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Jamie2k9 22nd Dec 2010 18:00

Don't work there but when the runway reopened this morning the main airm was to get as many planes off the ground as most stands were full. They said there would be delayes for incoming aircraft to get to stands.

brianoh 22nd Dec 2010 22:23

Declan Collier Interview?
Having looked at the link on EI321's post, either Declan Collier is talking a good game or we could see a few new arrivals in DUB in the next 2 years. Any bets as to who the Gulf Carriers who have "huge interest" in coming aboard T2 are? A return for Gulf Air to Dublin? There are still rumours doing the rounds about Emirates so they could be a runner. And Oman Air's CEO Peter Hill said last month that they are "looking at another European country but this could not be revealed at the present time". Might having been talking about us though he did not mention any expansion plans into North America. Their all A330 long-haul fleet would easily be able to cope with DUB's runway irrespective of whether going to Muscat or the States.

Does anyone have any idea also if the perspective airlines would stop in Dublin on the way back to the Middle East / Asia / Africa or is that only on the way over to avail of the Customs Clearance? If it's the latter, then I guess we won't be getting a pletoria of new destinations after all!

Jamie2k9 23rd Dec 2010 01:43

More problems for Ryanair passengers arriving back to Dublin form Wroclaw tonight. The flight has being delayed by 14 hours and is now due in Dublin at around 14:00 on Dec 23. Delay is due to freezing fog in Wroclaw and the crew are now out of hours. Another FR flight to Glasgow and a Wizz Air flight to Cork have also beiing grounded.

Bearcat 23rd Dec 2010 10:07

EIDW closed till 13.30 due rwy snow and cleanup. Disaster for punters and crews. I hear Eithad diverting to EINN.:(

Ian Brooks 23rd Dec 2010 11:23

Turkish and Swiss have ended up here in Manchester

Ian B

ericlday 23rd Dec 2010 11:25

JOR155 Bucharest-Baneasa diverted to Luton

CaptainSox 23rd Dec 2010 12:11

Anybody know if it likely to open at 13:30?? :ugh:

Jamie2k9 23rd Dec 2010 13:18

Flights resumed at 13:00 from RTE.

Jamie2k9 23rd Dec 2010 14:59

Ryanair having another go at the DAA.

Ryanair said it could not understand the need to close the airport for such a long period.

The Dublin Airport Authority said it thought the closure was necessary and it was disappointed with Ryanair's comments.

Flights resume at Dublin Airport - RTÉ News

The DAA can't do anything right when it comes to Ryanair. If they kept it open Ryanair would still have a go.

The runway may close again lather:

1440 RTÉ's Ray Kennedy says 'there is heavy snowfall once again at Dublin Airport and reduced visibility. The runway is open for now'.

CaptainSox 23rd Dec 2010 15:04

Where were going...we dont need runways! Cop on Ryan Air.:ugh:

Thanks for the info Jamie

Jamie2k9 23rd Dec 2010 15:15

News : Ryanair Criticizes DAA Failure to Clear Runway Quickly

What about all the other airports in Europe which closed??

Jamie2k9 23rd Dec 2010 20:13

Flights suspended at Dublin since 18:30. Not expected to reopen until 23:00. According to Ryanair passengers travling tomorrow can expect:

Ireland - Dublin - Fog delays expected
Germany - Widespread snow, delays and cancellations possible at all airports
Belgium - Brussels Charleroi - Snow, delays and cancellations possible
France - Paris Beauvais - Snow, delays and cancellations possible
Poland - Widespread snow, delays and cancellations possible at all airports

Sober Lark 23rd Dec 2010 21:33

Light snow + other factors = correct decision to close runway and delay flights.

We can never have light snow + other factors + bully boy tactics = pressure to open runway.

Jamie2k9 23rd Dec 2010 22:38

Dublin now closed until 05:00 tomorrow.

STOL 23rd Dec 2010 23:13

December 23 2010

Weather Disruption at Dublin Airport

Safety is Dublin Airport’s key priority at all times and we only ever suspend operations for safety reasons.

As soon as our regular safety checks deem it unsafe for an aircraft to land or to take off, we have to suspend flight operations. We then work to clear the snow and ice as quickly AS possible, but we only ever resume flight operations when it is safe to do so.

We are acutely aware of passengers’ frustration, particularly at this time of year, but we have to put their safety and the safety of the crews who fly the aircraft, first at all times. Safety guidelines are constant, 365 days of the year.

Our staff are currently working around the clock to ensure that as many people as possible can get home or away for Christmas. It would be preferable if Ryanair focussed all its energies in joining the other airlines and service providers at the airport, in helping us all meet this objective.

Safety is the Dublin Airport Authority’s key priority and we would hope that it is Ryanair’s as well.

racedo 24th Dec 2010 00:38

Safety is the Dublin Airport Authority’s key priority and we would hope that it is Ryanair’s as well.
In which case they should be happy to tell everybody how much they have spent on capital equipment since Feb 2009 in ensuring the airport can stay open or reopen quickely during snow and ice.

What is the bets that they have spend less on equipment to keep the airport open during snow that the salaries, expenses and bonuses for the board of directors since Feb 2009.

840 24th Dec 2010 00:49

Or the advertising campaign for terminal 2...

Someone somewhere should be asking themselves whether it's better to tell everyone about your fancy new terminal or to actually have it in use.

Jamie2k9 24th Dec 2010 01:23

The days before the airport closed the DAA managed to clear 90,000 tunnies of snow. I think Credit where Credit is due, passengers at the airport today were even saying that they done everything possible to keep the runways open. I do accept that more investment is needed and the T2 add was a complete waste of money. Even tonight 15,000 tonnes has to be removed.

Dublin Bus will operate Air link services until 10:30am on Christmas Day if the airport is open.

Ryanair and Aer Lingus expect to operate until about 6am on Christmas Day. A final decision will be made on weather to open on Dec 25 by the airlines and the DAA lather today.

Passengers who are completely stranded will be allowed to stay in the airport on Christmas Day.

Tooloose 24th Dec 2010 08:03

Nice debating technique from our old frind racedo. When the debate goes against you, ignore the facts, change the subject and/or make personal attacks on anyone making a valid point.

racedo 24th Dec 2010 09:59


In Feb 2009 the airport was closed because DAA were incapable of ensuring they were able to clear the snow and enable safe movement around the airport, this happened last winter and yet again this winter.

Fact is other airports across Europe are more than capable of putting in the investment to ensure continued operations while DAA do the minimum.

IF safety is a priority then why have they not been investing in it.

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