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NATS interview process

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NATS interview process

Old 9th Oct 2009, 21:58
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Congratulations, 'leanne1987'!! Great news!

I just really hope I get the same result. You must be absolutely ecstatic, well done!
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 22:27
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Would have been nice to hear today as I'm off to Australia on Sunday so I'll now find out S2 results on my holiday. Well done to everyone who got good news today! Good luck to everyone! Xx
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Old 10th Oct 2009, 00:08
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yeah chris, the SDT...I answered all 20 but im only really confident on halve those, the others are educated guesses, haha!

its a shame they don't give you your individual marks back in the email pass or fail as im sure that would be a great help to build peoples skills in there weakest area, oh well

and congratulations leanne, must be great to hear news like that after the whole process!
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Old 10th Oct 2009, 08:42
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congrats leanne, you must be stoked.

i'm having my S2 tests on monday (12th) in Fareham.
Anyone else from here going then?
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Old 10th Oct 2009, 19:03
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It's all pretty basic mental arithmatic. Sometimes the numbers involved aren't very pretty, but on the whole the maths itself isn't the challenge, given enough time most people would be able to answer all the questions without much of a problem. The difficulty comes in that they don't give you a whole lot of time, you have to work fast and are under quite a lot of pressure.

The questions themselves are generally all SDT questions, think there may have been one or two others in there, like basic addition or subtraction of degrees to work out compass headings and the like.
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Old 11th Oct 2009, 20:23
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Hi everyoneI've got my stage 1 this Friday in Swanwick (anyone else going) and this forum has been a huge help! I will be travelling by train to Fareham. Has anyone any ideas how much a taxi would cost from the station to the NATS centre. Also, from the sounds of previous posts stage 1 is pen and paper so is it frowned upon to make notes and scribbles for workings for the maths test? Finally(!) there are 4 tests roughly 20 minutes each (= 1hr 20min total) yet the afternoon runs from 12.30 - 3.00 so are there many breaks or other happenings?Many thanks for your help in my preparations so far!David
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Old 11th Oct 2009, 20:32
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When I was last at the CTC, I got a train to Swanwick rather than Fareham (it's closer) and then got a taxi. I think it was about 6 ish. There's a free minibus that runs between the CTC and Swanwick rail station, but I don't know the times - the receptionists at CTC do though!
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Old 12th Oct 2009, 08:14
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Scrap paper is provided for making notes/rough working during some of the tests. If I recall correctly it was provided for the diagramming and maths tests, but not the cubes or the motivation paper.
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Old 12th Oct 2009, 13:16
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I got a taxi from Fareham station to NATS and it cost me about 12 quid I think
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Old 12th Oct 2009, 13:36
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Cube Practice

Heya all,

I know some people were finding it difficult to find practice cube tests (me included) and I just found this game so I thought I'd share It's not quite cubes, but it is spacial reasoning. The website has lots of other interesting games too. You have to register to play, but it only takes a couple of seconds.


Hope it helps!
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Old 12th Oct 2009, 14:00
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hey guys,

i got a few questions: unfortunately i failed at my country's ATS provider so i'm heading to England in 2011/2012. And yeah, that seems pretty far in time from now, but do you think there is a real chance for a non-English guy who failed at his country's provider? i mean 1) i am not a native English speaker and being frankly, i don't think that i'll ever speak like a real gentleman 2) maybe (if i pass the first two stages) the interviewers will find that pretty interesting why i'd like to be an atco if i'm failed once 3) i'm not a polish guy (but i'm from Eastern-Europe), and from what i've heard the English people don't like them too much and maybe they will think (do you?) that eastern-european is eastern-european...

finally, i hope that some of you will reply for me. thanks, cheers and out.
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Old 12th Oct 2009, 14:37
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How far did you get in your own country? Failed selection or failed training or validation? I would guess that will affect your chances with NATS more than anything else if you get to the final stage of selection.
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Old 12th Oct 2009, 15:33
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i failed at the strip management, so failed on selection.

what do you think what will make an affect on my chances? honestly, i do not think so that i would be the only one who's going to try it again at nats cause he/she failed at home...
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Old 12th Oct 2009, 15:59
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Hi Piqla,

NATS, like all Air Traffic Services, require a certain level of English as I believe is stipulated by the ICAO. I can't tell you if you can meet that or not, but you certainly seem reasonably proficient (OK your post has a few typos and some grammatical mistakes... but generally I find it easier to speak another language than write in it). I'd recommend doing some homework regarding what is required.

In your own country you failed at selection. I'm not sure I'd describe this as having 'failed at being an atco' and I don't think NATS would have a problem with this. NATS themselves will let applicants who have failed at selection apply again once a year up to three times, and it is not unheard of for someone to pass on the second or third attempt. I don't see how they would treat someone who has failed selection in another country as any different. This shouldn't be an issue, but I would advise that at interview (if you get that far) that you are clear with them that you failed at selection, not training or validation (I would imagine that someone who has failed at these later stages may need to be dealt with differently).

Out of interest, do your own country's ATS not allow you to reapply if you fail selection as we are allowed to here? This would seem like a far easier option than uprooting yourself to the UK if possible.

With regards to your country of origin. Yes it is true some British people are not very friendly towards Eastern Europeans... this is called racism, and whilst it is permissible in the UK for an individual to hold racist views or opinions it is illegal for a company to descriminate on these grounds. If you have a legal right to work in the UK then NATS will consider your application in exactly the same way they do everybody else's, your ethnicity will not be a factor.

Finally, just to point out in case you hadn't realised, NATS use the Strip Display test in their selection too, so you will have to pass it to work here as well.
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Old 12th Oct 2009, 16:16
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hey there,

thanks for the detailed answer.

let me start with your last sentence: yeah, i know that there's the SMD test at the NATS too, but believe me, i learned a lot about that failing (paid too much attention for the conflicts, but as the HR guy told me (fly in the oitment) i found all of them, yeah) and i have a good software for training.
sorry for the mistakes and typos, and that was the thing i tried to point at: if i do some grammatic mistakes when i speak with the HR-ers, won't they think "omg, he can't be a trainee, he will not understand the books" etc.
Of course, i will take a lots of English lessons, yeah; as i wrote, i'll try it in '11-12.

Sadly, the provider here doesn't allow to re-apply ("we need gifted people, not good testwriters", lol), so...

Just wrote a PM, please check that.

And about the eastern-european thingy... i didn't think that the HR guys at NATS are racists. just... everybody has his own prejudice. or something like that.
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Old 12th Oct 2009, 16:37
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Regarding the racism thing:

I didn't think you meant that they were racists, I just meant to say that it wouldn't really matter even if they were - from a legal perspective they cannot descriminate against an applicant on racial grounds. A big company like NATS will have very detailed procedures in place to ensure that they are fulfilling their legal obligations and that racial prejudice is not effecting their selection process.

See your PMs

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Old 12th Oct 2009, 20:56
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Well i guess i was hoping for too much getting through first time lol. Found out i failed Stage 3 today. Devastated! Didn't think that news would hurt so much. It is a long process just to get turned away so quickly.
It will be a long year waiting to try again.
I have the RAF on the go at the moment but part of me hopes that i don't get that as i don't want to get stuck there with another shot with NATS available to me (plus 1 more if need be).

Oh well, with this experience under my belt i'd expect to get through second time of asking, but that won't stop me working hard in preparation. Already made a note of the questions i was asked at the interview.

Good luck to you all and i'll be back in a year

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Old 12th Oct 2009, 23:28
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Ahh SebbyK, I am devistated for you! Have you been given any feedback yet? And any advice to anybody about to take their stage 3?
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Old 13th Oct 2009, 09:36
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Sad news Sebby, for some reason I always thought you were going to make it. Better luck next time.
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Old 13th Oct 2009, 10:07
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Just got the email telling me that I passed stage 2 major relief! Anyone else from October 2nd heard how they did?

I've also been asked to do an online personality questionaire, has anyone else had this? Not sure I've seen any posts about it and I already did the big long questionaire at stage 1...
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