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Titan A330ís freight flights.

Titan have commenced operations with the new A333F they have recently acquired for use by GEODIS Air Network.
Itís currently doing AMS-STN-ORD-STN-AMS 3-4 times a week. It started on Sunday. The plane looks to position to and from AMS empty.
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Ryanair reopen the route to Fez, 2x weekly, for the coming winter. Last served pre Covid
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NFL Charters

With the NFL returning to London over the next few weeks. We have got a number of Virgin Atlantic charters. These will be flying the teams and support groups in and out.

08/10 EWR-STN 0815 G-VTEA
08/10 STN-LHR 0915 G-VTEA
10/10 LHR-STN 1800 A351
10/10 LHR-STN 1830 A351
10/10 STN-ATL 2045 A351
10/10 STN-EWR 2115 A351

15/10 MIA-STN 0930 A351
15/10 STN-LHR 1200 A351
17/10 LHR-STN 1800 A351
17/10 LHR-STN 1840 A351
17/10 STN-JAX 2045 A351
17/10 STN-MIA 2115 A351

All times are current schedules and these times are the departure or arrival times from Stansted.
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Air India

Are Air India planning on returning to Stansted on their Amritsar route? STN is still listed in their booking engine, however availability RE. STN-ATQ/ATQ-STN is zeroed out for W21 and so far no availability showing for S22.
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Are you not jumping the gun a bit, India only announced reopening from Nov 15th, can't think STN is very high on any priority.
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Probably higher than Luton.
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Now that Ryanair is (or next month will be) sonething getting close to a normal-ish schedule, does STN have the human resources to sustain this ?
It seems that security screening is very short staffed to manage anything close to a 2019 demand level - many of the employees having decided they would rather do a different job in the future and not wanting to return to their previous roles
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Maybe true if you want to bring that to the debate, a service the local Hindi promoters wanted from Luton as it is better placed to serve West London, Birmingham & Leicester, but then Hans Airways might steal.
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No. MAG do not have the staffing levels to be able to deal with increased passenger levels. Around 400 employees made redundant. Mostly terminal based security and customer service staff. I’d estimate around 100 or more staff have left after redundancy and none of these positions have been backfired until a recent employment drive.
Thursday afternoon 1500-1800 Secuirty queue would have been anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hour due to only staffing levels allowing for 4 Secuirty lanes.
MAG have massively messed up with the staffing numbers and massively underestimated a return of passengers. Was told 5 or more year recovery but this will happen in 2 or 3 with current trends.
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In point of fact West London is best served by LHR, while Birmingham and Leicester are best served by BHX. There is no logical reason for AI further diluting their UK offering.
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Pre Covid Amristar was not well served, go East to New Dehli or South to Mumbai in India to transfer back, thus the STN ATQ route was born, close to Pakistan boarder as well.
Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi MP campaigned for such a service for years.
I'm sure it will be back but AI are a bit of an odd ball and now being sold to Tata and assets moved whilst debt remains with AI, I suspect attentions will be other places, maybe another player will step in?
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We also have FlyPOP to think about.
Now having its 2nd aircraft painted, it can’t be long until launch destination are announced and tickets will be put on sale.
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There is/was a logical reason and that is lack of slots at LHR. Which is why there was also a short-term Mumbai route (obviously made even shorter term by Covid) following the collapse of Jet. If AI are planning on resurrecting ATQ-LON it will go to LHR while there were slots available and somewhere else if they aren’t.
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One of Air India’s problems was too much political influence from both regional and national politicians. Tata are unlikely to be so easily persuaded by the ambitions of Punjabi or any other regional representatives which may not bode well for STN, LTN or indeed BHX.
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Not a good day for Stansted.

Stansted Airport: Flights missed amid baggage system 'chaos'
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Northside 😳
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Stansted delays at security on departure and at border control on return

Does anyone have any recent experience of delays at Stansted when departing at around 7 to 8am and returning mid-evening.
Are delays a great deal more than in pre-pandemic times - with no check-in baggage, mid-week Ryanair flights.
On an average day it would have been 20 minutes to get through security and the same to get back through border control.
Does boarding take a lot longer? Is there an extra delay at the gate for a corvid-check?
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You (and everyone else) will almost certainly undergo a check of your Covid paperwork at the gate when boarding a Ryanair flight from Stansted. Maybe an extra 15 mins to check everyone if the flight is full

The comment from STN406 on 16 October about last week was a very accurate description

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Stansted recommending passengers arrive three hours before their flights.
Some considerable delays reported at security outbound recently so would not risk turning up late.
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