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Kavs8 16th Dec 2010 00:06

At work today there was an in-term statemet from DAA as Priority to double check all engine covers at dispatch. It says in relation to SOU-BE incident, was there an accident recently involving engine cowlings/Covers.

Just a spotter 17th Dec 2010 10:58

DAA Launches New Incentive Scheme to Encourage Traffic Growth At Its 3 Irish Airports
From the DAA, 7th December 2010

The Grow Incentive Scheme will see Dublin, Cork and Shannon airport effectively waiving all airport charges for passenger traffic once an overall threshold of 23.5 million passengers is reached during 2011.
DAA Launches New Incentive Scheme to Encourage Traffic Growth At Its Three Irish Airports


dublindispatch 17th Dec 2010 14:40

Maybe it might just bring some work to Dublin that helps out other than just EI and FR staff. Airlines that SHP/Servisair might get a shot at handling would be gud to see or existing carriers expanding on what they have already acchieved in Dublin so far ie LH/BD/BE/0B/BT etc etc

Jamie2k9 18th Dec 2010 23:41

Some good news Delta is putting a A330-300 on the DUB -ALT route for the months of June, July and August for all other months it will be a B767-300.

clareview 19th Dec 2010 10:25

Delta A330 at Dub
Good news re the A330 - remember the days of the Tristar then the MD11 and, for a short time, the B777 from ATL to Dub

dublindispatch 19th Dec 2010 13:15

An A330 how nice! Are all the odd AA/BA flights on the DAA webpage arrivals test flights for T2 or real flights because of the wetaher situation?

Jamie2k9 19th Dec 2010 13:30

Both the AA flights match with JFK and ORD - LHR flight numbers. I think they are 2 B777. The Delta was JFK - LHR i think but not sure.

dublindispatch 19th Dec 2010 14:14

Ha at least the DAA is getting T2 used then!!

j_davey 19th Dec 2010 15:31

2 AA 772's
2 BA 744's
1 DL 764
1 VS 346(with no towbar in Dub)

How nice !

EC-ILS 20th Dec 2010 11:17

The DL diversion was DL40 MSP-LHR.

the rest were


wanna_be_there 20th Dec 2010 14:28

At least one of the AA B777'S have since departed, and the DL40 has transferred over to MAN.

EI321 20th Dec 2010 15:29

DAA still in talks with Air India apparently.

DAA in 'detailed' talks on T2 with Air India - The Irish Times - Mon, Dec 20, 2010

I'll believe it when I see it.

Skipness One Echo 20th Dec 2010 15:33

1 VS 346(with no towbar in Dub)
Thought it was the same as the A330 or was the nose gear beefed up too?

MarkD 20th Dec 2010 16:02

Also an AC 763 apparently:
Air Canada Boeing 767 C-FMWP | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Jamie2k9 20th Dec 2010 17:56

Air Canada did divert to Dublin. Also Ryanair's take on Air India.

News : DAA 'Cowboys' TO PAY 'Indians' to use T2

Flights suspended until 21:30. Suprised they could stay open until now. They was very heavy snow falling since 16:00.

akerosid 20th Dec 2010 20:03

Another cheap dig at the DAA; nothing new here. Good for the DAA if they can reel AI in; ok, initially. there might not be that many tourists, but India is a rapidly growing economy and potentially a massively important export market. Of course, you wouldn't expect FR to see the whole picture.

irish lad 20th Dec 2010 20:20

Dublin is now closed until 23.00

eireoflot82 20th Dec 2010 20:27

it is important to expand trade links with the bric countries and aviation is a key component of this.but if the daa have put themselves in a position where the success of t2 is only judged by the diversity of tails at the new development then they have left themselves open to cheap pr stunts like the coffin incident last month.

dublindispatch 20th Dec 2010 20:42

Air India
Do not also forget the cargo potential to and from DUB to India is huge. OK SQ may not have been able to fill a 74F frm Dublin to go out that way but i would guess that even a few pallet positions in the belly of a 777 would more than make up for a low pax load upstairs.

But on the whole it does seem to be a story that just wont die. The interesting points of the article are not the AI angle as far as I can see but the mention of other carriers who seem interested all be it none mentioned.

And regarding tow-bars from what I am told from ground engineers that i think it is an inverted 757 tow bar fits an MD11 and such other "tricks" all be it not technically correct but can be done.

Would the DAA want an A340 powering off stand!!!!!!!!

Jamie2k9 20th Dec 2010 21:15

Just herd on RTE news that if Dublin Airport doesn't reopen later tonight passengers flying with Aer Lingus will suffer a lot as Aer Lingus have 17 aircraft grounded in LHR.

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