humour (Merged)

Old 20th Oct 2001, 06:51
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I've posted this one before but never mind....
(At Vero Beach, a/c calling for rejoinwere expected to say on the first call whether it was to land, or to join the circuit)
N9248H (young oriental voice): "Cherokee 48H Webasso Bridge request join."
VRB ATC: "Roger 48H what are your intentions?"
N9248H: "I stay FlightSafety one more year, then go fly China Airlines!"
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Old 20th Oct 2001, 07:39
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Thumbs up

Also posted this one before....& still love it:

departure taking care of one CF-18 after an airshow:

ATC:"-Allouette 22, what's your heading!?"
ATC:"-Allouette 22, what's your heading!?"
CF-18:"-...... aaaaaah, we're not heading...... we're climing....."
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Old 20th Oct 2001, 12:32
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Speedbird 147 working Jeddah Control.
"Speedbird 147, you are cleared to Bahrain Inshaalah, call for descent."
"Speedbird 147, you are cleared to Bahrain Inshaalah, call for descent."
"Ummmmmm, Speedbird 147, our destination is Bahrain International????"
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Old 22nd Oct 2001, 04:55
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German controller at LGW:
"Delta 123 I cleared you to G1 you've gone past that and are now at J3"(cue frustrated German accent)

reply-"Gee m'aam, was I married to you once?!"
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Old 23rd Oct 2001, 01:48
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CPH during late evening hours. A Shorts SC-7 is "Cleared to land 22L, after landing left via 12 to South", which is some 900 m. after the threshold.

Short lands in 600 m, turns off at a taxiway and calls TWR :

"Aaaarrh, TWR, DTR541...sorry, folks...we didn't make it"
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Old 10th Jul 2002, 20:06
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ATC Humour

Anyone got any good/funny stories about things that have happened in the past - either on the RT or in the ops room/tower?

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Old 10th Jul 2002, 21:07
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Is it really that bad down there?
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Old 11th Jul 2002, 01:44
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Re: ATC Humour

the best thing i heard in my training (we almost had to stop the exercise - we bursted into laughter) was during practising weather avoidance headings in an early stage of the ATC school. trainee wanted to say "to circumnavigate adverse weather fly heading...", but he finally said "to circumnavigate adverse wedding....". then the coach replied quite quickly "who are you talking to, your mother-in-law?"

this was our best one...

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Old 11th Jul 2002, 03:38
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In training on the Sim back in the 60s as a cadet someone who is now very senior, but a vgood controller and manager, was overheard to say "GABCD Have you just turned left on to a right hand heading?"
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Old 11th Jul 2002, 04:31
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some other good ones from our training:
during emergency training: one acft cruising at FL330, crossing traffic at FL310, and (murphy :-) the upper one had a engine failure. so the pilot reported "DLH123, engine failure, leaving FL330 for 220", then the atco-trainee screamed "negative!!! maintain FL330!!!"

or another one , a B747, wanting to climb to FL350 from FL310. trainee asked "SIN123, ready for higher?" "SIN123 affirm", atco: "roger, then..." then he realised he had opposite traffic at FL330 "maintain FL310!" must have been a bloody disappointment for the 747! but the funniest thing was then the reaction of the coach (can't be translated..."sowas nennt man pilotenverarschung!!!!!")

was the best time of my life the training in ATC.

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Old 11th Jul 2002, 09:20
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Emergency training: 737 with double engine failure.
Lady approach controller: "Descend to altitude 2000ft, QNH 1004"

and then...??
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Old 11th Jul 2002, 09:30
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The scene:
Many moons ago in Germany, sat in Ground with the sky full of Harriers - Tower controller screening VERY attractive female U/T (yes I know it was the RAF but she was ). SATCO (who liked to think himself a bit of a ladies man) walks in, makes a big play of sniffing the air and states "that smells nice, what have you got on?" IMMEDIATE response from Tower controller "well I've got a hard on - but I didn't know you could smell it! " Cue me on floor and SATCO departing very red-faced.
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Old 11th Jul 2002, 15:38
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<Falling about laughing>
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Old 11th Jul 2002, 17:12
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Heard at Brum,1970
A [very] broad Northern accent...
Birmingham Approach, I've just flown over your airfield, and I'm lost. Can you tell me where I am Please?
At Manch...[Irish Airline]xxx you are No 2 in traffic
Roger, is that No 1 in front?
In the RAF, Lightnig pilot ZZZ22 Fire one fire two
Female trainee Roger 22, understand both missiles fired
Sme Trainee..zzz343, you are entering my dark area
343, it's ok, we'll be careful
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy
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Old 11th Jul 2002, 17:54
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Overheard on Arrivals Freq.

PILOT: Arrivals, ABC123, what is our position in the sequence ?
ATC: Aaah lets see, ABC123, I have you pencilled in at number 2, but I do have vacancies at numbers 5 & 7.
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Old 11th Jul 2002, 17:59
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The Scene - same day, same team, not long recovered from 'hard on' call.

Dutch Mil Heli, callsign 'S69' calls for recovery.

Attractive U/t (still flushed): "sara...." "no.. seemer sick...." "no saver sex..." "oh this is no good I can't get my tongue around this callsign"

Suprised look on her face when she turns round to see everybody else in stitches - she did go a lovely shade on rosy pink though!!!
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Old 11th Jul 2002, 23:18
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it's not funny for everyone (especially for pilots...but what do they do in this forum anyway? ) : our first IFR-Voice lesson: "the two most important rules for an atco: ONE: never apologise on frequency and TWO : never call a pilot "sir"! let THEM feel YOU superior......."

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Old 11th Jul 2002, 23:20
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During a day of just listening in during training, big delays had developed due to bad weather. A/c on departure, running late due to inbound holding, decided to please us with his cabin message over the RTF.
Pilot: ".............and we apologise for the late running of this service. Due to Air Traffic restrictions the a/c was late arriving at LHR."
Controller: "Lying bastard"
Pilot: (very quiet)"Sorry"
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Old 12th Jul 2002, 00:47
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Hey, was said suave SATCO (and now LTCC employee?) talking about a Red haired lady maried to puma jock??
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Old 12th Jul 2002, 09:01
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B-L, this happened a little earlier. Different SATCO - the one in question is now settled in Shropshire.

As to the U/t, she married a mud-mover who got an exchange across the Pond on A10s. Unfortunately for us - he took her with him FYI the controller was the original 'Kent "wide" boy' still plying his trade in that controller's graveyard, D&D I believe.

I know the Red-head you mean, but we never really got on, they called it a personality clash - which I thought was strange cos I didn't think I had one
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