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cuthere 23rd Nov 2020 14:54

Belfast international-3
Seems like the support for BFS may be in the shape of aid to new international routes: https://www.derryjournal.com/health/...nd-its-3044230

GAZMO 23rd Nov 2020 15:59

I will hold my breath !!!!!! They always talk a good story up at Stormont, but proof of the pudding will be the departure / arrival of first aircraft

Just like getting rid of APD.........we heard a lot but nothing in the long run

Hopefully I'm wrong as Qatar are a great airline

PDXCWL45 23rd Nov 2020 18:10

I wonder if a combined service with Cardiff could be a possibility? With less demand due to Covid19 it could be the best of both worlds for both airports. Operate DOH-CWL-BFS-DOH and vice versa on other days.

allan1987 23rd Nov 2020 20:49

Well thats interesting I guess could be Qatar Airways on A321LR unless able to run DOH-CWL-BFS-CWL-DOH using the 787-8? and jetBlue on Airbus A321LR to JFK and BOS?

NWSRG 23rd Nov 2020 21:28

Still think United will be back with NEO/MAX. IIRC, the 757 was profitable, but more profitable elsewhere...

VickersVicount 23rd Nov 2020 21:41


Ambitious i’d say, on both counts..

caaardiff 23rd Nov 2020 22:23

Not sure how a 5* Airline would feel about turfing off their passengers at CWL to clear immigration, winding through the Airport and going back through security to departures to get back on the same aircraft again after a long flight.

PDXCWL45 24th Nov 2020 05:26

Qatar Airways won't use an A321 if it happens it'll be a 787 8

EI-BUD 24th Nov 2020 09:33

Qatar can serve the local market with a one stop via LHR with BA codeshare ex BHD or via DUB. The volume and or subsidy would need to be such that it's commercially more attractive that those current options. I couldn't see a one stop being attractive for Qatar. How would the Welsh government feel about all the crew not overnighting in Wales, where they buy hotel stays etc. Apart from that I just don't see Qatar doing it.

For NYC or BOS the only airlines who logistically for the bill are the US big 3, Aer Lingus or Jetblue.
If they have any hope its Jetblue or a designated one stop Icelandair service, which again seems unlikely. Be great to see a North American route coming back. Air Canada with Max might be something that could be attracted with the right support package...

Alteagod 24th Nov 2020 09:40

Agree I would have thought Canada a better option from NI. I suspect the ship has sailed on US flights. Naturally its all covid dependent.

GAZMO 29th Nov 2020 12:23

Jet 2
Jet2 have launched summer 22 flights

looking at July 22 there are 41 weekly flights - that's only 3 based aircraft. Naturally a long way to go until then

True Blue 7th Dec 2020 23:21

For the last couple of days Jet2 flights to Tfs etc have been delayed. It seems an aircraft flies in from Ncl to then head on to Tfs etc. What is happening? Are they combining flights with Ncl and Bfs?

Fly757X 7th Dec 2020 23:54

Yeah that’s exactly it, relatively low loads has resulted in the combination of selected BFS/NCL services.

inOban 8th Dec 2020 08:49

Same between EDI and GLA.

GAZMO 10th Dec 2020 16:34

Fromm BBC website Belfast Airports to receive £7.8m Just ahead of this evening's press conference, Finance Minister Conor Murphy confirmed £7.8m would be made available for Belfast City and Belfast International airports.

Mr Murphy confirmed the payments following the meeting of the executive on Thursday, and said the money would come on top of 12 months of rate support already in place for Belfast City, Belfast International and Derry City airports.

BFS BHD 10th Dec 2020 17:34

Extra flights on sale for easyJet in Summer 2021

True Blue 10th Dec 2020 18:21

I was checking departures, first out, on 13th may, Thursday. Seems to need 7 aircraft, 3 A320 and 4 A319. So is there to be an extra aircraft based at Bfs? Although Ncl and Stn are now being served from Bfs base.

BHD2BFS 12th Dec 2020 14:39

With TCX now gone has TUI committed to a bigger operation from BFS?
they usually start later in the season than all other carriers
do we know if it will be their own metal this year and will they launch a proper winter schedule next year ?

Fly757X 12th Dec 2020 15:26

I doubt they'll ever offering anything from here during the winter apart from the odd Lapland trip.

As for operators next summer, it was mentioned on various sites that SWG would not be returning for S20 and that their own equipment (or from other TUI Airlines, TUI fly Nordic were mentioned regularly) would be used. What was going to happen remains a mystery unfortunately. I know that DUB was showing an A320 for various services last summer before they were cancelled. At present they are also still showing with the season length we've seen in previous years too for both 21/22 (running from the 3rd weekend of May to the end of September.)

GAZMO 14th Dec 2020 13:07

Difficult enough dealing with Covid 19 without disruptive passengers

Belfast flight diverted due to 'disruptive behaviour' - BBC News

BFS BHD 15th Dec 2020 15:22

easyJet - Summer 2021
Tenerife South now bookable for Summer 2021.
Twice Weekly same as Winter 2020/21

Times changes:

Departs 08:00 & Arrives 17:55

Departs 15:00 & Arrives 00:55

*Not bookable yet but for Winter 2021/22*

Is easyJet still planning on starting Leeds or has that been dropped now?

True Blue 21st Dec 2020 23:00

So what is this spat between Ryanair and the CAA and FR threat to cancel flights from 1st January. They are still on sale btw!

SWBKCB 22nd Dec 2020 06:21

From 1 Jan EU airlines will not be able to fly UK domestic flights or flights to non-EU destinations. That's why Ryanair UK was set up. The CAA's view is that with only one a/c registered in the UK and most flights being operated by leased in a/c, Ryanair UK isn't meeting the terms of it's licence.

Musket90 22nd Dec 2020 19:11

I notice Easyjet has been transferring some of their fleet from the Austrian to the UK register. Would this be for same reason ?

Fly757X 22nd Dec 2020 19:34

No, this was to make up for the withdrawal of some of the U.K. registered frames.

Happy Holidays. 👍🏽

Musket90 22nd Dec 2020 20:32

Thanks Fly757X - Happy holidays too:ok:

buzz_hornet 23rd Dec 2020 00:00

So basically a fight over EI- REG instead of G-

virginblue 23rd Dec 2020 00:35

Probably more about SP- and 9H- regs than EI-regs...

GAZMO 9th Jan 2021 14:21

From NI travel news

Jet2.com and Jet2holidays Launch Exciting Summer 2022 Programme | Northern Ireland Travel News (nitravelnews.com)

Only 40+ weekly flights so looks like three based aircraft although they do state "What’s more, the company said it will be making further Summer 22 announcements over the coming weeks, giving holidaymakers and independent travel agents even more to look forward to"

GAZMO 12th Jan 2021 13:31

Covid testing at BFS

Coronavirus: Belfast International to introduce rapid tests for passengers - BBC News

True Blue 8th Feb 2021 21:20

I see Stansted, Manchester and Malta have now been deleted from the Ryanair app. The first 2 will be to do with their fallout with the CAA. I thought they were going to continue with domestic flights from Stn. I wonder will they come back or have they gone for good? With Fr you never know as so much of what they do is posturing.

Alteagod 9th Feb 2021 06:07

I don't think anyone could second guess FR but I would agree that at least in medium term probably gone.

BFS BHD 10th Feb 2021 20:35

easyJet - New Route
Looks like easyJet is set to announce a new route to Corfu for Summer 2021 on Sundays.

EZY6787 - Departs BFS 05:25, Arrives CFU 11:25
EZY6788 - Departs CFU 12:05, Arrives BFS 14:05

Subject to change!

BFS BHD 10th Feb 2021 20:53

easyJet - Another New Route
Looks like another new route for Summer 2021 to be announced to Inverness. Flights on Mondays and Fridays.

Mondays Flights
EZY531 Departs BFS 12:55, Arrives INV 14:05
EZY532 Departs INV 14:35, Arrives BFS 15:45

Friday Flights
EZY531 Departs BFS 16:10, Arrives INV 17:20
EZY532 Departs INV 17:50, Arrives BFS 19:00

True Blue 10th Feb 2021 20:57

what is your source?

Fly757X 10th Feb 2021 21:43

They're all available on the easyJet site. :ok:

Alteagod 11th Feb 2021 10:30

No surprise. The LM flight did v well from BHD even BE got decent loads but an a320/319 is a much bigger fish to fill.

Fly757X 11th Feb 2021 11:21

Completely agree there. This I feel will display similar attributes to BFS-IOM too so all being well LM will maintain their BHD service with its more usable schedule.

BFS BHD 11th Feb 2021 13:35

Ryanair & Wizz Air - Winter 2021/22
Alicante, Stansted and Milan all showing on the app for Winter 2021/22

Alicante twice weekly (Mon & Fri)

Stansted twice weekly (Fri & Sun)

Milan once a week (Sat)

Wizz Air
Vilnius bookable for Winter 2021/22 at the normal twice weekly flights (Tue & Sat)

True Blue 11th Feb 2021 13:44

I think Inverness is just for 2 months during the summer.

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