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jon01 13th Sep 2017 13:34

Icelandair showing 2 x B737 Max 8 (C8 Y152) flights per week for summer 2018

From May 2018 the B737 Max will operate Mon & Wed flights, with Fri & Sat B757 operated

BHX5DME 17th Sep 2017 19:06

FlyOne will be back in S18
Showing as A320 weekly on a Saturday

OltonPete 20th Sep 2017 19:22

easyjet summer 18
Geneva continues in summer 18 and is EasyJet UK (EZY flight numbers), it is a Luton based A319 Monday Wednesday & Friday. In at 17.45 out 18.15, The daily service ends earlier 24 March.

The service which restarts next Tuesday at 3 a week is easy Swiss.

Belfast shows

Monday 3 daily with the first an A320
Tuesday 2 daily
Wednesday 3 daily (flexes from 2/3)
Thursday 3 daily
Friday 3 daily
Saturday 1 daily
Sunday 2 daily (down one) all flights on the 319's except Monday morning

FQTLSteve 21st Sep 2017 08:48

When will BHX August pax figures be released, many others were released more than 12 days ago?

Sholto Douglas 21st Sep 2017 09:16

August passenger statistics
If you are referring to the CAA statistics then hopefully they may, according to their website, be released tomorrow when the next update is due.

Unfortunately the CAA appear to be either very slow in collating the individual airport data, or the airports themselves have become inefficient in supplying the information in the first place. It never ceases to amaze me that Inverness and Belfast City are two of the last to be provided.

nwoody2001 21st Sep 2017 12:44

I think they are more referring to the point that BHX has not yet release its own figures for Aug which they would normally have done so by now

BHX5DME 21st Sep 2017 15:04

Looks like BHX are waiting to announce going through 13m pax and record August figures, maybe at Routes this weekend

Lassie 22nd Sep 2017 10:45

Don't know official figures but August was the 30th consecutive month of record passenger numbers.

Flying Wild 22nd Sep 2017 11:42

Just a shame that the infrastructure (security queues, baggage delays, handling delays, border force queues) can't keep up. Yes, it's down to the respective agencies' manning, but it still reflects on the airport as a whole.

Lassie 22nd Sep 2017 12:19

100% agree with you. Airport has the potential to be excellent but is let down by poor planning & mismanagement.
More appreciation & investment needed towards the customer experience rather than just profit margins. I know it's a business but this summer has been shambolic at times & the continual blame towards border force/swissport/airlines has become tiresome.

Let's hope the new chairman will focus on rebuilding the reputation of the airport so it can reach its potential.

Hotel Tango 22nd Sep 2017 13:29

Let's hope the new chairman will focus on rebuilding the reputation of the airport so it can reach its potential.
As a frequent user I'll echo that.

ATNotts 23rd Sep 2017 08:00

Pedant alert! The open position is CEO, not chairman. The two are totally different.

FQTLSteve 23rd Sep 2017 09:37

Just seen on the Bristol thread that CAA figures have been released. BHX July figures were published on the Airports Web Site news section on 15 August, we're 8 days on from that this month, are they imminent?

Alvechurch 23rd Sep 2017 10:13

Still not up on BHX website but have appeared on CAA.
Still looking pretty healthy:

August Pax: 1496213 up 16%

Lassie 23rd Sep 2017 16:26

Originally Posted by ATNotts (Post 9901257)
Pedant alert! The open position is CEO, not chairman. The two are totally different.

I'm well aware of the fact the open position is CEO but the chairman of BAL is also new in his role, hence the comment.

BHX5DME 23rd Sep 2017 16:35

Wizz are dropping Sofia from BHX from November, Bristol is loosing Sofia & Warsaw

Fried_Chicken 24th Sep 2017 08:41

A new African start up Vule Airways have announced they would like to start Entebbe to BHX (& Stansted) using a B777

VickersVicount 24th Sep 2017 09:04

sounds fanciful. Will be interesting to see if that ever sees light of day.

insuindi 24th Sep 2017 09:13

Eurowings TXL
Eurowings is no longer taking bookings for the originally planned TXL-BHX "Christmas market" flights this Christmas season.

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