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SWBKCB 3rd Jun 2022 20:47

Not sure what you're getting at Buster, part of the Wizz statement in your linked article says - "This decision is unfortunately a result of Doncaster Sheffield Airport indicating that it is unable to guarantee the terms of its commercial agreement with Wizz Air."

2Planks 3rd Jun 2022 21:00

If you read the full article, lower down it says it will help Wizz stabilise their programme elsewhere. It's based on a press release so blame someone else first, the first rule of PR.

Vokes55 4th Jun 2022 05:20

I’m sure giving their pilots and crew a week’s notice to move their lives down to Crawley will really help retention levels.

compton3bravo 4th Jun 2022 13:57

Or even Luton, heaven forbid. Seriously I think is more to do with lack of sales on leisure routes. I think somebody said a little while ago there was one route and they hadn't one single sale.

ATNotts 5th Jun 2022 10:37

The behaviour and timing of the decision to essentially withdraw Wizz UK operations from Doncaster is both reprehensible and cynical in equal measure. Cynical as this weekend in UK is exactly the right time to "bury bad news" when the media is totally preoccupied with a certain celebration; reprehensible since 7 days is hardly reasonable notice to give; had they announced the base would close in, say 4 weeks, that would at least hive given the passengers unfortunate enough to have paid them good money a chance to make alternative arrangements. I would suggest that the airport management at Cardiff may be worrying more than a little presently.

Given their behaviour I would counsel anyone thinking of doing so from booking Wizz flights unless it were to be 24 / 48 hours ahead of the departure date since they are obviously totally untrustworthy as a business, and frankly make Ryanair and Michael O'Leary appear corporate and personal saints respectively in comparison.

davidjohnson6 5th Jun 2022 15:46

Hungarian Parliament passed a new law to create a departure tax from Hungarian airports. About 10 euros to EU, UK, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania and former Yugoslavia. 25 euros to fly anywhere else from Hungary. Comes into effect in July 2022

Buster the Bear 8th Jun 2022 09:08


Vokes55 8th Jun 2022 10:34

I wonder which “supply chain issue” caused only 3 people to turn up to a cabin crew recruitment event in LGW recently, of which none took the job.

lfc84 8th Jun 2022 11:35

Failure of the remuneration supply chain probably

TBSC 8th Jun 2022 14:48

According to their final result notice Wizz Air know just about everything about their people.

"Our team includes more than 50 different nationalities at all levels in the organisation."
"The Wizz Air team includes over 75 different nationalities at all levels in the organization."
"We have recruited in excess of 2,200 staff since the start of the last fiscal year and are
projecting to be a team of 6,700 people by the end of Summer 2022, up from around 4,000
people pre-COVID-19."

As far as I remember the 1000 people fired because of the covid was 19% of the workforce
therefore it was hardly around 4000 pre-covid.

sr71bbc 12th Jun 2022 11:01

Wizz interview
Hello everyone I wish you all well,

anyone help me with advise or tips for wizzinterview in Budapest this month,especially the test
applied as experienced A320 fo

thankyou everyone

Spanish eyes 12th Jun 2022 13:16

Tell them that you are a company person and are more than happy to fly when fatigue sets in.

Severn 14th Jun 2022 22:53

Wizz Air Bases

Below is a list showing where current fleet of 153x aircraft belonging to Wizz Air, Wizz Air UK and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi are currently based.
I'm sure this number fluctuates a little, but hopefully if gives a good overview (bases with over 5 or 10 aircraft have been highlighted):

Romania - 28
Bucharest Otopeni (OTP) - 11
Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) - 6
Iasi (IAS) - 5
Craiova (CRA) - 2
Timisoara (TSR) - 2
Bacau (BCM) - 1
Sibiu (SBZ) - 1

Poland - 22
Warsaw Chopin (WAW) - 8
Gdansk (GDN) - 6
Katowice (KTW) - 5
Kraków (KRK) - 2
Wroclaw (WRO) - 1

Italy - 19
Rome Fiumicino (FCO) - 5
Milan Malpensa (MXP) - 4
Catania (CTA) - 3
Naples Capodichino (NAP) - 2
Venice Marco Polo (VCE) - 2
Bari (BRI) - 2
Palermo (PMO) - 1

UK - 17
London Luton (LTN) - 11
London Gatwick (LGW) - 5
Cardiff (CWL) - 1

Hungary - 14
Budapest (BUD) - 13
Debrecen DEB - 1

Albania - 8
Tirana (TIA) - 8

Bulgaria - 8
Sofia (SOF) - 6
Varna (VAR) - 2

North Macedonia - 5
Skopje (SKP) - 5

Austria - 4
Vienna (VIE) - 4

UAE - 4
Abu Dhabi (AUH) - 4

Bosnia and Herzegovina - 4
Sarajevo (SJJ) - 2
Tuzla Int'l (TZL) - 2

Serbia - 3
Belgrade (BEG) - 3

Lithuania - 3
Vilnius (VNO) - 3

Cyprus - 2
Larnaca (LCA) - 2

Georgia - 1
Kutaisi (KUT) - 1

Ukraine - 4 (Aircraft are stuck in Ukraine)
Kyiv Igor Sikorsky (IEV) - 3
Lviv (LWO) - 1

Note - 7x aircraft not listed above are currently in maintenance, being repaired or are standby aircraft (in BUD, OTP, GDN, KTW, MXP, KUT)

cavokblues 24th Jun 2022 11:09

I see Wizz have launched flights to Nepal from Abu Dhabi.

Can the aircraft they have on order be sent to any of their affiliate operations?

It just feels a bit strange to see them focusing so much on the Middle East. Are they struggling to see growth opportunities within the EU?

pabely 24th Jun 2022 11:43

Hardly see a great focus in Abu Dhabi. 4 frames which is static number. Just trying new things which LCCs do all the time.
It always going to be tough at that base with competition having very deep pockets.
WUK have taken 4 new frames in 2022 to support their UK operations and the original WZZ have taken new aircraft as well, but returned some older CEOs to leasors.

cavokblues 24th Jun 2022 13:52

Probably a knee jerk reaction from me. I just didn't think we would ever see the day with European locos going out to Nepal.

davidjohnson6 24th Jun 2022 14:31

Pegasus Air based in Istanbul fly to Kyrgyzstan.
Vueling used to (I think) fly to Ghana
Air Arabia stretch from Morocco to Bangladesh
Scoot stretch from London to Sydney

Perhaps worth remembering that Budapest is a long way east of the UK, and for people in Wizz's head office, they will tend to look a lot further east than UK residents

Buster the Bear 11th Jul 2022 11:27


AntonyCole 22nd Jul 2022 12:46

Wizzair UK flight from Plovdiv to Luton diverts to Frankfurt
Does anyone know why G-UKG is sitting in Frankfurt with passengers being given no information or compensation? The flight on the route PDV-LTN was supposed to arrive before midnight yesterday. I'm worried about my cousins who have been told to 'try and survive' at Frankfurt airport. This is after 3 hours of sitting on the plane at Frankfurt Main and then told they would depart to Luton at 7am, then 2:15pm, now 7pm.

Buster the Bear 25th Jul 2022 12:50


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