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paully 13th Dec 2017 09:33

Which makes perfect sense Jerry.

inOban 13th Dec 2017 09:52

But comparing the present state of the UK economy with that of the rest of the EU, it is hardly surprising that the LCCs see more growth opportunities in routes within the mainland.

pabely 14th Dec 2017 11:14

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you.” :E

CabinCrewe 14th Dec 2017 11:21

There has previously beena second batch of announcements in Jan/Feb had there not? Something more for the "UK" then ?

Seljuk22 18th Dec 2017 17:45

some more (sommer seasonal) routes announced last week:

Berlin-SXF - Zadar 2 weekly

Naples - Alghero 3weekly
Naples - Granada 2 weekly
Naples - Torino daily
Naples - Palermo daily

Venice - Rhodes 2 weekly
Venice - Thessaloniki 2weekly
Venice - Bari 3 weekly
Venice - Brindisi 2 weekly
Venice - Cagliari 4 weekly
Venice - Seville 4 weekly
Venice - Dubrovnik 3 weekly

Milan Malpensa - Faro 2 weekly
Milan Malpensa - Vienna daily
Milan Malpensa - Pula 3 weekly

inOban 18th Dec 2017 18:26

Originally Posted by CabinCrewe (Post 9989821)
There has previously beena second batch of announcements in Jan/Feb had there not? Something more for the "UK" then ?

As I recall, the later release tends to be about increased frequency on existing routes, rather than new routes.

Seljuk22 19th Dec 2017 17:46

Eurowings won't start proposed operation out of TXL in January. Less competition for EZY esp. for domestic German routes.

TXL-DUS will be increased to 6 daily while ZRH and VIE will be operated by WDL with BAE 146 aircraft.

Condor and Smartlynx will also operate flights on behalf of EZY out of TXL.

RAT 5 19th Dec 2017 20:29

TXL-DUS will be increased to 6 daily

So what did happen to the German governments policy of shifting domestic flights onto railways?

inOban 19th Dec 2017 20:38

I guess that wouldn't be allowed under the EU single market?

AndrewH52 19th Dec 2017 21:00

Don’t see what the Single Market would have to do with this? If the German Government wanted to tax air travel to encourage channel shift to what it sees as a lower carbon form of travel in rail, there is absolutely nothing to stop them.

Rutan16 20th Dec 2017 12:32

Düsseldorf to Berlin takes 4 and ¼ hours plus on an ICE that past the point where air retains a time competitive edge.

Reunified Germany is a huge place and Berlin is in the top right hand corner nearer much of Poland than the core productive and economic powerhouses of the Rhur and Rhineland

1sky 20th Dec 2017 15:39

How will Easy react to Wizz growth at Luton? It might be interesting to watch.

daz211 20th Dec 2017 15:54

Well if it’s anything like Stansted they will roll over and let the others tickle their bellies :ugh: I think you will find they are spending every second trying to sort out European operations.

pabely 21st Dec 2017 09:52

Easyjet Worldwide
Can't see that this has been report before http://atwonline.com/airports-routes...de-easyjet-hub

22/04 21st Dec 2017 09:55

The growth and complexity of BREXIT coupled with strong economic growth everywhere except the UK means that is where Easy will put in the effort. I doubt they are over endowed with crews either.

Seljuk22 28th Dec 2017 18:35

Forecast 2018

pabely 28th Dec 2017 19:52

I wonder why the 'green' leased 146 was not in the media centre release

SWBKCB 29th Dec 2017 07:06

Because the release is about strategic milestones, so a short term lease isn't relevant...

carousel 29th Dec 2017 20:28

Last night 28/12/17 0100 Easyjet cancelled the out bound Glasgow flight. The pax had been kept waiting 5 hours to find this out. Who informed the somewhat grumpy pax, the Captain of the inbound got out the cockpit walked up the jet bridge and personally explained over the tannoy exactly why the cancellation had happened (out of hours) he then stated he would remain at the desk to answer any questions. Well done that man.
P.S. one female pax had collapsed in the crowd, first aid administered not by STN but the crew on the arriving aircraft who should of been off home.
Well done.

easyflyer83 29th Dec 2017 21:33

It’s not that unusual in the world of Orange..... seen this on several occasions. It generally helps the situation. It also helps take the pressure off the ground staff as many a Pax seem to speak to the captain in a manner that should also be afforded to the gate agents.

The crew administering first aid doesn’t surprise me either... it comes seconds nature to cabin crew who are trained and used to dealing with faints etc on a semi regular basis.

Nevertheless a good a effort by all concerned by the sounds of it. A good show.

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