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I am going back forty years to when I used such equipment. In those days we only used 64 codes (00 - 77 octal) not the present 4096. It was possible to dial in a code on the radar console and any aircraft squawking that code would be marked with a slash close to the primary radar return. Squawking Ident produced a second slash.

It was possible to view the actual code as a series of slashes or blanks between two lines called framing pulses. These slashes were very close together so good eyesight was required to read the code in this way.

These slashes were actually binary bits in two groups of 3.

The bits represent the values 1, 2 and 4 which, when added together can represent the numbers 0 - 7 depending which bits are on or off i.e. eight values (Octal)

It was a bit like reading a bar code as found on almost everything today.

The slashes could be read as follows. (- below means off i.e. invisible)

- - - equals 0
- - | equals 1
- | - equals 2
- | | equals 3
| - - equals 4
| - | equals 5
| | - equals 6
| | | equals 7

So the code 65 would look a bit like this ( the square brackets [] are the framing pulses.

[||- |-|]

I hope that this makes it as clear as mud!

Reg Ford
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<<and I asked him about squawk idents. He started to explain why there are no 8's and 9's used in squawk idents. >>

"Squawk Ident" has nothing to with the number of codes. It is simply a feature of the transponder which, when activated, produces an indication on the radar tube for a few seconds to confirm the identity of the aircraft. Never press the "ident" button unless instructed to do so by ATC.
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trident GARPE

yeh, i was on ONE South when PE taxied for EGAA to "rest". the dep was DTY SID off 10R and when I told twr to send him to me on t/o a few eyebrows where raised! the a/c was most surprised when he called me and I asked him if he'd like a fly down 10L. no hesitation and a superb low - I mean LOW - flyby done. quite a sight and a cracking memory
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The last DanAir comet

Does anybody else remember the last DH106 out of KK. On it's way to rest at Lasham the driver asked for an approach and low overshoot which was duly approved. At about 4 miles for 26 (there was no left and right then) he advised the ADC controller that the o/s would be from the North East to the South West. "Roger" said the lady controller. The Dan Air offices were in Horley and they were duly overflown as was the site of the future satellite and the new tower. Trouble was that the aircraft was clean and the throttles seemed to be stuck open. As he was approaching to land the 500ft bit of Rule 5 didn't seem to apply. Happy days!

We got into a lot of trouble for that one.

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No 28 Cadet Course

Memories of 28 Cadet Course. It took just 3 months to turn us from this

to this

I'm the one with a hankerchief on my head!
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Captain Windsock.

I was on No 28 and took that second picture.
I think you should identify yourself. Send me a PM.

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It might be my imagination , but in the first pic, it looks to me as though Willy M is glaring @ Mick B coz he got to sit next to the ladies ! Surely not ?
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Look like rushes from Hammer Films to me!! Ivor's the only one with a respectable 'aircut!!! Is that Barry W too?

I've given a few of them grey hairs in my time!
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Ha! I recognise a few of that hairy lot, I think........subject to Alzheimers....

The Lovely Wendy MacDonald, Mr Grubby (Sober), Hobbsie (Sober), Parsons (Sober) (my old travel companion...), Bridget, Ivor (Old Father Thames), Weston (Chief of CAA Police), Culley Jnr (Oslo), Winch (Canada), Falloon (Channel Islands), Young.....

Musta been some serious drinking on that course....

Ah, Hello Nurse, time for my medicine..........
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28 Course

Hi Captain Windsock.

That's me standing behind Bridget, I was the better half......not.

I can't find myself on the lower picture, I must have got drunk and fallen down somewhere.

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Great Photos, any more of old cadet courses, got 31's somwhere.
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Mr. Grubby

I am sure John Dancer was valid on TMA south, seem to remember he had an incident on South East, a level bust, in the stage half CCF days.
I was the GS spinning with D watch, they suspended me as well!!
Got a phone call later at home from the other JD to tell me I was not guilty

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OK, I could be wrong. It was a few years ago now !!!!

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I'll dig out 23 Cadet course photo for embarrassment.
The F111's stopped doing pd's after some sport one evening. These 2 decided that a quiet fly by of 28R wasn't enough so they did their party trick - dumped fuel then lit it!
2 a/c going very fast with a huge explosion and fireball behind them certainly got peoples attention. That was the last we saw of them and I guess they ended up flipping burgers when they got home!

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Yeah..... half of Hounslow rung 999 - they thought there had been a nuclear explosion!
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Young newly validated controller in the tower (Keith Meakin, thumper), now retired, had the fright of his life. It looked as though London had exploded, but to watch him running around answering phones from the world and his wife was a site to behold.
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Thanks for picking up that question . . . I was not in the room at the time but good to relive these moments.

Ah . . it was a Sunny early afternoon when SVFR req transit (yes it did occasionally happen . . S to N across the hallowed 28's).

Battle of Britain Flight from somewhere to somewhere and trying to save that all important Flight Time (or that is what they said) . . Fair play and why not !?

Sitting on Air which was probably bandboxed at the time - got the 10 mile to go check . . so starting to scan the skies . . no sign yet . . wait a mo, nothing on the DFTI . . um maybe stop Deps now . .

Try tilting the binos down a bit and . . . OHHH SH1T.

It was over in a flash (not quite F111 style) but the Lanc went over the TWR (Just) and the Spit and Hurricane split either side (about level with the rest room) . . . Brill.

Silence . . then an apt quip from the Lufthansa crew on the way to 28(L) then more silence.

There were a few calls from the 3rd floor on the matter but . .

Halcyon Days !!
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If memory serves correct George Endersby was SATCO at West Freugh when I was unceremoniously dumped there in 1973
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Yup, that's me to next to Hobbsie

I am sure you were the start of my grey hair syndrome with the incessant yell of "More Jets"

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I have just joined PPRuNe - I moved from LATCC to Lindhome in 1974 as an ATCA - great days - later I was a controller at Eastern - saw the civil bit close sadly!
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