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Angry Rebel 9th Dec 2010 08:30

Presumably Capitalising Every Word Makes The Post More Interesting?! :rolleyes:

dublindispatch 9th Dec 2010 14:49

no smart a*** just forgot was in caps

Angry Rebel 9th Dec 2010 16:19

Eh not likely. If you were in Caps the whole thing would be in capitals.:8

NorthernCounties 9th Dec 2010 16:21

Now now, both of you, put your handbags away! :=

dublindispatch 10th Dec 2010 22:08

A handbag!!! How rude

wanna_be_there 11th Dec 2010 18:24

is the AA DUB-ORD service still going to be axed next winter?

Ive just checked the 'new service routes' tab on the AA site, and whilst JFK-MAN has been moved to the 'non seasonal' section, ORD-DUB is still in the 'seasonal' section?

Jamie2k9 11th Dec 2010 20:28

AA will return year round flights to ORD from next March. Currently it's bookable into Novemer just like all AA routes.

It will be a B767-300ER until October 29 and the B757 will start back on the route from Oct 30 when the AA winter season starts.

eireoflot82 12th Dec 2010 23:21

DAA's €24m property punt now worth just €8m - Irish, Business - Independent.ie
Good to see our masters of the universe continue to earn their pittance.Why grouse over blind pensions when we have our titans of industry guiding the ship of state into the bermuda triangle. :rolleyes:

Jamie2k9 14th Dec 2010 00:48

New Aer Lingus Routes 2011
Dublin - Stuttgart begins 27 March
Dublin - Perpignon begins 29 March
Dublin - Izmir begins 04 May

It's been a while since this happoned.

Aer Lingus: Travel Information - New Routes 2011

dublindispatch 14th Dec 2010 18:43

The ADB was a long time coming, that will do a roaring trade I wud say

Kavs8 15th Dec 2010 14:57

so much for the crap about a LH DUB-MUC route :ugh:

Droghwings 15th Dec 2010 15:49

LH Dub-Muc
There will be a LH Dub-Muc service...but only once a week! Dunno why LH dont have a daily service given the amount of onward connecions available through their Muc hub.

dublindispatch 15th Dec 2010 16:47

Maybe the once a week mite be tied into a german holiday company bring in tourists. Dont forget not all flights are just for us in Ireland some may be for those in Europe who want to come and see want a multi billion bail out buys you these days!

Kavs8 15th Dec 2010 17:35

try booking it and when you find a flight (DIRECT) tell us when then ...

Droghwings 15th Dec 2010 17:55

LH Dub-Muc
LH2514 Muc-Dub 1505-1630
LH2515 Dub-Muc 1715-2030

Direct flight only available on Saturday
Available to book Lufthansa.ie

dublindispatch 15th Dec 2010 21:38

Seems kinda pointless really at once a week unless as i said before its more for incomin tourists.

Dont forget that the Air Italy and Arkia flights in Dublin amongest others charter flights for incoming tourists too Ireland.

Kavs8 15th Dec 2010 22:33

Maybe it's the fact that there's been a lot of mueller talk from Dublin bringing in those extra german pax.

ImPlaneCrazy 15th Dec 2010 22:48

Passed through DUB a few days ago and noticed that Terminal 2 is now completeish... although there didn't seem to be that many flights op'ing out of there only Etihad by the sounds of things? What is the overall plan for T2?

airhumberside 15th Dec 2010 22:49

Seems kinda pointless really at once a week unless as i said before its more for incomin tourists.
Thats the market it will be aimed at. LH do a lot of such flights. Other examples include DUS-INV/NQY/JER

Jamie2k9 15th Dec 2010 23:14

What is the overall plan for T2?
Currently it only Eithad and around 5 Aer Lingus flights arriving daily.

In Jan Aer Lingus will transfer to T2 and US carriers will aswell.

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