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Vokes55 6th Nov 2017 19:47

Two 788 and Four 763 based in Scandinavia this Winter.

OntimeexceptACARS 15th Nov 2017 16:53

With TUI basing a B738 at Aberdeen next summer replacing the ASL France B737, does anyone know if there will be additional W pattern flights from other UK airports?

FRatSTN 15th Nov 2017 17:58

I was under the impression that a TUI aircraft was moving from GLA to ABZ, though it would still occasionally operate the odd W flight into GLA.

Some other recent updates though... LTN will be seeing some additional sectors following Monarch's collapse albeit on other carriers, pretty much confirming I think the 3rd based aircraft will definitely not be operating. Having re-jigged the schedule for 2x based TUI aircraft, some of the existing services will now be operated by other carriers (noticeably PMI where I think now only the Tuesday service remains on TUI metal). So far it's only a Friday PMI by Air Europa and a Tuesday TFS by Travel Service that have confirmed operators.

STN will no longer have it's Sunday FAO do a W to BRS, that will now return straight back to STN and continue to operate a second weekly service to HER as it did in S17.

Other airports I'm not so familiar with but probably some similar changes here and there which may win or lose slightly from W patterns.

Tomexmyt 15th Nov 2017 18:55

Thinking of going PVR from MAN in Dec 18. Does anyone know which 787 series it will be on?

Vokes55 15th Nov 2017 21:27

Does it matter? Passenger experience is the same on both. Probably an -8

CabinCrewe 15th Nov 2017 21:31

It must matter or the question wouldnt have been posed.
It also matter if considering seating locations for prebook.

Tomexmyt 15th Nov 2017 23:15

I’ve been on the -8, just thought it might be the -9....

chaps1954 16th Nov 2017 06:53

B789s based at LGW at present so are not seen at present though this may change as new ones are delivered next year.

dmouse88 16th Nov 2017 11:33

Originally Posted by Tomexmyt (Post 9958143)
Thinking of going PVR from MAN in Dec 18. Does anyone know which 787 series it will be on?

Looking ahead g-tuil due in mar 18 and g-tuim due may 18 there is every possibility that one or both will be based at MAN.

chaps1954 16th Nov 2017 11:36

Once they do base one at MAN it will no doubt be rotated most likely when they are at an away airport

1994Heavy 25th Nov 2017 20:19

What routes does the B757 and B767 fly from LGW?

dmouse88 27th Nov 2017 10:47

You have'nt specified which period but all 767's committed to Scandinavian runs now until end of March.

1994Heavy 27th Nov 2017 13:02

In the summer what routes does the B757 and B767 fly? All short haul or does the 767 help with the LH schedule

Vokes55 27th Nov 2017 14:19

No 767 in Gatwick in Summer, all in Manchester.

757 guaranteed on BVC flights, otherwise a mix of the rest of the short haul operation.

Buster the Bear 27th Nov 2017 14:28

FR24 indicates that G-TUIB has remained at Manchester since arriving from Goa on Nov 18th.

Mr @ Spotty M 27th Nov 2017 19:50

Maybe that is the one that has impact damage and is going to take Boeing a number of weeks to repair. :ok:

1994Heavy 28th Nov 2017 09:49

I thought 3 were up in MAN and 1 remained at LGW?
Is the 767 mainly SH out of MAN? Or does it do some LH flights?

oldbalboy 28th Nov 2017 11:51

All summer 18 flying on 767 is planned for MAN & all S/H

ImPlaneCrazy 28th Nov 2017 11:54

Originally Posted by Buster the Bear (Post 9970732)
FR24 indicates that G-TUIB has remained at Manchester since arriving from Goa on Nov 18th.

That'd be the one a chap hit with a belt loader! Got his accelerator and brake pedals mixed up, apparently.... :bored:

LAX_LHR 28th Nov 2017 11:57

Hearing several reports that TUIB might not be salvageable? Something’s to do with the size of the hole and the way the skin is constructed in that part. Normal patch can’t quite cover it?

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