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Lisbon. Massive Portuguese population in the south, new routes are not just about British tourists, just look at Wizz and their Luton routes.
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Ryanair to Budapest will be operated by Buzz.
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Surely an error, but Loganair booking system showing Bournemouth to Humberside and Norwich. No flights found when you go to book, however.

Routes would be a disaster so assuming it's just some website error?
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Bournemouth at home to Norwich on 24th and Hull on 28th
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Ah so some charters somehow appeared in the booking engine! Thanks for the reply!
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Circa 30 pax on EZY from LPL this morning so safe to say it wonít be returning next summer. Also when walking from plane to arrivals hall, what an absolute mess the area is around it too. The whole airport is looking very tired!

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Effective 20th Sep the BOH-JFK cargo service goes from 3 to 4 flights weekly and becomes a scheduled service. Great news for the winter months.
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Are European using a COVID concession for passenger a/c carrying cargo on the main deck or have they got a permanent solution?
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European said at the outset of their A340 cargo operation in early 2020 that they planned to use 7 A340 600 and that a specific STC was planned - a permanent solution - rather than the temporary EASA arrangement for preighters.
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Anybody know what the current position is with the fleet? Presumably even with an STC, with no cargo door the main deck has to be bulk loaded?
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Ryanair have started to load their summer schedule for 2022
First look at it is very encouraging with all the new destinations added this winter continuing into the summer, 15 destinations now being served

Palma has gone to 8 flights a week including a double flight on Saturday

Tenerife has gone to 2 x a week

Alicante now 5 x week

Malta and Paphos still to be added for summer
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These routes were previously operated by the based aircraft. Looking at the schedules, the based aircraft is fully utilised except on Tuesdays and Saturdays when it arrives back from TFS at 15:55. Maybe just about time to fit in a Malta rotation or perhaps a new destination but not a Paphos. We will have to wait and see but hopefully both Malta and Paphos will return.

Saturdays are looking good with 9 flights by non-based aircraft in addition to the TFS flight by the based aircraft.

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Could well be PFO on a Saturday night especially as Hermes the operators of both PFO and LCA airport are said to be offering reductions on rates that arrive after 23:30 so ex BOH at 17:00 would arrive into PFO around 00.05 and would get back into BOH around 03:30 so in plenty of time for the next days rotations
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Canít see an 0330 arrival into Bournemouth happening as airport doesnít stay open for that long except for the odd long delay
Ryanair tend not to go for those kind of arrival times either

The Paphos flight on a Tuesday for many years had been operated by a PFO based a/c so more than likely this might happen for both flights

Certainly looking at the moment as a much improved schedule from BOH with Ryanair for 2022 for a long time
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TUI are commencing flights to Tenerife and Gran Canaria this coming week, both have been added to there W21 schedule, also a planned ramp up of S22 flights to hopefully bring them back to pre pandemic levels.
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Bournemouth handled 38, 489 passengers in August

It’s a bit complicated to look at loads on the FR / TUI routes as flights were not all operating as to the schedule

EasyJet loads were excellent
EDI 2707 150 pax 81% loads on a A320
BFS 2204 138 pax 88% load on a A319

LPL forget !

Good to see that the Caribbean cruise charters are going well with more being added by Hays and P &O hopefully
1 cruise in Jan 2023 already sold out
TUI have upgraded there flight to a B787 900 series in Feb 2022 as originally full on the B788
2 flights being offered now in Feb 2022
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All things considered, I think both Bournemouth and Southampton have done very well considering the huge chunk taken out of business during the pandemic. Let's hope it stays that way and growth is ongoing now.

Would've liked to have seen BFS or EDI stay over the winter but guess they are purely seasonal tourist bound flights...
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Twitter followers: comparison of regional airports

BOH airport twitter followers 3.4.k
EXT airport twitter followers 33k
SOU airport twitter followers 40K

I was surprised to see that BOH only has 3.4k followers. BOH is relentlessly (!) pushing notifications on twitter (and facebook is a similar story) but it seems to be pi**ing into the wind with so few followers - basically no-one sees these posts. EXT does a tweet and 30,000 people know about it.

Perhaps BOH's ageing population is to blame? They aren't on social media? I have no idea.
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If only EZY had done MAN-BOH instead of LPL-BOH, it might have been more successful. In Flybe days MAN-SOU was hugely popular, the current Eastern offering has been terrible, constant cancellations, re scheduling of times & for most of the year not even a daily service. I've stopped booking that route now due to unreliability. I'd have happily gone to BOH instead, but there is no way to get to LPL for a 7am departure. Many train fares are eye watering for what is a very slow journey.
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I live 2 miles from BOH and the nearest thing I get to "(un)Social Media" is here and one on canals. Why would I need anything else.
Looking at the Bournemouth Airport website to see where I could go is not very useful.
A page showing all destinations and days of the week served and then a link to the operator would be useful, rather than having to choose a destination first.
My wife says "lets have a few days away, where can we go?"
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