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southside bobby 5th Nov 2020 06:36

Wizz reporting £219m loss for the first six months of the year.

LTNman 5th Nov 2020 07:41

Small change when it is backup up with UK Plc government cheap money while many UK businesses are struggling and are going out of business, as they didn’t go into this pandemic with billion of euros stuffed into Jersey bank accounts to avoid tax.

LTNman 5th Nov 2020 11:18


LGS6753 2nd Dec 2020 16:39

From Travel Mole:


caaardiff 3rd Dec 2020 07:37

Cardiff Base
New base at CWL with 9 routes


pabely 3rd Dec 2020 16:38

Wizzair Air Cymru, could be a specific brand?

BA318 3rd Dec 2020 16:42

why? They already have a UK arm. There is no need for another and it would be a pointless waste of money.

pabely 3rd Dec 2020 19:23

No needs for a seperate AOC, just from a marketing point of view.

southside bobby 4th Dec 2020 06:57

Perhaps would not bode well as no operator with "Wales" or "Cymru" painted on the side of the a/c have lasted too long.

DC3 Dave 4th Dec 2020 11:29

Wizz do not seem adverse to a special livery.

How about a large image of a Welsh legend? Perhaps Gareth Edwards, Max Boyce or Vaughan Gething....

TOM100 4th Dec 2020 11:47

Yeah Vague Guessing or even Drippy Drakeford - that’ll get them flying haha (no alcohol to be served though)

pabely 4th Dec 2020 11:50

Whoever will throw in a couple of quid, it all about getting brand awareness.

CabinCrewe 25th Dec 2020 22:04

Some of the Wizz schedules for 2021 starting to be adjusted/cancelled.
Worth watching...

Vokes55 25th Dec 2020 22:29

Not surprising. They’ve failed miserably on more or less everything they’ve done since moving away from the Eastern European market.

There’s only so long you can dump capacity into a non existent market in an attempt to hurt competitors. Their average load out of LGW since they opened the base is 67 passengers, the majority of which would be in the lowest fare bracket.

PDXCWL45 26th Dec 2020 07:02

Is that average pre pandemic? Not likely to get good loads at the moment.

Seljuk22 26th Dec 2020 09:15

Also hearing they are far behind Norwegian and SAS on their domestic flights in Norway. Don't think Italy vs. Ryanair, easyJet or Alitalia looks better in terms of load/yield.
At some point they have to make a deciscion to continue losing money or step out.

AirportPlanner1 26th Dec 2020 09:42

67 sounds quite respectable given the circumstances considering the base only opened towards the end of summer

Vokes55 26th Dec 2020 10:33

Wizz have seen the pandemic as an opportunity to dump low fares into a crippled market in the hope of gaining market share and to further impact competitors such as easy, Ryanair, Norwegian and TUI. Unfortunately what they didn’t consider is that this pandemic would go on as long as it has. It’s all very well saying “given the circumstances”, but given the circumstances every other airline has chosen to be cautious. Flying 67 passengers on a 220 seat A321 to the Canary Islands is only sustainable for a certain length of time.

Wizz will never be able to get a foothold in LGW because the existing operators won’t let them. We’ve already seen easyJet take ex-Norwegian short haul slots. I can’t imagine they paid a lot for them - it’s in nobody’s interest for any airline to let Wizzair get a foot in the door, and easy aren’t going to make the same mistake they made in Luton.

mariofly12 26th Dec 2020 20:50

Well, Wizz could have made the same move Easy did and buy Norwegian slots,nobody was stopping them, but U2 beat them to the punch..Or maybe Wizz was counting more on the abolishment of the 80-20slot rule for S21..so far they have added one route..LGW-AGP which i don't really understand what it offers with BA,Easy and TUI already flooding the market with seats...

Vokes55 26th Dec 2020 21:11

I think Wizzair decided they'd attempt to get the Norwegian Gatwick slots by dumping capacity into the Norwegian domestic market in an attempt to bankrupt them, and then taking the released slots fairly pain free. This is why it was mutually beneficial for Norwegian to sell/give the slots to easyJet. Keeps Wizz out of LGW and nullifies any real reason for Wizz to hang around in Norway, another market which they've failed miserably in (the Norwegian long haul slots at Gatwick would be fairly useless to Wizz).

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