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True but the "dedicated MAN development team" need to ensure no opportunity is missed. They need to cordinate with airlines prepared to operate to these destinations as soon as the list is announced. This isn't a time to sit on ones hands and wait for the business to come in.

Infact with a few countries already leaked they should be on the tippy tappy now. "Hello Gulf Air".

We are not Heathrow where traffic is handed on a plate simply by virtue of being the capital and the obvious default gateway for new entrants.

Manchester needs to actively persue airlines vigorously restating perhaps its own "pr puff piece" in relation to the 22m within 2 hour catchment.

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And have you any reason to believe these things are not happening in the background? That is where such discussions should be taking place, not in public..
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No i hope they are.

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Also, just because MAG get on the phone to an airline doesnít mean they will want to/can operate to MAN.

-Will demand be long term?
-Is the airline in a state where it is able to take a punt on the route, particularly on the basis its home base is in a green zone. Not to mention the associated costs of serving a new station.
-A route is rarely instantaneously profitable. It takes time to build up to profit.
-The teams at both the airline and airport network throughout the year through trade events, including virtually too.
-Just because a route doesnít come to fruition doesnít mean there hasnít been an effort on the part of MAG.
-Ultimately, itís the airline that decides.

I personally donít foresee an airlift type of operation to green destinations to enable folk to go away. There will be the traditional European destinations that will start to trickle onto the green list and operations will ramp up. We could potentially see tour ops putting some adhoc capacity on to some US routes but remember, they too will need some sort of operational structure in place to support that too.

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Skipness One Foxtr

Not really true because it wasn't actually a codeshare.

All this transatlantic traffic is part of a JV with revenue and cost sharing between carriers. It is in all but name one company. Economically the multiple operating carriers are little more than different brands.

I think it likely that defending this JV, which has been under review by the competition authorities, is highly material here.

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Are Aer Lingus part of the trans-atlantic JV?
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Yes. Their application to be part of the joint venture was approved at the end of last year.
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I am assuming this is now a dead duck after Pakistan and Bangladesh have been added to the red route list.
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Hi all, does anyone know why there are 5 flights coming in from Islamabad?

Thanks for your help
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if you are referring to Thursday it's because Pakistan has been declared a 'Red' country by the UK government. This means that in order to avoid compulsory hotel isolation passengers must have returned before 4am today (Friday). The result was a series of extra charter flights, by PIA, to accommodate the number of passengers wishing to return before the deadline.
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Not operated by PIA aircraft as these are presently not allowed to operate into the UK. Chartered airlines included Wamos, Jordan Aviation, Hi-Fly, Enter Air (not sure they flew to MAN but they did BHX, STN and LGW).
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Thank you Musket90 for that clarification on my previous post.
From memory Manchester had flights operated by Euroatlantic (2), Gullivair, Icelandair, Hi fly (2), Jordan Aviation (2) and Wamos (2).
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So, now thats out of the way, it's going to get very quiet at MAN as the pax from/to Pakistan were the only ones keeping the ME3 going.
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