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pabely 28th Nov 2017 15:52

BTW Would you agree OE- is an erstwhile "flag of convenience" registry anyway.
What like M- or 2- Oops, they are not EU!

pholling 28th Nov 2017 16:01

While registration is a big issue, ownership has the potential to be an even bigger issue. Both Easyjet and IAG will reconfigure their ownership structure to become majority EU owned. In the case of EasyJet, this is just changing a declaration. In the case of IAG they will either force UK shareholders to sell their shares or offer additional shares to EU shareholders. Both have significant financial implications. The only problem is that currently the law in the UK will mandate a majority UK ownership for domestic flights, as the 'Great Repeal bill' will just transfer the current rules. Unless the government changes the law, which might not be easy, then BA and EasyJet will not be allowed to fly UK domestic routes. If the law is changed then there is the potential for airlines from outside the UK and EU to enter the market. All in all huge change to the status quo.

southside bobby 28th Nov 2017 18:25

M- & 2- registries are not open to commercial operations..Else gor blimey who only knows.
Jersey have ZJ- now.....Standby...

pabely 29th Nov 2017 13:12

I was thinking more of the tax advantage of being on the OE- register, but being tongue in check about the flack of a curtain BBC program against tax avoidance generated by ill informed reporters!

Chris4 29th Nov 2017 21:01

Originally Posted by southside bobby (Post 9971739)
But really what I`m saying is lawyers "over there " project a business blocking scenario & lawyers "over here" for future proofing initiate a way around it & thru it..in this instance entailing a pot of black paint overnight to change a registration prefix with then the next day an OE-dash flying a UK domestic service down from Scotland...bizarre...& as I stated it`s just a folly of legislature for it hasn`t changed any metal on the ground.

It isn't just using some paint to change the reg prefix. It is registering the aircraft with the austrian authorities meaning that it will be subject to Austrian regulation and thus EU regulation.. nothing has changed physically but it is much more than just painting over the registration

Plane.Silly 30th Nov 2017 08:14

Another Daily Mail article circulating, criticising EZY about the use of speed tape. When will these people learn it's not as bad as they make it out to be?

southside bobby 30th Nov 2017 08:39

Cheers for the reply...I must admit my proverbial "pot of black paint" essentially is/was poetic licence...thanks for taking that trouble anyway....

pabely 1st Dec 2017 08:11

Don't Easyjet take control of Air Berlin assets today?

toledoashley 1st Dec 2017 08:48

I thought authority for it was on the 12th?

pabely 1st Dec 2017 09:42

Done a little more research and " European Commission must announce its decision by 7 December 2017, but this deadline may be extended by 10 working days if commitments are offered by Lufthansa. In practice, the Commission is expected to announce its decision on the easyJet/Air Berlin case by 12 December 2017." but that is tied up with Lufthansa plans to take over Niki, Air Berlinís Austrian holiday airline, and regional carrier LGW so who knows now!

Buster the Bear 2nd Dec 2017 00:25

Using amongst others, 6 SmartLynx A320s for three months to commence ex Air Berlin ops.

LAX_LHR 2nd Dec 2017 07:42

Those Smartlynx stay at TXL until the end of March. I wonder if they then move over to MAN, as that base is supposed to be getting 6 more aircraft next summer. Would be probably the easiest shoe-in I suspect....

businessair75 2nd Dec 2017 14:55

Possibly but not necessarily. Any increase could come via something else. I believe an old friend dropped in to LTN yesterday.

LAX_LHR 2nd Dec 2017 15:05

That also depends how many A320ceo are left?

I doubt Easyjet would want any A321ceo that Monarch had, and that leaves just 9 A320 to pick from. I believe MT has taken 4 A321, and a carrier called Lanmei airlines another.

Of the A320 fleet:

G-ZBAR seems to have gone back to Air Malta
G-OZBW has gone to Shannon and status is ‘leased out’ but no idea who to?
G-ZBAH has been parted out
G-OZBY has been re-registered OE-IFA so seems to have found a new home
G-ZBAT has been re-registered as EI-GCX so may have been taken up.

That leaves

G-ZBAU now at LTN
G-ZBAS/P in Holland

Meaning actually just the 4 to pick from, if they haven’t been taken up, but that fact 2 are in hangars May indicate someone has taken them.

MKY661 2nd Dec 2017 15:49

I can't see EasyJet getting them, apart from G-ZBAS they are older than all the current EasyJet A320's. I wouldn't be surprised if more of the Monarch ones don't fly passengers again tbh.

Rutan16 2nd Dec 2017 16:26

Originally Posted by RAT 5 (Post 9971878)
In the end we will end Uk with a mix of G-, OE- and HB- aircraft.

regulations concerning flying internaly within the EU. i.e. a Spain to Italy flight can (likely) not be flown by a G- aircraft as we will no longer be members of said union.

Lots of energy going into the AOC aspect, bnut I'm still curious about the pilots' licencing and TRE certification. I'm not sure, but Is HB part of EASA? Can a UK licenced EASA pilot fly an HB a/c. Can an HB TRE sign the LPC for a UK pilots & vice versa? Will any pilots need to OE licenced and/or will any TRE need to be OE authorised? I would not be surprised if there were some gremlins lurking in the dark corners, and that's from a glass always half full guy.

But I'm sure someone has the precise answer and we'll find it's all taken care of. But how, or is there no problem?

I understand some of your point however donít quite get how what your suggesting actually complies with the basic premise of the single market

Surely an EASA license would be valid across All the 28 nations irrespective of issuance.

South side bobby the transfer of registration is far more than just a sticker on the outside, insurances and onboard documents hex codes for navigation aids even fuelling cards all need changing.

OH and the UK currently remains in the Eu with open skyís rules allowing any EU certified airliner and carrier to fly between between ANY EU airport including third nation domestic points.

How do you think most of Alitalia massive fleet of Irish registered frames operate domestically ?

The Austrian AOC will become far more important over the next few months and the net loser WILL be UK plc as the UK branch is going to be the part that requires ownership changes because itís most unlikely UK government will continue to allow full foreign ownership and continued sixth freedoms beyond 2019 as things stand in the ongoing negotiations.

Mr @ Spotty M 2nd Dec 2017 20:17

You are spot on, the only ex MON a/c that easy is going to take is G-ZBAS. :ok:

INKJET 3rd Dec 2017 08:49

Anyone know why EasyJet have suspended flying to SKG ? I’m aware that one of the runways is being rebuilt and most of the Navajos are u/s but that is normal for many Greek airports, other operators appear to be continuing to use the other runway.

FlyboyUK 3rd Dec 2017 11:01

I believe it’s because 16/34 is now shut and they have opened a temporary short, narrow runway 10L/28R on the taxiway because the main 10/28 refurb still isn’t finished. No instrument approaches apart from a VOR letdown to circle which given the terrain down there looks like it could be quite sporting onto the temporary runway.

More info http://www.easyjet.com/en/help/prepa...el-information

pabloc 3rd Dec 2017 14:46

Spotty M, isnít G-ZBAS refers are glorious leader (A)ndrew (S)waffield??..Iíll ĎAsk Andrewí...;)

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