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VickersVicount 8th Sep 2017 19:51

Any guesses on who'll blink first on the GLA-MAN route. Was once 3 times daily single operator and ran half empty, now up to a ridiculous 8 a day. #unsustainable

The96er 8th Sep 2017 19:57

I'm guessing Loganair - their passenger figures are mostly in single digits and are suffering reliability issues already.

Flightrider 8th Sep 2017 21:58

I think both have had their moments this week. Flybe had cancellations and big delays earlier in the week too. Jury still out!

Rob Royston 9th Sep 2017 11:14

Originally Posted by VickersVicount (Post 9886285)
Any guesses on who'll blink first on the GLA-MAN route. Was once 3 times daily single operator and ran half empty, now up to a ridiculous 8 a day. #unsustainable

Loganair are only using the S2000 on the five weekday evening flights. They are using the SF340 on the rest of the flights. Between both companies there are ten flights on Tue, Wed & Thu.

Skipness One Echo 10th Sep 2017 23:58

How did Loganair end up on GLA-MAN (again)? This was a flybe route of their own inherited from the BA CONNECT sale.

GLAEDI 11th Sep 2017 07:39

Flybe allowed LM to take over the route as the Dash was to big. LM used the S340 or S2000.

ETOPS 11th Sep 2017 07:58


I'm a regular on the MAN-GLA-MAN route so have an interest :rolleyes:

It was a Flybe route up until the franchise deal signed with Loganair - the Dash 8 was suddenly deemed "too big" even though loads always seemed reasonable. As GLAEDI mentioned the service dropped to a mix of S2000/SF340 and became less reliable at the same time. Been badly delayed many times.

After Flybe cancelled the franchise we simply expected the route to revert to a Flybe Dash but Loganair decided to put up a fight and continue operating. Thus Flybe were sort of pushed into finding something smaller than the Dash hence the Eastern arrangement with S2000/J41.

Unsustainable in the long run at the frequency level today and single digit loads. 3 pax on an S2000 a couple of days ago.

ifu05596 12th Sep 2017 14:59

At first Loganair operated these using the Flybe flight numbers (i.e. Loganair planes used on the Flybe route). Then it moved to Loganair flight numbers BE6XXX and the pricing on the route changed so i think it did move from being a Flybe route to a Loganair route (albeit under the Flybe Franchise).

Mooncrest 12th Sep 2017 20:25

All the while the divorcees fight it out at Manchester, Leeds Bradford remains without its Glasgow connection.

01475 12th Sep 2017 21:27

This is the world's best opportunity for a chancer to tell both Loganair and Eastern that the other is starting flights to Leeds, Oxford, Gloucester & Shoreham ... and to see what happens :E

Richard Taylor 29th Sep 2017 18:00

Loganair 'claim first blood'
Loganair claims first blood in airline battle | Shetland News

Underlining perhaps the futility of it all, & the stupidity of putting a jet on the LSI run.

SealinkBF 1st Oct 2017 09:37

Loganair claiming overall load of 49 per cent and Flybe 23 per cent.

Significantly, unlike the Ryanair effect, Loganair say the market is not growing despite lower fares.

01475 1st Oct 2017 12:14

I'll guess that at some point Loganair give up Manchester / DTV / Norwich, Eastern give up the islands, and they both claim victory.

Low fares might grow the market in summer, but not September!

BAladdy 23rd Oct 2017 15:22

D328 ops January to March Question
The lease on the DOT ATR that has been operating on behalf of Loganair for the last few months ends on 31st October. Loganair will from the 1st to the 14th November lease ATT42 from the GCI based Aurigny to operate the DND-STN route.

Based on the schedule online Loganair will replace the AT4 with a SF3. This is planned to operate from the 15th November and 20th December. The route is then showing as being operated by a D328 from 21st December through to the end of the W17 schedule.

Does anyone know if they are planning to transfer a D328 to operate from DND or are they planning to lease a aircraft to operate from DND?.

The reason I ask is that from what I can see Loganair will require 3 D328ís to operate all the flights scheduled to be op by a D328 between January and late March. Details below.



Tuesday to Thursday




Saturday - No D328 operated flights scheduled.


3 - Aircraft not required


*1 - Aircraft arrives from EDI 16:35 no flights scheduled after that
*2 - Aircraft remain on ground in NWI 09:45-14:40
*3 - Aircraft remain on ground in NWI 10:15-17:35
*4 - Aircraft remain on ground in DND 10:35-16:50
*5 - Aircraft on ground in NWI until 13:45

rhutch28 23rd Oct 2017 22:09

Whats happening with G-BYMK its not seen any service for a good few months?

BAladdy 23rd Oct 2017 22:22

WFU 28JUL17. Was flown from DND to Bangor for part out.

Looks like the Aurigny ATR42 being leased from 1st to 14th November is G-HUET

Skipness One Echo 25th Oct 2017 09:49

Seating chart is for an ATR72 it seems.

BAladdy 25th Oct 2017 17:51

Can I ask what dates you looked at?. I have checked the seat plan for flights on 6 different days from 1st to 14NOV. I can only see a 48 seat seat plan.

virginblue 25th Oct 2017 21:28

Aurigny has a surplus ATR42 now that GCI-LCY is axed. Or are they going to replace an ATR72 on their own services with the ATR42 so that an ATR72 will be leased? Quite an capacity overkill...

Skipness One Echo 26th Oct 2017 00:30

Can I ask what dates you looked at?
3rd and 5th. I am in 18F!

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