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Skipness One Foxtrot

Yes. Two bays side by side at the south side hangars, suitable for a pair of 738s (one nose-in, the other tail-in) but it is a tight squeeze with not much room for the winglets. A third bay is available on request in the Multiflight hangar next door. They are very much maintenance hangars and not for long term aircraft storage. The 733s are currently jammed into a corner of the apron around stand 21C. I'll be surprised if they fly passengers for Jet2 again.
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Ah that makes sense, I saw them getting soaked the other night but one was missing, so I assume it would be have been hangared! Thanks!
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Subject to the whatever the government announces about foreign travel next month some still appear to be planned to be flying in September. Just because they’re parked in the rain doesn’t mean they won’t fly again. Almost every airliner in the world lives outside in the rain, whether it’s flying or not.
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There's a VERY good reason aircraft storage is in the dry of the Arizona and California deserts. Historically, even aircraft which are stored in dry climates are often hangar queens on their return to service. Extended storage in the climate in Yeadon is sub optimal.
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733 in the circuit at LBA as I write. Was out over the North Sea earlier.
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The 738 isnít a competitive aircraft though, when compared to the 737max and the 320NEO. The problem Boeing have is that the Max is the end of the 737 line, and itís very difficult to multi type pilots on the Boeing fleets. Where Airbus have cornered the market in this respect. The 320 type rating takes you from a 318 to a 321, and with a short differences course you can fly the A330 and A350 all at the same time. Where you canít fly a b737, b757 and a Dreamliner at the same time.
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I'm booked on the 733 in October (specifically because it's scheduled both ways as a 733) so I'm very much hoping that things pick up and that goes ahead.
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Most of the B733 flights that were due to operate from LBA during August have been removed from the website today, the flights have either been replaced by B738 or cancelled.
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Certainly some at TUI rated on 738 and 787. 757 increasingly unnecessary to be multi rated on esp by time anything new delivered
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Thats where Airbus wins though. With Airbus, one type rating and a CCQ and you can fly the entire 2 engine fleet one after the other. With the Boeing fleet, it’s just nowhere near as easy. And until boeing ditches the 737 model that’s not going to change,
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Jet 2 confirms an order for 36 A321 Neo's. Options for up to 60.
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any idea whats going to happen with the non neo?
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There are still plans to add further A321 ceo's to the fleet, so as with the B737-800's, they will have a mixture of new and old.
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Along with the 34 NG's bought off Boeing in the last 6 years or so looks like they are looking forward until 2040 or later. Interesting though, having a mixed manufacturer fleet.
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Also interesting to see a relatively big purchase during current times
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You can be pretty sure they got a very good deal to make that kind of Airbus commitment at this time.
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Wow, really surprised they moved for the Airbus. Definitely going to be a challenge to integrate mixed fleet. Maybe they know something we don't. Most overriding issue is they have faith in our industry for the future.
Also heard that MOL is bartering with Boeing over a further 250 max over the next five years. Fleet could be 450 plus Max. Another good sign.
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Jet2 have had a mixed fleet for years

I'm not surprised as Jet2 have had a mixed 737/757 fleet for years. Going to a mixed 737/A32x fleet makes sense as they can also pick up used A32x planes (CEO and NEO)
​​​​ to add to the fleet when they become available at a suitable cost for them.
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How much longer can Boeing continue giving away 737s at knockdown prices?
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Until the FAA say enough is enough....

Lets face it, without the FAA, the Max wouldn't exist.
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