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NorthEasterner 18th Oct 2017 17:32

TUI Airways
Thomson has now officially changed over to TUI. All travel stores, aircraft, website have moved over to TUI, including the AOC.

clipstone1 19th Oct 2017 09:11

Such a shame to see the Thomson name vanish from the high street and everywhere else after 50+ years


crewmeal 19th Oct 2017 18:55

Same with loosing Britannia. Such a great British institution.

daz211 19th Oct 2017 19:04

Britannia should never have rebrand in the good old days of leasure travel Britannia was the premier carrier and had class now every charter/holiday airline/flight is the same shame things move on

P330 20th Oct 2017 07:04

TUI have been operating a couple of -9 variants of the 787 for a little while now. I was wondering if these are put at specific bases on set routes or if the 787 schedule is flexible across both variants?

Certainly when you book a flight, you only know you will be flying on a Dreamliner.

chaps1954 20th Oct 2017 08:14

They are Gatwick based at present

bjones4 20th Oct 2017 10:50

TUI do now let you select your seat at time of booking if you're in premium and for our flights to Cancun in September 2018 from Manchester we appear to have a 787-9 both ways so there's at least one outside Gatwick next year. (IIRC they do take delivery of TUIL and M next spring)

Vokes55 20th Oct 2017 16:53

The -9s do have their own line of flying, generally the high density routes from Gatwick to Cancun, MoBay and Sanford are almost all on the -9.

Not sure of the plans for the two new arrivals next year, I'd imagine three at Gatwick, one at Manchester. They're much more premium heavy than the -8s, so better suited to the LGW market.

LAX_LHR 20th Oct 2017 17:15

The -9 will do MJB/CUN/PUJ from MAN as those routes are more than capable of supporting the extra premium seats. When the -9 was used on its proving flights from MAN-MBJ. The extra premium seats were put on sale last minute and still sold out.

P330 20th Oct 2017 20:37

Thanks folks.

Off to CUN in March from MAN, so assuming from your replies we're more likely to be on an -8.

NorthEasterner 21st Oct 2017 09:15

Would TUI be interested in the 787-10? Or would that be too much capacity for them?

Plane.Silly 21st Oct 2017 11:32

Depends how much they value the extra 30-40 seats vs the extra millions of $$$ it'll cost. Personally, i think they may have their niche with the -8 and -9, so i can't see it, but the business case wouldn't bee too far off if the loads are consistently 95%+,

sparkie320 22nd Oct 2017 07:34

Summer 2018 NWI
Anyone know if Sunwings are being used next year from Norwich
or Germania back

NickBarnes 22nd Oct 2017 08:37

sunwing Mark

sparkie320 22nd Oct 2017 14:49

maybe i get to grab C-FEAK this time, missed the only visit it made to Norwich whilst covering one of the others
and hope they dont brake so hard too

Gordon_uk3 22nd Oct 2017 15:15

Does anyone know when TUI start using their new Radio Callsign of TUI AIR?

Skipness One Echo 22nd Oct 2017 16:06

Why change that? Flybe are STILL using “Jersey”. Actually, they could easily change the callsign back to “Britannia”.

Una Due Tfc 22nd Oct 2017 16:18

The three letter designator TUI has the call sign "TUI jet" atm

oceanhawk 22nd Oct 2017 19:57

Tui air callsign to start being used on or around the first of November.

canberra97 22nd Oct 2017 20:10

As much as I feel sorry to see the Thomson brand name disappear after nearly 50 years and is now known as TUI but the times I have seen the name often incorrectly spelt as 'Thompson' on these and other forums has been so frustrating, I should imagine over time we're probably see posts with TIU.

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