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pamann 5th Jan 2018 18:02


Same question comes up yearly.

From what I understand it is a long term agreement. So yes to 2018, yes to 2019. 99.9% yes for the next 10/15/20 years.

BFS BHD 5th Jan 2018 18:09

Thanks! :)

vrb03kt 6th Jan 2018 14:02

I reckon 99.9% certainty for anything in the airline industry over the next 6 months is fanciful, never mind the next 10/15/20 years! ;)

clipstone1 7th Jan 2018 11:22

All the time that TUI owns 49% of sunwing I would suggest it's more than likely

dmouse88 8th Jan 2018 10:57

I see G-TUIB is back up flying doing MAN-PUJ today BY112. 7 weeks out of action that would have been expensive.

Curious Pax 8th Jan 2018 11:04

Surprised there doesn't seem to have test flight after major surgery. But then I'm not an engineer!

peterhr 23rd Jan 2018 07:37

One has to assume it's been inflated / pressure tested :)

sparkie320 23rd Jan 2018 12:36

Sunwing 2018
Does anyone one know what 4 aircraft, are due across this Summer for TUI Assistance do they use the same aircraft each year to come across
i know Belfast, Dublin,Leeds, and Norwich are booked to be the bases this year
with Liverpool, Humberside being served by one of the bases in a W pattern

Jerry123 23rd Jan 2018 13:31

Does anyone know what carrier TUI will be using for their non based flights out of Antalya and Dalaman this summer?

CabinCrewe 30th Jan 2018 11:34

Nice to see the first Max delivered to TUI, albeit to Belgium division.
Never keen on the 'tui.com' titles on the engines- just clutter- does anyone need that to find them online?!

Paul Atkins144 30th Jan 2018 12:43

Yes Jerry flights will be operated by Freebird

Jerry123 30th Jan 2018 13:25

Thank you for the reply!

LGS6753 1st Feb 2018 10:18

From Blue Swan:
TUI Group outlined (29-Jan-2018) its fleet renewal strategy, as follows:

Fleet renewal will be complete by 2023;
70 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order including 52 737 MAX 8 and 18 737 MAX 10;
Nine 737 MAX 8 aircraft to be delivered by the end of 2018. To be operated by TUI in Belgium, Sweden, UK and the Netherlands;
20% lower kerosene consumption, 14% lower carbon emissions and 40% reduction in noise footprint compared to aircraft of the same size previously operated by TUI;
TUI operates a fleet of 150 aircraft.

MUFC_fan 3rd Feb 2018 11:22

MAX 10s to replace the 757 fleet in the UK I assume? There are 14 at the moment providing an extra 32 seats/flight to the 737-800/MAX (and a fair amount of extra legroom seats too !)

crewmeal 3rd Feb 2018 11:48

What will happen to the TC and Starquest Expedition 757 that's specially configured and flies around the world?

clipstone1 6th Feb 2018 07:05

Well now TCS and Starquest is not owned by TUI there's every chance it won't continue after the current contract term I guess?

22/04 6th Feb 2018 08:36

Titan would be ideal to pick that up

garry8g 14th Feb 2018 17:45

Jethros reporting that TUI B788 G-TUIG is to transfer to TUI Belgium in March 18.

nigel osborne 14th Feb 2018 19:44

I think 789 TUIK is going to TUI UK instead of Belgium

garry8g 14th Feb 2018 23:04

TUIK is already with TUI UK.

All the current ordered B789's were all scheduled to go to TUI UK.

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