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NATS interview process

ATC Issues A place where pilots may enter the 'lions den' that is Air Traffic Control in complete safety and find out the answers to all those obscure topics which you always wanted to know the answer to but were afraid to ask.

NATS interview process

Old 28th Sep 2012, 15:01
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@MTS1: was certainly not implying to you about the post. Probably comes across a bit different from how I was trying to make it sound. All I can really say about the ATC paper is that, if you learn the document you will all do fine.

Diagramming and Cubes papers are a little bit different, practice will help a lot on these, all the best to everyone.
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Old 28th Sep 2012, 16:24
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are there any dates available for stage 2 at the moment? thanks
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Old 28th Sep 2012, 16:52
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What have people been using to practice for the diagramming and cubes? I can't find any practice tests on the SHL website (from the link in the email from NATS).

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Old 28th Sep 2012, 16:55
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Old 28th Sep 2012, 18:30
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Firstly, thanks to the few people on here twisting my words...!

Of course you can fail stage 1 first time and go on to pass all 3 stages.

If you actually read what I said, which was "if you fail THE FIRST PART of stage 1 then I wouldnt bother re-applying"....That is if you fail the literature and numeracy paper...

Im sorry but this test is ridiculously easy, if you can do your 6x tables and read the practise paper through a couple of times it is impossible to fail, hence in my honest opinion anyone who cannot pass this test has absolutely no chance of getting through cube/diagramming/feast etc etc testing. Thats just my opinion!

Best wishes!
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Old 28th Sep 2012, 18:42
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stage 1/2

i just got the email saying i've passed stage one and have booked into stage two on october 12.
something i've noticed in the last 20 posts or so is a dramatic increase in the number of people saying it's unfair to say exactly what is/isn't on the test papers. i was in the 11am session on weds 26th and remember the woman telling us not to disclose what was featured, and i'm wondering if they've only just cottoned on as last week there weren't any people on here specifically saying 'its unfair to tell you guys'.
it's probably just coincidence as i've only really been aware of this site for a week or so, but there could be something in it.
anyway, i've always found hard work a bit tiresome/boring, which obviously i'm gona have to change from here on in, but for anyone yet to take the test it's worth noting that i put a fair amount of time into learning the document, but i was by no means married to it.
i got my highlighter out, highlighted anything of particular interest (someone actually asked me if the things i didn't highlight were the important parts as i'd done so much lol) and read it through a few times whilst on the train to my current job every morning for a couple of weeks.
i got my dad to ask me questions and i did alright, but definitely didn't know everything.
but as long as you know the key points and really understand what they actually mean, as opposed to just memorising the words, everyone will do just fine.
i went into the test pretty apprehensive but finished it thinking, 'well i'm 100% sure i got at least 25 of them right,' which surprised me.
as for the diagramming and cubes, the opposite was true. i went into those thinking i'd take them apart, but found them to be a lot tougher (and different) to the ones i'd been practising beforehand.
i only completed 42/50 diagramming and 38/40 on cubes (thanks to a very nice sprint finish that made me feel a bit better), but having spoken to a few people since, it's a distinct possibility that NATS expect these to be unfinished and would almost be surprised if anyone did.
obviously don't go into them thinking, 'ok i've only gota do 35 on each,' try and finish them, but don't be too worried if you don't. if you don't make it through the tests it's because the ones you did do were wrong, rather than the fact that you didn't complete the test.
anyway, sorry for the horrendously long post, i'd be surprised if anyone actually bothers to read it haha.
but if anyone does, i hope it helps in some way, i'm off to practise for stage two .
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Old 28th Sep 2012, 18:51
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Stage 1

Congratulations rr9, I was in the same session as you and also didn't finish all questions on the diagramming. I did finish the cubes but a few of them towards the end were educated guesses! Hopefully as you've found out this evening it won't be too long before I hear.
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Old 28th Sep 2012, 18:53
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Congrats rr9!!

You were in the same session as me. I think my lack of e-mail today doesn't bode well. When did your's come through? Before 17:00?

Good luck on stage 2! As for me, If I fail it was the cubes and the later part of that test that did for me.
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Old 28th Sep 2012, 19:18
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thanks 2slips, get a third one in.

email came through is 0852 this morning, but i didn't see it until 1730 when i got home from work. was a relief to see it sitting there i must say :P.

but from what a few people have said before, i don't think there's any set time that they'll get back to you. i woulda thought their people would be just as quick to reply to people that failed as passed, but you look at the amount of people going through their doors and you realise it'll take a while to get through.

80+ people just in our session i reckon, and they're doing eight sessions a day, day in, day out. incredible numbers.

thanks, good luck with your results .
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Old 28th Sep 2012, 21:01
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Wink Congrats


I did the tests wed 26 @ 1pm, I should hope to hear something soon.

Congrats to everyone getting through, hope I get to see you at the end of it in some course . (never bad to wish on others what you wish for yourself, is it ).

Be back when I know something, probably after the weekend.

Best to all guys n gals
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Old 28th Sep 2012, 22:11
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Thanks dez999. Fingers crossed for you get through to stage 2!
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Old 29th Sep 2012, 09:48
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Hi Guys,

I've been reading this thread over a month or so. It's great reading about everyone's trials and tribulations, been invaluable so thank you all very much. I have my stage 1 assessment Monday 1st Oct at 1pm.

I've been trying to locate some more practice cube and diagramming tests, can anyone advise me on this?

Also with the SDT section, are there questions in regards to fuel consumption?

Thanks Muchly.
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Old 29th Sep 2012, 09:59
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Hey everyone

I'm scheduled for the tests on 4th Oct at 1pm (Southampton) I have been revising the document NATS issued but have a query over the last bit.

The final few pages give details of aircraft types, operators, FL's, speed and destinations etc. This is a huge amount of information I suspect most pilots would struggle to remember. For those who have already taken the test, may I ask how much reference was made to this part of the document? Are you expected to memorise all the aircraft types, seating capacities etc or are the questions a bit more general i.e. what aircraft types might you expect to see on an LHR - JFK route.

Thanks in advance and good luck to all!
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Old 30th Sep 2012, 01:35
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wrong info

sadly, a lot of the info there is outdated or just plain incorrect...the 737-800 can configure 189 seats, not what's published.
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Old 30th Sep 2012, 08:41
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eyup: mate, that q' cannot be answered, since its response discloses very much a piece of classified information, and that would not be fair on the rest of candidates. I think it's cheeky you should even ask ...

Stage 2, is a series of psychometric test which aim to evaluate if you have the skills that are required to be an ATC. At some point you do also have to take a personality test.

Last edited by mts1; 30th Sep 2012 at 08:49.
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Old 30th Sep 2012, 10:32
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MTS1: Thanks for the reply, I do realise the confidentiality of the assessment phase hence the wording of my question. I was only trying to establish whether or not there are any further ATC questions in stage 2. As I have caused offence I will remove the two questions I posted.
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Old 30th Sep 2012, 11:18
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eyup: no offence taken. None at all. I was just being sarcastic, but not with you.
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Old 1st Oct 2012, 11:36
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Just had my NATS tests at 10am this morning.. Sitting in a bar with a pint now. Speaking to a few people after, we all felt like a beer! About 70% passed initial test I would say and of course as we all well know the diagramming and cubes were solid! Good luck to all... Read the paper they sent you and you WILL be fine!
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Old 1st Oct 2012, 12:10
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I know no1 wants to tell and i understand why, but has anyone got a basic outline of how stage 2 goes and what sort of tests they are. Not asking for answers just general tips on what to prepare for. Got stage 2 on friday.
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Old 1st Oct 2012, 12:33
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The feast package is AFAIK still a part of stage 2 and a description of that is available on wikipedia, the NATS tests are similar to the FEAST.
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