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canberra97 5th Nov 2017 07:11

Originally Posted by gojmc (Post 9947014)
Easyjet is u2

Thank you for your correction I appreciate it and what an absolutely ridiculous mistake on my part I can't believe I did that well it was posted at 05.23 after a night out lol

southside bobby 5th Nov 2017 07:55

5 RINGS...
Thanks absolutely..
Another statistic I would welcome absolutely would be 1.5 billion Euro paid into my bin!

Trav a la 5th Nov 2017 16:17

Originally Posted by canberra97 (Post 9947001)
Because comparing Ryanair with British Airways is like comparing apples and oranges regardless of the BOB service on BA.

By the way the IATA codes for EasyJet is EZ and Ryanair is FR not EJ and RA respectively!

Whilst you are in a reflective mood, perhaps you could also acknowledge that I was not using IATA codes or comparing RA with BA!

gnarlberg 5th Nov 2017 16:27

Hey easy guys.

Is a SO/FO/SFO allowed to:
Taxi and park?
Order the Fuel as he think?
calculate Loadsheet?
calculate Performance and decide V1 & Flex n stuff
brief the Cabin
fly visuals
fly FD OFF takeoffs
fly raw data approaches without bird
talk to Network ops and maintenance ops?

thankyou !

easyflyer83 6th Nov 2017 07:58

I’m assuming you are ex AB?

lurkio 6th Nov 2017 09:21


No, no-one is
Yes, at least with me they can. Other opinions may exist.

gnarlberg 6th Nov 2017 17:52

hey thanks ! i am.

so like in our company. FD off takeoffs on Islands (not LHR CDG and FRA) are very good training for pitch power flying. but ok.

so a first officer is allowed to pushback start the engines and taxi all the way until entering the parking spot ?

cool thing. thanks guys !

planedrive 6th Nov 2017 19:16

Yes that is correct, If it's an FO sector then the FO does everything until parking. Only captains allowed to turn onto stand/park due to insurance and often due to guidance only for LHS! Feel free to PM me if you want any more info (FO at EZY)

EcamSurprise 6th Nov 2017 22:57

To expand on some of the questions / answers:

Taxi and park? - As answered, yes if it is your sector but LHS will park.

Order the Fuel as he think? - an FO will usually get to suggest a fuel number but it isn't always the case depending on who you fly with. Cap has final say.

brief the Cabin - Normally done by the Captain.

fly visuals - sure, but we have some limitations. Min 1500 AAL / 500 AGL until on final approach for example. Should be briefed in advance.

fly FD OFF takeoffs - Never apart from in the sim / dictated by the MEL.

fly raw data approaches without bird - Yes and MT, when appropriate. It should be briefed in advance so PM knows how and what they are monitoring.

talk to Network ops and maintenance ops? - Usually the Captain. Depends on the colleague and how close they are to command / experience level.

Not sure how AB does it, but your crosswind limit in RHS will be 20kts regardless of SO / FO / SFO.

U2 is a very SOP based airline and they expect you to follow them.

I'm Berlin based, feel free to get in touch via PM.

greatoaks 10th Nov 2017 12:07

New CEO Named
Johan Lundgren from TUI.

Plane.Silly 10th Nov 2017 12:36

This appointment will be interesting. TUI have used EZY for allocations before. Wonder if we'll see more of this, while TUI uses its own planes for more lucrative routes?

stewyb 10th Nov 2017 16:04

Anybody know if TUI has block booked seats on EZY flights in recent times or if any other tour operators utilise EZY aircraft?

inOban 10th Nov 2017 16:20

They use EZY from EDI to Dubrovnik.

daz211 10th Nov 2017 16:48

So it looks like Easyjet are happy to let jet2 take No2 position at Stansted no sign of extra based aircraft or new and existing routes.

Guess it’s just same old Easyjet I’m not saying they don’t know what they are doing there may well be method behind their madness but it just seem at Stansted at least there is no ambition or route development what so ever over the last few years.

I personally thought that Easyjet might put up a bit of a fight but seem they are happy to roll over and let jet2 tickle its belly.

A320.b744 10th Nov 2017 18:21

easyJet fly to only 25 destinations from STN, of which 20 are (or will be) in direct competition with at least one airline. That means they'll have to reduce prices, reducing profits, in order to compete. It does not make sense to wage war on Ryanair's turf, all for the sake of being the second largest airline at STN, because easyJet will lose that fight. If Jet2 want to expand their STN operations, easyJet will watch from the sidelines because they know that Ryanair will crush the competition at STN. What does make sense for easyJet, however, is expanding at airports where easyJet is already dominant, and where the airline can make the most money. The same goes for Ryanair at LTN and LGW - they aren't going to expand operations at these airports because they know that they'll lose the fight against easyJet. The fact the Ryanair are moving BFS-LGW to BFS-STN is evidence of this. STN is Ryanair territory, while LTN, LGW and SEN are easyJet territories.

toledoashley 10th Nov 2017 20:06

TUI are also using seats on a number of routes from LTN as well - inc Alicante/Malaga/Tenerife

gnarlberg 11th Nov 2017 23:13

could someone of you explain the staff travel of EZY?
I guess its quite cheap to travel within the easy network, but what about transatlantic and asian flights? do you have any agreements? is easyjet working on this? norwegian maybe?

what about the bases, you are opening TXL, but besides that what about AMS? i could find something about AMS but seems it is closed? Are there plans of opening a Base in scandinavia? Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm or maybe Helsinki or is Norwegian to strong there?

What crew meals do you get during your duty? is there anything at all, can you buy, or do you get full meals and beverages?

are there rumors about start flying longhaul with the 321neo LR or will it just remain with norwegian?

do you use iPads/lido?

are there any round trips at all with layover or you usually stay at home every night?
is there a possibility of opening PMI and being temporary based there on company cost? (own discretion)

thanks guys again for your patience, I will attend the roadshow the upcoming week and easy looks like the best option for me even if I need to move to berlin... looking forward :)

Double Hydco 12th Nov 2017 10:08

Staff Travel - if you are travelling without kids and/or travelling off peak, the ST system can work quite well. Most ST tickets are confirmed seats, and some are standby (but convert to confirmed if the system thinks that the flight if sufficiently undersold). School holidays its a waste of time usually. You can add three other names to your Staff Travel account plus kids. You can change the names up to 20 times in year. We have no agreements with other airlines.

Bases - AMS has been a crew base for quite a while and is expanding I believe. Not sure how many aircraft they have, maybe 7? PMI opened as a seasonal crew base this year for the summer months. FO's tend to go back to LGW for the winter. I can't see a base in Scandinavia any time soon. We have lots of other bases all over Europe.

A321 - I think the 321's are coming to operate services from slot restricted airports like LGW/ORY?

Crew meals - Yes we are fed. Its depends on the sector length and time of day you start as to what you get. (i.e. LON-AMS-LON - a hot breakfast / LON - DLM - LON - two hot meals and sandwiches and chocolate/fruit). Also free tea/coffee and bottles water. We aren't Ryanair, we have a union(s).

LIDO -yes LIDO used on Toughpads. I think PMI base trialled iPAD's in the summer?

Layovers - There are very few layovers. LGW and MXP have a few I think? You will also night stop away if you work at another base. (my last one was about 4 months ago).

Good luck.....

southside bobby 12th Nov 2017 11:03

Rather too many assumptions in your last.
STN is valuable to EZY with it`s particular & established network.
RYR & EXS are to a large degree totally different models & quite obviously for the London area & market there is space for both.
Mentions of 17 based units for EXS by 2019 so hardly being "crushed".

ReallyAnnoyed 12th Nov 2017 12:28

The A321neo is a high density one and not the LR version (which I believe Airbus will not make until 2019 anyway) with 235 seats in the ezy version. It will have a slightly shorter range than the A320neos we get.

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