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Purdah effectively kicks in 3 weeks before the election so 15 April. However CFU was announced after that but I guess thatís probably OK, the mayor was publicising something by a private company that was already in the public domain. Different if he was personally announcing the arrival of someone like EasyJet (as an example), I guess the airport MD would do that right now.
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There's extensive comments from the Mayor on the removal of the passenger facility fee on 23 April - here's a small quote from the Gazette. Doubt whether the people who hated 'the tax' where inward investors to the region...

Mayor Houchen - who is standing as the Conservative candidate against Labour's Jessie Joe Jacobs in the Mayoral election on May 6 - said he had delivered on his pledge to scrap the fee. “When the tax was introduced back in 2010 everyone hated it, it drove passengers to Newcastle Airport and led to airlines leaving Teesside. Exactly what supporters of our airport said would happen," he said.
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March CAA stats:

Terminal passengers: 1,559 - down 70% v prior year.
  • Aberdeen: 1,328 (up 62% v Mar 20)
  • Heathrow: 96
Plus charters:
  • Cardiff: 64
  • Southampton: 71
Aberdeen is clearly benefiting from a price war between Loganair and Eastern, lets see how things improve as the economy opens up (2,472 pax used the MME-ABZ in March 2018, the last time the two operators went head to head). Heathrow's figures equate to 2.8 passengers per flight in March although this is clearly not helped by the covid related travel restrictions at the time, the lack of a code-share and running only one flight a day.
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I don't believe the BHD loads have been earth shattering on LM but I just hope that they persever with the route
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Interesting Heathrow figures..must be costing someone a fortune ?
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Lots of fresh air getting flown in and out! Surley LM aren't covering the significant losses on these routes?
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I'm from the Durham coast but live in Northern Ireland and fly back and forward every couple of weeks - I REALLY want the BHD-MME route to work but easyJet from International (which for many in the province living outside of Belfast is closer) to NCL is always half the price (sometimes 60-70% less). That's some difference for many in two areas which are not as a whole overly affluent
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Just had my MME-SOU cancelled for 27th May unfortunately, stating lack of demand
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Airport is NOTAM'd open this Saturday (8 May) from 07:00-12:15
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With Portugal on the green list, any chance a Ryanair or even TUI look to add a Portugal flight for this summer?
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Very likely, Easyjet and even BA have wasted no time doing so at NCL, with capacity at other airports increased greatly as well, but fares have also gone through the roof
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World duty free is going to open at the airport another example of keeping things local. The main owner of the company owns a local shooting moor and have flown into the airport for many years.
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I can't think of any domestic airport that has a locally run duty free shop (maybe IOM but I am not 100% sure). World Duty Free is by far the leading operator in the UK (of the decent sized airports here, only LCY, BFS and LTN do not have a World Duty Free presence).

I thought World Duty Free was owned by DuFry which is a listed company in Switzerland but happy to be corrected.

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I have miss read my google search, the guy I was thinking about owns a company called DFS. Amazed they didn't ask him.
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Loganair have been tinkering with the timetable:
  • The evening Heathrow flight now leaves Teesside an hour later at 18:45.
  • Belfast appears to have moved from a mid afternoon weekday departure to a mid morning. There is now a 4:30 hour gap between it returning to Teesside and then leaving for Aberdeen.
  • A bit of tinkering with the Jersey & Newquay flights
The new Heathrow timings are strange as an 20:40 departure from there gets you back into Teesside for 21:55 - pretty late for a day trip to London and there will not be much connecting traffic on the route without a codeshare. So does this mean a 3rd daily LHR rotation could be in the pipeline possibly something like MME 1400-1515 LHR returning LHR 1555-1710 MME? Hard to justify based on the recent numbers we have seen but why move it to a worse slot (although I would argue that this is a brilliant slot if you are connecting in London back to Teesside)?
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I think the Loganair tinkering is network wide tbh
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