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BFS BHD 12th Mar 2021 17:41

Jet2 - Summer 2021
Looking at the timetable it looks like Tenerife and Dalaman are getting one extra weekly flight each for Summer 2021 from June. Could change though!

am2018 13th Mar 2021 17:09

How many based aircraft does it bring to with the additional aircraft? Is it 3 or 4? Great news for the airport!

pabely 14th Mar 2021 16:04

Is BFS EZYs busiest airport at the moment?

PinOnTheRight 15th Mar 2021 19:09

In the UK, yes. 20 easyJet movements at BFS today followed by LTN. Nice and Milan are slightly busier than BFS currently.

True Blue 17th Mar 2021 23:33

Bournemouth on sale with Ezy from Bfs twice weekly starting late May, I think for the summer season.

GAZMO 18th Mar 2021 12:31

Flights to BOU on Wednesday and Saturday until end of October

Sharklet_321 18th Mar 2021 13:08

Last time Bournemouth was served from BFS was Jet2 over 15years ago!

GAZMO 18th Mar 2021 14:42

Jet 2
From NI travel news

Grab a Piste of the Action with Jet2.com from Belfast! | Northern Ireland Travel News (nitravelnews.com)

BFS BHD 22nd Mar 2021 23:03

easyJet - Corfu
easyJet Corfu route looks to increase to two weekly from July 2021. Thursday flight added.

El Bunto 25th Mar 2021 08:33

AT72 G-OASL operated by ASL UK ( on the Amazon contract ) this morning for the first time.

West Atlantic still operate the SE- reg ATPs and Star Air has the OY- B762s but otherwise everything else on the daily freighter schedule is now G- reg

mart901 7th Apr 2021 16:15


BFS101 22nd Apr 2021 21:51

Virgin Atlantic have pulled their summer 2021 from BFS.
Seems to be the same for GLA.

BFS BHD 5th Jun 2021 17:36

easyJet - Bournemouth
Anyone know how the passenger number have been on the new easyJet route to Bournemouth?

CCFAIRPORT 5th Jun 2021 19:40

BFS-BOH = 131
BOH-BFS = 83
It was a 319

SKOJB 5th Jun 2021 22:10

Originally Posted by CCFAIRPORT (Post 11057597)
BFS-BOH = 131
BOH-BFS = 83
It was a 319

Decent numbers for a new service, however I reckon this will transfer to SOU in the near future to also attract the business traveller, maybe this season is being used by EZY to test the market on the south coast!

BFS BHD 5th Jun 2021 22:37

Thanks for the numbers!

Anyone know of easyJet is still planning to start Leeds or has that been scrapped altogether now?

allan1987 5th Jun 2021 22:48

Originally Posted by BFS BHD (Post 11057640)
Thanks for the numbers!

Anyone know of easyJet is still planning to start Leeds or has that been scrapped altogether now?

I think that may been scrapped now as would heard about it by now? , though there is talk about Easten Airways starting x2 Daily Leeds - Belfast City

BFS BHD 16th Jun 2021 21:07

easyJet - Summer 2021
Leeds and East Midlands starting to be loaded into the booking systems.

Both showing 4 Weekly from 2nd Week in July

EI-BUD 17th Jun 2021 08:36

No East Midlands in easyJet booking engine or BHD LGW.

East Midland would surprise me.

True Blue 17th Jun 2021 08:58

EMA is now there as is Bhd-Lgw. That is a spoiler route for sure

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