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CabinCrewe 12th Mar 2021 21:40


Not sure why, but we’ll see.

Buster the Bear 12th Mar 2021 21:49

One still at Lasham in full livery, G-TUKC. It arrived 3 days prior to lockdown.

Vokes55 12th Mar 2021 22:31

Originally Posted by CabinCrewe (Post 11007252)
Nice to see some extra short haul wide body action from GLA, BRS etc

This flying program was published in September and has been largely unchanged since so is definitely subject to change based most likely on what happens on April 12th.

The GLA and BRS 787 flights will depend on whether Cancun and Sanford flights happen, as these are simply gaps in the long haul schedule.

Gatwick will almost certainly end up having more 787 flights as the schedule was drawn up on the basis they’d need to use the slots, including four lines of flying coming back from Norwegian. Now that the slot rules have been waived, and especially if certain destinations remain off limits, I could see more 787 flights to the core destinations in Greece and Turkey in place of multiple 737 frequencies as well as responding to last minute demand spikes on certain routes if we have a similar summer to last.

With the loss of Norwegian and an increase in easyJet based aircraft, it’ll be interesting to see if TUI end up moving to the South Terminal at Gatwick long term.

FRatSTN 13th Mar 2021 08:36

I suspect it's also a good way of maintaining seat capacity at MAN and BHX especially where it's arguably more competitive against Jet2. Does this mean all 787 ops are being consolidated at five UK airports or will they still be positioning in for long-haul from DSA, NCL and EDI too?

GrahamK 13th Mar 2021 08:55

Originally Posted by CabinCrewe (Post 11007389)
Not sure why, but we’ll see.

Unless NS has a change of heart, holiday flights from Scotland wont be happening this summer I suspect

VentureGo 13th Mar 2021 09:05

New Max 8 G-TUMH being delivered from Boeing Field, landing at LGW at approx.10.35 this morning.

GBYAJ 13th Mar 2021 09:12


on the basing of the Max’s I thought the original plan last year was for gla and edi to be two of the first bases. Made sense to have the most efficient aircraft flying from the furthest bases. But the fact that they aren’t planned to be based there this year would suggest that this could well be true. Busy summer for Newcastle unless border controls are brought in!!

Vokes55 13th Mar 2021 10:30


As long as they can operate to CUN and SFB, I’d imagine they’d still be flying in to these bases to operate. The short haul gaps just allow 787s to be permanently based at BRS, GLA and BHX (extra aircraft) with fewer expensive positioning flights.

ROC10 13th Mar 2021 13:25


Is it confirmed they aren’t basing any MAXs at EDI/GLA (if flights are allowed)?

It would definitely seem to make sense to base them at the likes of EDI/GLA/NCL/MAN/DSA in priority to other bases and like you say, the original plans for S19 were MAN/GLA/EDI.

CWL757 18th Mar 2021 19:18

Today saw 3 TUI 737s flown to BRS for storage. Presumably they had a good deal on storage costs?

Yeehaw22 19th Mar 2021 12:47


They are to be based at MAN/LGW/BHX/BRS initially.

ROC10 1st Apr 2021 22:33

Does anyone know if they are planning (again) to disband TUI fly Nordic? It would appear, from Planespotters/Jethros websites that much of their very small fleet is due to transfer to TUI UK.

Looks like 2 x MAX, 1 x 738, 2 x 763, which would leave them with 3 x 738, unless those are going elsewhere.

Bit strange considering they only transferred two UK 738s over there and already one is transferring back in June.

Downwind_Left 2nd Apr 2021 17:01

TUI UK and Nordic do, or at least did until Brexit possibly ended that, share a virtual AOC. So although they both have their own AOC, their management structures are identical - UK post holders also hold the same post on Nordic AOC. So it’s 2 airlines with the same people as AOC post managers. Been so for quite a while. This is because of the huge amount of cross-utilisation of aircraft between the regions. Lots of G- reg 787s in Winter in Nordic and SE- reg 767s in the UK in Summer, flown by UK pilots.

So although it looks like 767 SE-RFS is “moving” to the UK this summer as G-OBYK, in reality it was here last summer as well. But post Brexit UK pilots can’t fly an SE- registered aircraft anymore.

So the capacity loss for the Nordic low season isn’t as dramatic as it looks, just people don’t normally notice as registrations didn’t always change until now.

As to the 737s, they’ve moved frequently between airlines, and sometimes back again... Mainly UK/Germany/Nordic. At least 1 Max already delivered this year ended up in the UK instead of the Netherlands. There are still 8 more Max aircraft due for delivery imminently, and these could end up with Nordic, or free up other aircraft to move around the group. Plus 3 second hand 737-800s could easily be diverted.

I think all European airlines, and indeed most in the world, are taking a very fluid approach to fleet planning in 2021 due to huge uncertainty.

VickersVicount 5th Apr 2021 12:40

despite all the TUI optimism, I see they're curting various Caribbean routes including some Varadero and St Lucia

Jamesair1 5th Apr 2021 15:53

The travel trade is built on optimism with a bit of realism having to be faced from time to time

Vokes55 5th Apr 2021 16:15


Neither Varadero or St Lucia are being cut. In fact Varadero is going up to twice a week from Manchester next Summer. If you’re talking about LGW-VRA or MAN-UVF, these were only opened back in November when they were more or less the only destinations available to fly to and were never going to be permanent.

737James 7th Apr 2021 10:53

Today is the day that I have been able to select the seats on my flight to Cyprus in July, I knew it was planned to be operated by a 787 and the seating plan confirmed this a being a 787-800.

I was a little surprised to find rows 31-37 available as these have previously been designated as extra space seats, Does anyone know have they changed the configuration for the aircraft operating shorthaul ? It looks like the premium cabin is still at the front with 2-3-2

pamann 7th Apr 2021 11:03

The Premium cabin is a great option for short haul. Regular short haul service offering I believe, but the seats are so much better and all for the price of extra legroom.

matjr79 7th Apr 2021 13:31

Nice result scoring the 787.
Still having fun and games with my booking.. one minute a 757, next a 738, next a flight number change and cancelled my return flight.
Any info on TOM2438 24Jun MAN-LCA TOM2775/05Jul LCA-MAN?

CWL757 16th Apr 2021 20:54

G-TUMF repairs?
Just seen a few photos of G-TUMF outside the ex MAEL hangar at BHX (I believe it's STS now?) It seems to have had absolutely loads of tiny repairs to the fusalage, Missing an engine cowl, damaged/replaced cockpit window and a bag covering the leading edge of the tail. Anyone know anything? It was the one stored in TFS for months if that could be something to do with it?

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