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But surely that wouldn't work at 4 x week?
I suspect that's right for Santiago de Compostela, although it would be a nice addition at 2, or just possibly 3 x weekly.

If there is still a free slot Sunday morning in EZY's schedule, (and I've not rechecked), it might suggest another Sun/Wed flight, or maybe Sun/Tues/Thurs, depending on any gaps in their program the rest of the week or use of non-based a/c as LAX_LHR mentioned.
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Nov. pax up 6.2%.

Passenger numbers soar at Manchester airport - Manchester Evening News

There must be some strong variations in the 3 categories as scheduled international increased 14.5%.
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What do you make of this on Hainan's Facebook page?
Surely they mean via Beijing?

Hainan Airlines Global
5 hrs

We are excited to announce that today, ‪#‎HainanAirlines‬ opens a direct flight to Rome, Italy! You can fly there every Wednesday and Saturday from Xian, China! Check the video out!

Hainan Airlines will be flying from Xian to Manchester, United Kingdom, Sydney, Australia and Tel Aviv, Israel too very soon
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It will be domestic as we still had an extra 4 returns to Heathrow
with the Virgin and 1 less BA plus ABZ and EDI both well down.
We won`t see that ease off until April when the Heathrow services
are factored out of the equation.

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I hope both routes do well though, Liverpool didn't last long as I believe loads were not good but Bristol has apparently done very well this year so let's hope it goes well anyway.
The rules have changed.

Following high-profile terrorist incidents targeting tourists in Tunisia and Egypt this year, we should expect major changes in holiday booking preferences for Summer 2016. I would anticipate continued collapse for tourism to Tunisia with the 'fortress' resorts in Egypt not far behind. Other Islamic countries such as Morocco and Turkey will face some challenges too. Just last week I noted that eight of my group touring Turkey had forfeited fully-paid holidays and remained at home in the UK due to terrorism fears.

People will still want their two week sunshine holiday in Summer 2016, but demand will rotate towards perceived safer 'old favourite' destinations. Of course, these destinations need to be affordable and require sufficient bedstock to soak up displaced demand. Flights providing easy access to the Spanish Costas stand to do very well and I would include GIB services within this halo effect. Note also Thomas Cook returning to MAN-ALC after a lengthy gap (using the leased Smartlynx A320). The Spanish Costas tick the boxes for tourists on both budget and perceived security.

I must add that I didn't feel at all threatened in Turkey last week and the resorts around Antalya are fantastic. But the country has had incidents in Ankara and Istanbul and shares borders with some politically-sensitive countries. I'd expect demand there to ease modestly (if there is no incident targeting tourism), though this could change if tour operators secure irresistible deals on bedstock at quality properties vacated by the Russian market under trade-sanctions. Low prices will always find a market.

Spain, Portugal and the Canaries stand to do very well. I'd normally be concerned by the rapid expansion in capacity on routes such as MAN-BCN and MAN-PMI, but not in this security climate. The more flights between MAN and 'Sunshine Spain' in Summer 2016 the better.
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These November stats are particularly encouraging, as they imply an underlying growth-rate of around 9-10% in passenger throughput. November establishes the trend for the whole Winter season to follow.

During the first part of November, MAN lost significant business to weather-related diversions and flight cancellations. For the most part, these were not offset by incoming trade displaced from other airports (don't ask!) ;-) Strikes by Lufthansa staff resulted in multiple cancellations over several days. And tour operator programmes to high-volume winter-sun favourite Sharm-el-Sheik were cancelled. Some of these pax will have re-routed or taken alternative trips, but many will either not have travelled or will have been routed through other airports.

If MAN can enjoy afew trouble-free Winter months, the numbers should be even better.
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The news of a Hainan route to Xi'an is just an error.

The press release on the Facebook page was merely a bad choice of words.

However, it does seem via GDS that some of the MAN-PEK flights do continue onto Xi'an with the same flight number.
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TRAINS: Flying Without Wings!

Some highlights stemming from the award of the forthcoming new franchises for the Transpennine and Northern networks, announced today.

FIRST TRANSPENNINE: (no longer in partnership with Keolis)
- Direct services from Manchester Airport to Newcastle-upon-Tyne to be reinstated.
- Two extra trains per day Manchester Airport to Middlesbrough
- New fleet of 125mph trains. Enhanced Sunday services.
- Manchester Airport Station refurbishment and improvements

- Some Manchester Airport routes switch from Transpennine to the Northern franchise
- New hourly service Manchester Airport - Bradford via the Calder Valley line. This can only commence after the opening of the Ordsall Chord. New diesel stock will operate Manchester Airport - Manchester Piccadilly - Manchester Victoria - Rochdale - Todmorden - Hebden Bridge - Halifax - Bradford
- Two trains per hour Manchester Airport - Liverpool, one operating via Warrington Central (new) the other via Newton-le-Willows
- Manchester Airport to Barrow-in-Furness services more than double to at least eight services daily, good Sunday frequency too
- Manchester Airport to Windermere doubles from two to at least four services per day, Sunday services too
- At least NINE Arriva Northern services will depart Piccadilly for Manchester Airport before 07:00 each weekday; more late evening trains also
- Re-fleeting with new trains and additional second-hand Class 319 stock

There is lots more detail available elsewhere, but I'm concentrating on the implications for Manchester Airport here for obvious reasons. All seems very positive.
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There has been good money spent on advertising of hainan airlines direct to Beijing in the south Manchester reporter, stagecoach busses and posters.
Looking good but let's hope passengers book to go direct! ;-)
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Hey Gatwick's stolen our CX 350

Cathay Pacific confirms Gatwick service - Business Traveller
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How many flights a week 4
how many do we need to go daily 3
4 plus 3 equals 7
who knows!

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Nice try chaps1954 but unfortunately 3 of the days the flight will operate from LGW are Wed. Fri. & Sun which are the days not served from MAN. CX will need to find another a/c if we are to go daily.
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Note that Thomas Cook Airlines are going back onto the Alicante route from the end of May 2016, operating 2 x weekly (Sunday & Thursday operation, which is different to the Tuesday & Saturday when it previously operated)using the Avion Express A320 aircraft.

With Vueling also coming onto the route 3 x weekly from mid June, it looks like, based on current published schedules, that we will have 7 operators on the route next year, and 56 x weekly services by the August 2016 peak season.

Operators will be Jet 2 (16 x weekly) Ryanair (14 x weekly) Monarch (12 x weekly) Easy Jet (7 x weekly) Vueling (3 x weekly) Thomson Airways (2 x weekly) and Thomas Cook Airlines (2 x weekly)

Looks like another sign of demand shifting back to Spain in light of troubles in other recently popular tourist destinations.
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Can always swap days of operation so that is not a problem is it
and it was only a suggestion.
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While I do not believe LGW has 'stole' the MAN extra flights (CX will up gauge MAN regardless of what they do at LGW), it is interesting that the days of operation are exactly the same as proposed extra flights from MAN.

MAN was due to be double daily on Monday, with Wed, Fri and sun added to make full daily flights, and of course the A350 was due to be used.

All will depend on what CX want to do with MAN. They are apparently reluctant to remove the B777 off the flights due to cargo, as it was originally suggested MAN would go full daily with the A350 on all flights.
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What is the cargo capacity for A350 compared to B773W

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Cargo capacity B77W 44XLD3 A359 36X LD3

So quite a difference.

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Yes it is isn`t Nigel


Last edited by chaps1954; 10th Dec 2015 at 17:45. Reason: got words muddled
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Based on "this" recently introduced criteria circa
1800 GMT 10th Dec 2015

It still begs the question why is Manchester not part of this debate. ...?

Focus is on SEast in some respects but then suddenly becomes "national" in others!
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T2 Planning application lodged according to the Evening News

It includes
- An extension of 886,892 sq ft to Terminal Two and the West Pier

- Demolition of Terminal One (and multi-storey car park) and removal of existing car parking

The extension confirms the more than doubling the size of the current terminal. Work should start April 2016 and conclude 2022 (T1 demolition) / 2023 (new T2 fully opened).
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