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OltonPete 26th Feb 2012 20:07


Cheers for the info.

I have doubled-checked the libhomeradar figures and there seems to have
been an extra service on Wednesday 4/1/2012 and if that operated it has
skewed the figures a little bit as I am sure the outbound would have been
virtually a positioning leg or at least split the pax with next days regular service.

Frankfurt was quite low but early days I suppose although crucial to remain a code-share I would have thought once BMIR's future is sorted.


OliWW 26th Feb 2012 20:21

From what I know and have seen, Frankfurt has been performing a bit better in February, at least 50-55% load

ATNotts 27th Feb 2012 17:28

Passenger Figures - Load Factors

Some of those figures are absolutely dire, and you've got to ask why FR in particular are still operating the routes - e.g. Dublin, Berlin, Dinard, Treviso. At many other airports routes performing as badly as that would have been chopped - they must have a very good (cheap) deal at EMA and if / when that disappears there will likely be a cull of based aircraft and routes.

Same can be said for Knock and Cologne for BMI Baby.

Frankfurt, on the other hand seems to be doing rather well, and given the normally high yields on the route, Brussels is doing OK too.

dwlpl 27th Feb 2012 17:35

FR have been struggling to fill LPA, not just at EMA, but the likes of LPL and BRS as well.
Using another forum the four months to December on the Liverpool/Las Palmas route, the load factors are 93%, 93%, 83% and 67%.

Cazza_fly 27th Feb 2012 17:54

Same can be said for Knock and Cologne for BMI Baby
Ryanair operate the Knock route from EMA.

I agree some of those figures are poor, but I suspect that similar figures can be seen across the UK on comparible routes for the January period.

Using another forum the four months to December on the Liverpool/Las Palmas route, the load factors are 93%, 93%, 83% and 67%.
Im going to take a guess that OliWW meant for the January-present period regarding this route, as ofcourse during September and October they can easily achieve such load factors.

OliWW 27th Feb 2012 18:17

I surpose as we are talking about Jan's result, thats a given. Very easily LPA is reaching 170-185s throughout Apr-Oct

OltonPete 27th Feb 2012 19:07

I am still a little suspicious of the EMA Las Palmas figures but here are Bristols,
Liverpool and Luton's for January- all Ryanair.

Bristol, 2177, 121 pax per flight or 64% load factor

Liverpool 2873, 131 pax per flight or 69% (a couple of extra's)

Luton 2811, 141 pax per flight, or 74% (one extra flight)

BHX was 76% load factor but that included Monarch flights.

Some of the destinations operated are a surprise as others just lay-over for a month. It will be interesting to see what survives next winter.

Libhomeradar used again for the number of rotations.


Forgot the EMA good news, ATM's 3724 up 9.5% - I assume cargo flights.

OltonPete 27th Feb 2012 19:43

Mystery solved re EMA-LPA after receiving a heads-up off forum.

EMA-LPA for January now showing (or did it always show?) 2429 pax.

This equates to 121 or 64% I believe.

I could have noted it down wrong twice mixing it up with the EDI-LPA
figure or the figures could have been entered wrong like Newcastle -
Dubai, which has also been corrected.


ematom1 3rd Mar 2012 10:53

whats thomascooks aircraft bases for summer A321 + A320 or same as last year 2 A321's? thanks

OliWW 3rd Mar 2012 12:21

Will become 2x A321 from the end of March I believe

ematom1 3rd Mar 2012 15:51

oh thanks mate :)

potash 4th Mar 2012 14:01

FR have pulled Sunday flights to Fue :sad:

OltonPete 5th Mar 2012 20:49

Ryanair 2012 update

This is just one of many cutbacks.

Tallinn & Marrakesh chopped

Knock back to five weekly (see NOC thread)

Faro reduced (FR thread)

Palma, Malaga and Alicante also see reductions but remain more that daily.

Other cuts or some might be day changes - BGY, CCF, DNR, LIG, EGC & MJV.

These are mainly April to June and I have at least three flights a day

So what is it: -

Poor bookings due to over capacity in general?
Crewing issues at FR (alluded to on another thread?)
Dispute with the airport?

Six aircraft required April-June compared to seven last year although I have to admit the original schedule when released was only six but they quickly added frequencies to make it seven based.


OliWW 5th Mar 2012 21:01

Tallinn figures have never been fantastic it has to be said, I'm guessing its mainly down to issues with the Airport group and crewing issues. Ryanair may also suffer a slight aircraft shortage issue over the summer, and the fact EMA is going to suffer with lack of aircraft stand availability, may also be a reason.

frfly 6th Mar 2012 04:35

The main reason for UK cutbacks was the launch of BUD. 5 Aircraft came from nowhere for the summer schedule. UK bases are the ones that are most expensive to run due to the high levels of taxation. Therefore EDI, LPL and EMA have lost in total 4 A/C split over the bases (1 EDI, 2 LPL and 1 EMA) in order to sustain the 5 A/C needed in BUD.

At the moment there is no crewing issue. Theres around 15 training courses going on around europe and so far all crew from unpaid leave are returning as planned. Not to sure on the F/D side of things.

FR- 6th Mar 2012 06:15

EMA crews from unpaid leave are not all coming back, many have found jobs at easyJet/BA/EK and other airlines, or just left the aviation sector all together. But we have lots of new crews coming over the last few weeks. Even the girls with buns in the ovens were given unpaid leave, and we have about 6 of them at the moment.


Drive4it 1st Apr 2012 19:26


Can anyone advise me of what the aircraft would be for the flight?
EMA - FUE Wed 11/4 TCX


Doody2007 1st Apr 2012 22:29


Most likely an A321.

All the best.


sunday8pm 3rd Apr 2012 19:56

bmibaby routes for this summer seem to be doing well, but who is going to take up all the spare capacity if/when they close? You'd imagine Ryanair expansion but what about a return for Easy?? Maybe Jet2?

ematom1 4th Apr 2012 15:45

I have doubts Bmibaby will close but in the unfortunate case i could see a big expansion move from jet2 most likely

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