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Not a direct one at the moment, but you can fly ABZ-NCL-SOU with Loganair (if I remember correctly you can stay on the aircraft at NCL).
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BA commence operations tomorrow. Why is there one flight departing to Faro yet two arriving? Thanks
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The aircraft operates:


BA8481 LCY 07:45 FAO 10:50
BA2930 FAO 11:35 SOU 14:20
BA2927 SOU 15:10 FAO 18:10
BA2928 FAO 19:00 SOU 21:45


BA2927 SOU 07:40 FAO 10:40
BA8480 FAO 11:25 LCY 14:15

G-LCYM is currently planned to operate.
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Old 29th May 2021, 14:52
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BAladdy - Do you have the first SOU-JMK-SOU dates yet please?
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Believe it is currently planned to start from SOU on 20th June.
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Does anyone have any information on the outbound loads on the recently started GIB flights?
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29, 52, 34
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Many thanks.
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BHX are better than those
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With these low figures it won't be long before this route disappears.
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No it won’t I am afraid
Quite reasonable figures for the start of the season and a new route
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Considering 52 pax makes a 68% load factor on the E170, and having been one of those 52 I know there were in fact 63 booked, an even better 83% load factor, the route is doing remarkably well and with £75+ fares, I wouldn't be too worried about the future of this route.

Eastern's new buy on board will most likely be making a valuable contribution as well, from what I saw everyone bought something and between 2 of us we spent £42 on the flight in booze and food. If that's representative of the average holidaymaker I think Eastern have made a good little move with these routes. Even the inaugural GIB-BHX had 20 onboard and the inaugural BHX-GIB was full. If I was Eastern I'd be very quickly thinking about what other GIB routes could be capitalised on while it's one of the few green list places available. I'd be looking towards BHD, NCL and LBA.
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Going on the fares being charged, BHX-GIB must be selling very well which is no surprise seeing as it's a green list route and was previously served by Monarch who also did well on the route.

Can't find any return flights for less than £200 from BHX going all the way through to end of Sept.

I'm sure the route will also do very well from both airports, I have to admit I was sceptical when it was announced but the green list status for Gibraltar couldn't have given Eastern a better start!
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I'm not surprised the SOU-GIB route would do well - it's been a long time coming; but I am surprised that Eastern is making it work. In my opinion this route would be even more popular if it was operated by BA Cityflyer or even easyJet. Eastern doesn't have huge reach and is constrained by budgets they can't spend a fortune on marketing etc etc... If it doesn't end up working for them in particular i'm pretty sure it would be picked up by BA in the future.
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In normal times when the choice of countries to which one can travel is large.... would SOU-GIB really be that popular ? If places like France were open without quarantine, then some of the people travelling to GIB might look elsewhere. If it were possible to fly direct to Malaga, that might remove the need/temptation to use Gibraltar as a backdoor to Spain

We have a highly artificial travel environment right now... it's not realistic to make any kind of predictions about the SOU-GIB route for 2022

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Well said. I would think the same of some of the UK domestic connections as well. Very much of the now but long term maybe not as much
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That might be based on what they're charging rather than how many seats they've sold though. I cannot imagine that the economics of flying an E170 or 190 would work at £64.99 anyway on a sector like this, so the fact that there aren't any fares of that nature about might reflect that they never put them on sale to start with, not that they've sold out.
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Eastleigh Borough Council have formally issued planning permission for the runway starter strip after the negotiations on the Section 106 agreement between the council and airport were completed. This would appear to indicate that the opposing groups' attempts to have the application called in by the Government have been unsuccessful. Here's hoping that construction work commences soon.
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Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed they get spades in the ground ASAP.
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Hopefully this winter in order to minimise the impact on flights due to the temporary reduction of declared distances during construction, caused by excavations in the current runway strip end the reduction/non availabilty of a RESA at the north end of the runway. With careful planning and execution, including some night work, the impact could be minimal.
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