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Abu Dhabi, new management, any news?

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Abu Dhabi, new management, any news?

Old 22nd Apr 2013, 10:35
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Abu Dhabi, new management, any news?

It's been very quiet for a while since Serco lost the contract and GAL/LFV took over.
What's going on?
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Old 23rd Apr 2013, 05:59
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Its a secret
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Old 7th Jun 2013, 12:31
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Re: Abu Dhabi

Unfortunately the european supplier's Director general had to quit (prematurely after some years in service, and brought the chairman of the board with him), swedish language link - informing about temp_replacement;
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Old 25th Jun 2013, 18:55
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While some of those in the Eastern Outpost were hoping for big changes with the arrival of GAL they are yet to happen, in fact almost nothing has changed...nevertheless things are still much improved - SERCO MIS-MANAGEMENT IS GONE
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Old 10th Sep 2013, 16:59
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New "not so" management

Let the b%@&#hing begin! Let´s start with translating a few words from the new (notso) leaderships ummm..... language... ..."Management" is the same in Sw$%#"sh as: .... "Leadership" is the same in Sw#$%"sh as: ???????? umm, ! you C the thing Is! All these require decision making!!! !!!!!

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Old 12th Sep 2013, 05:26
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Schating on GAL ATC

While the recruitment of expat controllers is the ONLY safe answer to resolving the ATC safety issues in the UAE, GAL needs to recruit more American, Aussie, and Brit trolls and if the UAE locals can't cut the mustard, then let them go do something else other than aviation before they end up killing us all or our families! An overhaul of atc is continually discussed but no one has the B*%#$s to address the issue to the royal family or the military (which needs to get out of atc altogether with their track record). The system is broke all the way around and a new approach (clean house) needs to be implemented - especially atc management
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Old 12th Sep 2013, 11:00
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Oops! My bad....I should state that although GAL ATS has an extraordinary talented group of expats at their corporate headquarters they are micro-managed by their ATS Program Manager who has lost control. This dedicated group of ATC experts have the knowledge, experience, and drive to turn this broken system around and make the UAE the safest and most efficient ATC systems around. Each of the managers have the highest degree of intellect and ability to design, lead and display phenomenal safety, compliance and standards programs which would make other ATS providers envious. Yet the local "cultural" attitude and accelerated emiratization program create the potential for disaster within the skies of the UAE FIR. Don't get me wrong - there are some exceptional UAE local controllers who "get it" and apply the atc safety culture with pride, but the majority are there just for the paycheck and minimal effort/attendance. We are all here for the paycheck of course but it comes with responsibility, accountability and developed and earned professionalism. The GAL ATS program is led by a natural leader, an aviation professional who over the past 4 years has been driven to excellence and has cultivated a fantastic team of expat managers whose only goal is to improve and repair this broken system. They have all the tools and talent to perform, but the local circus clowns keep dropping their balls and the show gets nowhere.
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Old 12th Sep 2013, 18:25
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I heard they have already managed to implement RRSM and also reduce the separation on finals down to icao wake minima from the usual 5nm. If so, these are two of the biggest changes in Abu Dhabi's history......they must be moving a lot of aircraft now.....not bad for a few months on the ground.
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Old 13th Sep 2013, 10:04
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They should have put some time in the sim before attempting to put the 5 vs 3 nm spacing in operation....a lot of complaints from the flight crews and an unacceptable number of go-arounds. ROSI submittals? Abu - you don't even want to go there! Take the ferry to Doha or drive to Dubai.

GAL ATS is positioned and have an exceptionally qualified professional staff to administer the contract - only if 3 things can occur

1. The GAL ATS PM allows his staff department managers the flexibility to do their jobs -
2. [Edited - no personal attacks]
3. Start acting and conducting itself as a professional organization and deliver what you say you can - not what you think you can without adequate resources.
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Old 13th Sep 2013, 14:52
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HQ Interference?

Hey TP02 you must be a HQ pencil pusher? The go arounds have nothing to do with the changes. Guess you no nothing about the winds here. I'm sure the hq guys are well educated but not sure how they fit in when the boys on the floor have the expertise? why not spend some time with us before making statements. Stop causing trouble for us.
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Old 13th Sep 2013, 18:56
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3NM spacing?

Just curious..What´s the problem with 3 NM spacing? Looking at the runway layout it seems possible. Any special regulations that makes it too tight?
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Old 13th Sep 2013, 22:04
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Re post #6

New "NOTSO" Management.

Is he back.
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Old 14th Sep 2013, 02:14
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I am sure glad you cleared that issue up concerning the go arounds. My conversations with some of the Etihad guys would probably wonder where the "expertise" is coming from when the bounce all the way down final when the separation is exposed as 2.7, 2.8, 2.9 nm when you the professional air traffic controller knows it is 3.0 (no exceptions) and applies it without lame excuses such as "it windy outside" whaa whaa whaa. Your excuse makes your entire facility look bad and unsafe.

Causing trouble for you? That is not what I am trying to do friend. The majority of the professional controllers at your facility do their jobs in an outstanding manner despite the conditions you work under.

You do have a point with regards to spending time on the floor and observing but you are dead wrong with the issue of the HQ guys (staff). If GAL ATS would allow these "well educated" folks to do their jobs you may see significant positive changes and well accepted industry standards applied in all facets of the operation. However it is his program and all remains secret.
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Old 14th Sep 2013, 06:36
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Hardly a pencil pusher at HQ. Where is that located anyway? Just a connected troll who gets it via the grapevine and coffee shops (M&B Etihad Plaza so the input come equally from both sides of the mic).

Putting this stuff out there so all are informed as to how serious the situation is....an incident away from a catastrophe - management knows it buts keeps their head in the sand hoping it will all go away inshallah.

It takes a team - GAL ATS has an excellent one in place - open the doors and let them help you...

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Old 15th Sep 2013, 17:10
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Help us with what? For the first time, in a long time, we actually see management and, if rumours be true, will participate in meetings and communicate. You make out as if we have no clue about ATC, nice way to win us over? The ATCOs on the floor have wide-ranging experience and are able to contribute in a meaningful manner. Rather than allow HQ to dictate perhaps the better option is include those who do the work. And lastly, sharing info over coffee, real good work there, it's where we do our research and and make major decisions.
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Old 16th Sep 2013, 07:20
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The Emperors New Clothes

First of all, having worked in ATC in the Middle East for the last 25 years I think I can safely say that anyone who claims ATC here is “safe” either doesn’t understand what the word means or simply hasn’t worked anywhere else.
For those complaining about the thread including comments on GAL - WAKEY WAKEY, GAL IS ATC in Abu Dhabi, and very likely everywhere else in the region in the very near future.
As has been said before in this thread, GAL HQ has a very competent Middle Management Layer which is not being allowed to function, and a Senior Management layer that doesn’t know how to.
Daily life is a constant round of banging heads on walls as inertia and intelligence battle it out. Sorry - don’t know the Swedish for “Inertia”!

A friend once tried to give up smoking and drinking at the same time, but it was too difficult.

Its a bit like trying to fix ATC and Emiratise.
Let’s get one out of the way so we can see that it can be done before we screw it up with the other.
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Old 16th Sep 2013, 14:36
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Well stated, another thread being hijacked by the clueless.

Getting back to the main question, probably very quiet cos stuff is being done.
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Old 19th Sep 2013, 10:49
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Angry SandPig - spot on.

I do believe that "CoryM" thread is that of the former GAL CEO. Despite what a lot of people say about him, without him and the Brit that was the first ATS Director, they laid the foundation for a very successful organization, based on ICAO standards and western organization principles. His description of the GAL senior management structure is correct. His description of the current ATS Director is also absolutely correct. From the start - safety and compliance has always been at the forefront of the company's efforts in upgrading capabilities. The local "culture" has continually stymied any significant achievements in these areas. Then GAL senior management - through various "professional" relationships acquired permission to enter into the civil atc world. Despite the tireless efforts by Safety, Compliance, and Standards - their attempts have continuously blocked or ignored by the ATS PM and the GM.

Talking with pilots over coffee a bad thing? Depends on your perspective. If pilots were allowed to visit the atc facilities on occasion it would allow them to observe and foster a working relationship, much like the much adorned flight deck familiarization rides we used to be allowed to take advantage of which gave you the controller the realtime services to observe and flight crew reactions. Of course you will get a pilot or two who will complain regardless. Controllers do the same. Why can't atc have a program like this here in the UAE? La La - its a security issue or (even better) its secret.

If the travelling public or international safety organizations were aware of the seriousness of how badly the air transportation system really is here in the UAE is - there would be an uprising.


Pilots make mistakes

Controllers make mistakes

The goal is to reduce the number of mistakes made and to continually improve the system in which we operate. ICAO has, the FAA has, so why can't you do it here in the UAE?

You can buy all the most modern and advanced equipment in the world (which you have done) but the human element will always be the responsible and accountable function. The working controllers need to be reminded that you have an awesome responsibility and management has the highest degree of integrity in ensuring that they provide support of all levels of atc operations and to maintain an open communications without bias or prejudice to content or fault.

Check your attitudes, ego, and culture when you sit down in position. Lives depend on it.
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Old 19th Sep 2013, 11:59
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Just confirms how out of touch with us you are. Letting you in is paramount to reinventing the wheel. Fam flights, we have them for a few years and use them. Did not know that pilots are not able to visit, where does that come from. Maybe the pilots are not interested, if they were I'm sure they would be here already. Coffee shop banter is paramount to couch refereeing, you are always right?

You are bashing the wrong people and attempting to give us a bad name in the process. Leave the units out of your tirade. Your assumption that you and others in HQ will make all the difference at the units, think again. Who are YOU anyway, God's gift to aviation?
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Old 19th Sep 2013, 15:41
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Tubegreaser - didn't mean to strike a nerve with all of this safety stuff. It obviously bothers you personally. Yes, I am out of touch with you and your attitude - for that I am thankful.

To attack me personally achieves nothing but identifying your inability to acknowledge that there are problems and concerns within the aviation world of the UAE, not just GAL.

Fam flights - what do you learn from these, or do you just consider them a perk and get a free ride. Do you even sit up on the flight deck or enjoy the pampering back in business class?

Facility visits - You are probably correct since a pilot would have to submit his/her passport, UAE ID card, airline ID card, 2 passport photos, plus the 2 page application form to gain access even with an escort! If I were a pilot this would be enough discouragement to not even bother. A loss of education and potential communications link for both the pilot and the controller(s).

Bashing the wrong people? You are not being bashed, but your continued denial that there is nothing wrong is very concerning and it will not be me that gives you or your unit or GAL a bad name. GAL will do this by itself.

GOD's gift to aviation? Not hardly -

From one controller to another, I am no better than you nor am I less qualified but my 25+ years in atc entitle me to voice my concerns when my profession appears to be in troubled waters.
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