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NATS interview process

ATC Issues A place where pilots may enter the 'lions den' that is Air Traffic Control in complete safety and find out the answers to all those obscure topics which you always wanted to know the answer to but were afraid to ask.

NATS interview process

Old 26th Sep 2012, 21:05
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stage 1


first of all, fantastic name, i love getting a batsman to nick off...but most of my team mates can't catch a thing in the slips, normally just goes for four lol.

anyway, you weren't in at 11 this morning (26th) were you? there were loads in that group.

i made it through the first part, found that fairly easy tbh despite feeling that might be the part i fell down on.

on the contrary, i was fairly confident going into the second part as i'd practised a lot on the diagramming and cubes, but as i suspected they changed the commands on the diagramming so that took away my edge. i did 42/50 and 38/40 on the cubes which were fairly tough towards the end of each stage i thought.

just have to wait and see :P.
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Old 26th Sep 2012, 21:46
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Test Enquiries!

Hi everybody, can anyone tell me what the stage 1 tests include? Have they changed at all. Cheers..
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Old 26th Sep 2012, 22:11
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Hey, nats requests that information is not shared or passed on to other people, i guess this could be why not many exact test examples have been issued

Just make sure you know the in-out of speed/distance/time calculations,
a/c traveling 420mph (could be knts) for 2hrs 10mins, how far will it have traveled etc etc etc

Same with a/c at flxxx decending at xxxxfpm how long will it take for it to get to flxxxx etc etc etc

Read the nats guide, as someone mentioned before, learn it all, it is not a patch on what you will be given if you get in. Get used to reading lots of information.

I was really un-happy to see the actual lack of questions which even related to the guide provided and what little questions did relate to the guide, how basic they where... Never the less read it and learn it still and perhaps look at other aviation related things that might be of use. I.E DME, etc

Finally, do learn best you can, basic info about the aircraft's as there is some questions on this also.

Apart from that i cannot really say anything else for the reason stated at the top of my comment.

Hope this helps

I was un-succesfull but that is because i spent too much time knowing the guide of the back of my hand then i did practicing distance/time/speed.
But at least i now have a year to nail distance/speed/time and work further on cube tests and diagramming.!

Best of luck to the remaining applicants.
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Old 26th Sep 2012, 22:14
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[Did anyone who completed Stage 1 answer all the questions?]

Yes and had time to check about half of them - but then I am a bit strange! I enjoyed them. Weirdo. Good luck to everyone!
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 07:32
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Deadlifter (and everyone who is tall),

read about it here: Too Tall for Air Traffic Control Job- Gillhams Solicitors - West London
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 11:37
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I did my test yesterday put didn't pass the first paper. I was confident on all the maths questions bar one so I know I slipped up on the literature questions.

As someone mentioned above some of the questions didn't relate to the literature booklet that we were told to learn. I knew I didn't do well on these questions as having discussed with people around me I made silly mistakes so wasn't too downhearted when I didn't make it through.

Thankfully I took part to see how far I could go so wasn't pinning all my hopes on getting through this time round. I think now I'll be revising more on the industry in readiness for my eventual retake at some point in the future. Good luck to those who did make it through from our 12pm group, around half of the total group got through.
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 11:47
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got mine on monday. excited and nervous. The first choice is multiple choice right? i didn't just make that up did i? lol!
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 11:49
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Sorry to hear that Bobit and best of luck for when you re-apply.

Can I ask were the questions on the literature multiple choice answers?
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 11:50
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bobit and keano666: what is it we should study so as to cover those questions which answers do not come in the literature?. This would really help me!. Any info you thought that would answer those "unkowable" questions would be highly appreciated. Thanks
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 11:50
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chrisbeckett2004: all tests are multiple choice.
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 12:09
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I also have mine Monday at 12.
Am nervous but just going to do my best as that's all you can do!
I am confident with the literature but not on the maths but just going to keep doing example questions to get me used to the format
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 13:24
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Mts1: thanks man…hoping things are gonna go ok!!
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 13:37
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Nats Stage 2.....

Well Hello all!

Looking to switch sides into ATC....Info here has been great and I was in the 1100 seating yesterday!

Managed to get through the first bit....I am not giving anything away because people have pretty much done a good job of doing this already!

I guess the second bit is down to you - don't rush, I somehow think they are designed to not be completed...! These tests are designed to also assess you as an individual...are you rushed or do you take your time to analyse?

I know the exam content (particularly the first one) is all very cryptic but they do ask for you not to post content on public forums/domains. Besides - it only makes it fair right?

Good luck - get studying! Speak to an ATC guy or even a pilot! Learn airspace, have a concept of european geography and above all....

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Old 27th Sep 2012, 14:31
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Stage 1 26th Sept

Hi all,

I was on the 1100 stage 1 assessment yesterday which was a very large group. Of the 44 that progressed to the diagramming & cube tests there were quite a few that commented about not finishing all the questions within the time limit.

I was one of those who didn't finish all questions so not too hopeful of a stage 2 invite but you never know! One thing about the cubes that got me was some questions were flattened cubes in different shapes than the standard 'crucifix' shape. Very very challenging and as people have said in previous posts, you've either got it or not.

Good luck to all applicants!

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Old 27th Sep 2012, 16:18
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If you fail the first part of stage 1 (literature/atc and SDT questions) then seriously dont bother re-applying.

Trying to be realistic and not harsh but if you cant pass this paper (its very very simple maths and reciting learned material) then you have absolutely no chance of ever getting through the process and probably no chance of even passing the stage 1 diagramming and cubes....
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 16:39
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I am sorry but that is completely unnecessary.

If you fail stage 1 then it just might mean it was not your time and your not ready just yet. You can then take that away and study hard for a year and come back fully prepared.

For some people this can be their dream job and saying things like that is really down heartening

There is a reason why you can apply up to 3 times and after that then maybe you can take a step back and say at least you tried the maximum and its not for you
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 16:43
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Hi Guys

I have just gotten my invitation to the online selection test. Excited but nervous

I believe this is the 9 minute numbers/letters comparison test.

Does anyone have a link to an online practice simulation test just so I can get my brain in gear?

I used to use one early in the year when the application process was closed and can't seem to find it again.

Good luck to all other candidates wherever you are in the process!!
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 17:56
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hear hear...

An occasional aviation enthusiast could pass the literature paper. Just study the material and apply because you really want to work in the industry, not becaue you fancy £xk per annum.

I was in attendance on the 26th, very happy that I performed to my ability level. This happened because I didn't ask people for advice on her, but because I studied and I practiced digrammatic reasoning tests until my mind was as sharp as it could be.

To all those offering advice to the people yet to take the test. PLEASE STOP. Did you not listen to what the woman from NATS said at the outset of the tests?

And finally, to all those who claim that they are sure they answered all the switches and cubes questions correctly, sure you did, I've never met anyone who intentionally answered incorrectly. DOH!
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 18:42
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I failed stage 1 on my first attempt.

You can fail for all sorts of reasons, you just need to recognise your weaknesses.

Ignor the previous post - its bunkum
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 21:07
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Yes ignore the post earlier on about not reapplying. As we were told on the test day, don't listen to everything on the internet. There are some people trying to put people off for whatever reason. End of the day if you feel you want to retry then do it, you will know better than anyone why you failed. Best of luck to everyone who has tests coming up.

In reference to earlier posts asking me what was on the test. I won't be listing the questions or area to study. It wouldn't be fair on everyone else who is taking part. Other people didn't do it for our test group so I don't think it would be fair to others who have tests coming up. All I'd say is revise the document front to back, every bit of detail and having knowledge of the airline industry would be a great help.
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