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Vincent Hodder (ex Flybe, IAG Level & Jetstar) has just being appointed the New CEO of Leeds Bradford Airport


Intresting that current CEO Hywel Rees is walking away at the end of next month, as this will be about the same time Leeds City Council is due to make its decision on the new Terminal Building planning apllication. Will it be his downfall or his lasting legacy?

Meanwhile West Yorkshire Combined Authority have started a public consultation on the proposed LBA Parkway Station. For more details see:

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Its normal that a CEO only stays a year at Lba !!
No doubt he will be off if the local council fail to back the proposals for a new terminal and rail station.
We can only hope things go well and my fingers are crossed all will be ok !!!
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Old 7th Feb 2021, 19:40
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Leeds City Council are meeting this coming Thursday, Feb 11th to finally decide on the airport's planning application to build it's £150 million New Terminal Building. In his final report the chief planning officer has said the plans should be approved. But as we know things can change in aviation/political world
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Old 10th Feb 2021, 16:09
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How many aircraft does Ryanair have based at Leeds
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None at the moment, but usually 2.
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Old 11th Feb 2021, 21:40
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Leeds Bradford Airport gets go-ahead for new £150 million terminal
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Old 12th Feb 2021, 07:03
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Fantastic news, just what the aviation industry and Yorkshire needs right now, get them diggers in..!
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Old 13th Mar 2021, 22:28
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Good to see that Leeds City Council approved LBA's new £150 million Terminal Development on Thursday, Councillor's voted 9 to 5 vote in favour.

It now goes before the Secretary of State, Robert Jenrick MP with an expected decision within 3 to 4 weeks on wither he calls it in, or approves it.
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Wondered why some of the councillors objected then I read,
The airport had wanted permission to increase flight times before the completion of the new terminal, which would extend the daytime flight period, as well as a likely increase from 5 to 17 flights between 6am and 7am.
I didn't know the restriction existed but must be a pain for based aircraft.
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Bet 7 o clock looks like the Red Arrows taking off, all at one go!! Great news for the region
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Government have "called in" LBA expansion plans.
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Old 6th Apr 2021, 17:34
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it hasn’t been called in, been put on temporary hold by secretary of state to consider further!
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Quite right with the semantics but Jenrick has delayed the decision indefinitely to allow proper consideration of the proposal leading possibly to a full public inquiry.

Factors include the coal mine he was badly bitten by recently & publication of a Government carbon framework policy.

Greta & Princess Nut Nut in action perhaps.
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Does my head in, these campaigners won’t be happy until we close all airports and run our economy into the ground, where will it all end (maybe back in a cave)?
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southside bobby

This isn't just an "aviation thing" it is an excellent example of why the UK falls behind in all areas of infrastructure development, whether it be by-passes around congested towns and cities, railway upgrades, motorways and indeed airports - even building factories to drive employment.

Planning procrastination - it's a British thing.
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More to it than the traditional "British disease" it well appears.

This is now a British Government hosting COP 26 & flailing around for legitimacy with the green lobby & with huge "influence" from within.

Kicked into the political long grass possibly along with other UK airport plans/proposals & hopes.
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southside bobby

I disagree; just about every fairly small planning decision relating to transport infrastructure winds up in a public enquiry, followed by a judicial review, and probably an appeal. Look how long it took BHX to get its runway extension, LHR to get a third runway, LGW not to get a 2nd runway, and how long has the new Thames crossing east of Dartford being rumbling on for, not to mention (so I will!!) HS2. More locally to me, they have been whittling on about by-passes for Ashbourne, Melton Mowbray and Grantham (the latter finally started) while the removal of traffic islands in the A38 around Derby seems to have started with the Stonehenge planning committee and still hasn't been approved, or indeed disapproved.

LBA will get its terminal, it'll just be several more years too late, too small by the time it's built, and over budget.

This isn't COP26 or green agenda at work, it's good old fashioned British procrastination. Just imagine how far Elon Musk would have got in UK were he to have tried to build the new mega factory here, instead of outside Berlin.
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I suspect a desire to leave any announcement until after the upcoming local elections might have marginally more likelihood of being a reason!
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"LHR to get a third runway, " - it still hasn't - and I doubt it ever will
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Leeds Bradford ATC contact


I need to talk to someone at LBA about drone permissions, struggling to find an up to date number on the web. Can anyone help please ?
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