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southside bobby 16th Mar 2021 09:23

Indigo Partners the largest shareholder in Wizz Air have sold approx half of their stake for £400m.

Some days ago the Wizz COO sold 10,000 shares.

pabely 17th Mar 2021 20:01

Next A321NEO for Wizzair UK delivered to Luton today.

shamrock7seal 18th Mar 2021 13:27

Wizz, we need you back at BOH!

Warsaw, Prague, Budapest an Bucharest are key routes we need

BHX5DME 18th Mar 2021 13:47

Wizz have just announced BHX-LCA twice weekly 321 from Mid May :-)

southside bobby 19th Mar 2021 12:49

Re Post #42 17.3.21
"Next A321NEO for Wizzair UK delivered to Luton today"

Indeed one Airbus in & one out with a WUK 320 due to ferry from STN to CWL later today for interim storage.

southside bobby 26th Mar 2021 11:17

Possibly another Airbus leaving the WUK fleet as a 320 as previously is due to fly from STN to CWL later today.

CWL757 26th Mar 2021 11:20

none are leaving the fleet, they're just in for storage.

Seljuk22 13th May 2021 17:35

Further expansion in Italy announced:

FCO will be a new base with 4 a/c and 32 new destination (e.g. LTN, LPL) starting July.

BRI & CTA will also be expanded from July with additional a/c. W6 has also slots from Linate which are used for domestic routes to BRI & BDS .

Meanwhile the base at AUH has 23 destination, some of them like Muscat, Salalah, Sohag, Nur-Sultan are unique in Wizz network.

Banja Luka will join the network as 3rd Bosnian (others are Tuzla and Sarajevo) destination.

Seljuk22 16th Jun 2021 16:40

After Trondheim base was closed only a few weeks of operation, Oslo is also no longer a base. Incoming flights from other bases are still operated.

Naples will be a new base with 2 A321 eff 30th July.

fanrailuk 9th Jul 2021 12:15

Seems the planned JER routes from CWL & DSA have been canned before they’ve begun…

The no-quarantine amber rules probably sent this route swiftly to the graveyard.

PDXCWL45 9th Jul 2021 12:36

That's ironic and disappointing as CWL social media were advertising it yesterday!

TimmyW 9th Jul 2021 13:29

Alot of the DSA routes have been pushed back further to September which is strange seeing as travel is opening up. I guess the demand is limited.

TBSC 9th Jul 2021 21:13

Some of the Wizz UK aircraft/crew are moved to other CEE bases for the summer because of crew shortage.

Flightrider 10th Jul 2021 08:16

The no-quarantine amber rules probably sent this route swiftly to the graveyard.
More likely to be a reflection of bookings to Jersey from pretty much everywhere being an absolute disaster, I suspect. What you do / don't need to do for Covid-19 and the frequent changes in Jersey's policy on this seem to have led to a pretty serious setback for the tourism industry.

USERNAME_ 10th Jul 2021 09:04


Sofia and Warsaw until the end of July.

TBSC 11th Jul 2021 14:28

Malta decided that only vaccinated people will be accepted to enter. Slovenia announced today that it will follow suit and I guess other countries will do the same. Not very promising for aviation.

Banana Joe 11th Jul 2021 16:38

Allowing only vaccinated people to travel is the way to go. Aviation, and many other industries, can't afford another hit.

TBSC 11th Jul 2021 17:13

That's the way for sure but if that happens this summer, it will be another hit.

RedDragonFlyer 11th Jul 2021 18:01

I'm not so sure about that. 72% of adults in Wales, 66% of adults in England and 65% of adults in Scotland are already fully vaccinated on the latest numbers. That's a significant number which is obviously moving quickly upwards each week.

The real question is what to do with kids which would/ will have a big impact on travel during the summer holidays. Malta have said all those 12+ need to be fully vaccinated, but the UK only does 18+ as standard or 16+ for those who are vulnerable meaning there's an effective ban on almost all 12-17 year olds traveling there.

The thing is though, whether it hits travel or not, it's probably the most viable path to wider travel across Europe and beyond.

TBSC 11th Jul 2021 19:02

The UK is only a fraction of the market. Eg. in Hungary 52% of the whole population (not the adults) is vaccinated. The problem is with the "number obviously moving quickly upwards" part because it's not. Very few people are asking for it in the last 3-4 weeks, the government started to donate/lend the surplus stock to other countries. It means that half of the population might be banned from flying soon (and it's a lot worse than that in other countries). That's not a good outlook for aviation IMHO.

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