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SealinkBF 11th Feb 2021 21:16


The BE flights were introduced after EZY pulled their INV BFS service years back. Wonder what makes them think it will do better this time? Oh, no overseas travel!

BFS BHD 11th Feb 2021 23:03

Anyone know if easyJet is still planning on starting flights to Leeds? I think last year there was a post that they got landing slots at Leeds to start BFS but then Covid happened and they didnt announce anything..

rpmac 12th Feb 2021 14:56

Now that Leeds has approval for a new terminal and plans in hand for better connectivity I would not be surprised to see EasyJet turning their attention to Yorkshire's Premier airport in the next couple of years.

OneBellEnd 13th Feb 2021 10:34

Point worthy of note about Inverness. Unlike, for example, nearby Aberdeen, Inverness incurs none of the crippling U.K. Air Passenger Duty on their outbound flights due to their inclusion within the Highlands & Islands Airports exemption. For short sector domestic flights like Belfast-Inverness that creates a significant proportional benefit to low cost carriers and their ability to lower fares and still deliver a profit.

SWBKCB 13th Feb 2021 11:40

All things are relative, but the "nearby Aberdeen" is 90 miles and 2 hours drive away.

OneBellEnd 13th Feb 2021 18:37

Indeed all things are relative and I’d suspect the nautical mileage Belfast - Inverness & Belfast - Aberdeen is very relative. It’s just that Inverness possesses a cost advantage on Government tax when an airline’s making a choice between them, no matter what other factors there are to consider.

midfieldgeneral 25th Feb 2021 16:29

It’s now been confirmed to easyJet staff that BFS will have 7 based aircraft for the foreseeable. As to when all 7 will get to fly who knows with the restrictions, but that’s the plan as it stands for the base this summer and hopefully beyond.

GAZMO 25th Feb 2021 17:55

Great News

lets hope flights are available from May 2021

BFS BHD 25th Feb 2021 18:27

Any word on if easyJet is still planning on starting flights to Leeds anytime soon?

midfieldgeneral 25th Feb 2021 18:54

Nothing has been mentioned about Leeds but that’s not to say it won’t happen at some stage. The airline is really taking it month by month at the moment.

BFS BHD 25th Feb 2021 19:49

Ahh cheers maybe they will announce it for W21/22 :)

True Blue 26th Feb 2021 17:55

Ryanair seems to have taken Stn off sale again for the winter. I wonder will it operate at all or are they planning a bigger revamp as opposed to 2 flights a week. It does look as though they will have more flights operating at Bfs next winter than this year, I am referring to what was planned before the deep cuts were eventually made.

DUB19 26th Feb 2021 18:29

STN & MAN have been dropped

True Blue 26th Feb 2021 20:32

Stn and Man were dropped after row broke out with Caa along with the other domestic routes. However when they started to put W21 on sale Stn was put on sale as well. Hence the reason I asked the question.

BFS101 27th Feb 2021 15:47

Not sure if it has been previously mentioned, but would appear tui have pulled the majority of their routes from BFS this year. I had Rhodes booked for September, and whilst I havenít heard anything yet from tui, first available date in now May 2022. Same with many of their routes.

Alteagod 28th Feb 2021 10:38

Or could they just all be sold out?

GAZMO 2nd Mar 2021 16:23

Jet2 have put on Xmas market flight to Prague departing 10 December

Alteagod 3rd Mar 2021 10:10

Still work out cheaper than the Christmas Market at the City Hall in Belfast

True Blue 4th Mar 2021 18:04

Seems that FR is also staying at Bfs, at this moment anyway.

GAZMO 9th Mar 2021 16:23

Summer 2022 on sale

EasyJet Puts Summer 2022 Flights on Sale from Belfast | Northern Ireland Travel News (nitravelnews.com)

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