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BFS BHD 15th Dec 2020 15:22

easyJet - Summer 2021
Tenerife South now bookable for Summer 2021.
Twice Weekly same as Winter 2020/21

Times changes:

Departs 08:00 & Arrives 17:55

Departs 15:00 & Arrives 00:55

*Not bookable yet but for Winter 2021/22*

Is easyJet still planning on starting Leeds or has that been dropped now?

True Blue 21st Dec 2020 23:00

So what is this spat between Ryanair and the CAA and FR threat to cancel flights from 1st January. They are still on sale btw!

SWBKCB 22nd Dec 2020 06:21

From 1 Jan EU airlines will not be able to fly UK domestic flights or flights to non-EU destinations. That's why Ryanair UK was set up. The CAA's view is that with only one a/c registered in the UK and most flights being operated by leased in a/c, Ryanair UK isn't meeting the terms of it's licence.

Musket90 22nd Dec 2020 19:11

I notice Easyjet has been transferring some of their fleet from the Austrian to the UK register. Would this be for same reason ?

Fly757X 22nd Dec 2020 19:34

No, this was to make up for the withdrawal of some of the U.K. registered frames.

Happy Holidays. 👍🏽

Musket90 22nd Dec 2020 20:32

Thanks Fly757X - Happy holidays too:ok:

buzz_hornet 23rd Dec 2020 00:00

So basically a fight over EI- REG instead of G-

virginblue 23rd Dec 2020 00:35

Probably more about SP- and 9H- regs than EI-regs...

GAZMO 9th Jan 2021 14:21

From NI travel news

Jet2.com and Jet2holidays Launch Exciting Summer 2022 Programme | Northern Ireland Travel News (nitravelnews.com)

Only 40+ weekly flights so looks like three based aircraft although they do state "What’s more, the company said it will be making further Summer 22 announcements over the coming weeks, giving holidaymakers and independent travel agents even more to look forward to"

GAZMO 12th Jan 2021 13:31

Covid testing at BFS

Coronavirus: Belfast International to introduce rapid tests for passengers - BBC News

True Blue 8th Feb 2021 21:20

I see Stansted, Manchester and Malta have now been deleted from the Ryanair app. The first 2 will be to do with their fallout with the CAA. I thought they were going to continue with domestic flights from Stn. I wonder will they come back or have they gone for good? With Fr you never know as so much of what they do is posturing.

Alteagod 9th Feb 2021 06:07

I don't think anyone could second guess FR but I would agree that at least in medium term probably gone.

BFS BHD 10th Feb 2021 20:35

easyJet - New Route
Looks like easyJet is set to announce a new route to Corfu for Summer 2021 on Sundays.

EZY6787 - Departs BFS 05:25, Arrives CFU 11:25
EZY6788 - Departs CFU 12:05, Arrives BFS 14:05

Subject to change!

BFS BHD 10th Feb 2021 20:53

easyJet - Another New Route
Looks like another new route for Summer 2021 to be announced to Inverness. Flights on Mondays and Fridays.

Mondays Flights
EZY531 Departs BFS 12:55, Arrives INV 14:05
EZY532 Departs INV 14:35, Arrives BFS 15:45

Friday Flights
EZY531 Departs BFS 16:10, Arrives INV 17:20
EZY532 Departs INV 17:50, Arrives BFS 19:00

True Blue 10th Feb 2021 20:57

what is your source?

Fly757X 10th Feb 2021 21:43

They're all available on the easyJet site. :ok:

Alteagod 11th Feb 2021 10:30

No surprise. The LM flight did v well from BHD even BE got decent loads but an a320/319 is a much bigger fish to fill.

Fly757X 11th Feb 2021 11:21

Completely agree there. This I feel will display similar attributes to BFS-IOM too so all being well LM will maintain their BHD service with its more usable schedule.

BFS BHD 11th Feb 2021 13:35

Ryanair & Wizz Air - Winter 2021/22
Alicante, Stansted and Milan all showing on the app for Winter 2021/22

Alicante twice weekly (Mon & Fri)

Stansted twice weekly (Fri & Sun)

Milan once a week (Sat)

Wizz Air
Vilnius bookable for Winter 2021/22 at the normal twice weekly flights (Tue & Sat)

True Blue 11th Feb 2021 13:44

I think Inverness is just for 2 months during the summer.

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