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17th Jun 2013, 13:30
Hello all,

Anybody having problems with students converting from an ICAO SE IR > EASA ME IR.

The UK (and as far as I am aware only the UK) don't seem to accept this anymore.

Although my interpretation of Article 8 doesn't seem to prohibit it as long as we submit the training plan to the CAA for approval or comply with their AMC in :

Section 4 Part Q, Subpart 2 Page 1 of CAP804 paragraph 1.1.1

Or does the wording of article 8
equivalent licence, rating or certificate issued in accordance with Annex 1

really specify to just SEIR or MEIR.

I know several schools are continuing with the SEIR > MEIR training courses in the UK and Iceland but the CAA seems to have refused issue of quite a few recently.

Thoughts please...

17th Jun 2013, 14:03
Convert ICAO SEIR to Part-FCL SEIR using the 15 hour route (not requiring CAA approval) or the reduced training requirements (requiring CAA approval).

Thereafter, upgrade Part-FCL SEIR to Part-FCL MEIR (5 hours ME IR training required, although unlikely to be ready in 5 hours unless current on MEP).

However, if no MEP CR held, the mandatory 6 hour VFR MEP CR training would also be required before the MEIR training was commenced.

I can't see how they could refuse this route which would surely comply with Part-FCL.

Technically, unless I have missed something, anyone could (however unlikely) get a Part-FCL ME IR this way - SE IR, MEP CR training, ME IR 'upgrade'. 11 hours MEP training on the aircraft instead of 15 by going down the direct ME IR route.


17th Jun 2013, 14:18
Under JAR - people didn't need to jump through the SEIR hoop then "upgrade"

They just went direct from ICAO SE IR > EASA ME IR

I just don't see why the AMC couldn't have included an option to include this.

2nd Jul 2013, 20:13
Indeed I've been wraping my brain around this issue recently.

I hold FAA SEP IR and EASA MEP CPL. I do need to convert my FAA to EASA MEP IR. So isn't that allowed anymore under new EASA rules??

Someone told me recently that I would need to get FAA MEP first and then convert 'normally' to EASA MEP IR.

Any input would be highly appreciated as this is getting very confusing!

3rd Jul 2013, 08:22
You can convert directly to an EASA MEP IR. Drop me a line, I can arrange it in Spain for you.

7th Jul 2013, 19:27
It can be done I would recommend the people in Jerez. First rate it worked for me.