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01475 7th Jan 2018 16:38

It's the wrong kind of acorn for a secondary hub oak tree?

LAX_LHR 7th Jan 2018 17:16

A tree is a tree, and better to have something in the hand than pure speculation and wishes.

It’s also worth noting that the Cityflyer routes at MAN are generating transfer passengers. Yes, we are not talking earth shattering numbers but considering the 1 weekly nature of the flights, shows that potential is there.

Skipness One Echo 7th Jan 2018 19:30

BA is going ‘back’ to MAN, with 32 weekly one way flights via Cityflyer
Oh those poor remainers. Gideon Osborne said this might happen!

Diverskii 11th Jan 2018 10:50

According to another site easyJet have leased two BAe-146s from WDL - Is this true?

The airframes are D-AWBA and D-AMGL.

KNT544 11th Jan 2018 11:09

It's true.

KNT544 11th Jan 2018 11:14


lfc84 11th Jan 2018 11:32


KNT544 11th Jan 2018 11:34

D-AWBA is scheduled to operate TXL ZRH daily for the rest of the month.

Diverskii 11th Jan 2018 12:58

Thanks. Anyone know the reason? Shortage of 320 frames on the leasing market or they require a 146 sized aircraft?

virginblue 11th Jan 2018 15:00

It is for the new operation from TXL where they employ a dozen or so leased aircraft from WDL, Condor and SmartLynx for the next couple of weeks, ranging from 146s to 757-300.

The 146s are used on the routes from TXL to ZRH (a -300) and VIE (a -200) as these do not require more capacity a this point - remember, the whole TXL operation has started with a very short lead-in time and the loads at the moment are often very light.

Welshtraveller 20th Jan 2018 13:09

I am travelling on the Monday flight from Bristol to Madeira next month with Easyjet. I have checked in and been allocated seats 30D and 30E. On the Easyjet website the seat map shows these seats as not existing. I rang Easyjet and they said not to worry as they are using a larger aircraft but I am not convinced.

I read the A319 has 156 seats and the A320 has two versions with 180 seats and 186 seats. Looks like only the A320 186 seat version has 30D and 30E seating. Is this correct? Can I find out the exact aircraft type in advance? Don’t want to be denied boarding due to an over booked flight. Thanks for any help.

Double Hydco 20th Jan 2018 13:22

The first three Monday flights of next month are A320, and the 26th is an A319.
I don't know which airframes are 180 and which are 186, sorry.

LiamNCL 20th Jan 2018 14:19

All A320s based at BRS at the moment are 186 Configured.

Welshtraveller 20th Jan 2018 15:35

Thanks both, thatís extremely useful. I should be fine.

easyflyer83 20th Jan 2018 15:49

I don’t think the system would be allowed to allocate you seats unless they were available .... i.e I don’t think those seats would be allocated if it wasn’t the A320. Furthermore, I don’t believe denied boarded process at EZY works that way IF it is an A319.

If easyJet say there isn’t a problem then you should be reassured. Sometimes the problem with us that take an interest, is often we find problems that don’t exist as we look at the intricacies of things.

It does indeed look like that flight will be a 186 config aircraft with some planned Austrian registered aircraft for next month as things stand.....if that kind of thing interests you.

Welshtraveller 20th Jan 2018 19:46

Thanks. I feel reassured now.

lfc84 20th Jan 2018 20:29

I had one occasion where a A320 was scheduled and due to a tech issue a A319 turned up on stand.

They asked for volunteers at the gate. When insufficient volunteers came forward they said that those who were in seats that no longer existed would be denied boarding.

easyflyer83 20th Jan 2018 23:17

Very much a last minute issue and probably the easiest. This would be a whole different can of worms LFC84.

Seljuk22 22nd Jan 2018 14:55

Starting summer EZY will increase the following destinations by each one additional flight per day:
FRA & VIE (each 6 daily), STR (5 daily), CPH (3 daily with better flight schedule).

SXF-CPH will be maintained 3 daily as DY also ofers CPH-SXF.

This require 17 based aircaft at TXL for the current summer season schedule.

On the other side Eurowings won't start TXL-FRA on 25th March with 3 flights per day.

pabely 22nd Jan 2018 16:11

Don't DLH operate approx 13 flights a day currently, are these 3 extra or just moving from mainline?

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