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Old 21st Jan 2014, 16:51
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You are joking Insuindi about Brits behaving like those on the Ryanair flight. I live here in southern Spain and you want to see some of the ´´antics´´ that some of them get up to - it is not Marbella either - just a quiet little port for most of the year.
The thing about the French, Spanish etc they stand up for their rights and don´t sit on their backside and shrug their shoulders like people in the UK seem to do now. One recent incidence which may have escaped you in the UK - the town of Burgos in the north of Spain has seen a number of clashes with police and local people who objected to their boulevard being turned into a traffic-free area on the instructions of the Mayor (the mayor has a lot of influence in Spanish towns and villages). He has had to suspend the work for the moment due to the protests.
I would think also on the Ryanair flight I would have thouht a large proportion of the passengers would have Moroccan or French with Moroccan ties as the flight operated from Rabat.
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Old 21st Jan 2014, 17:19
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The difference is that one rarely has to wait days for a replacement bus.
I wasn't referring to commuter buses, for example euro-lines operating a daily late-evening Cork-London service, if it's cancelled its cancelled. Refund, no compo, different story with airlines altogether.
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Old 21st Jan 2014, 19:07
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One of the advantages of the scramble system of boarding was that, if one reached the plane reasonably early, one could choose a window seat which did not require looking over ones shoulder to see out.

Now that seat reservation may be necessary to obtain a window seat, it would be nice to know which seat rows have comfortably placed windows.

Would it be possible for someone to list the seat rows with a rating (say A,B,C) for the convenience of the windows ?
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Old 21st Jan 2014, 19:58
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Old 21st Jan 2014, 20:19
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Thanks, Charlie. No information about windows that I can see.
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Old 21st Jan 2014, 21:05
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I flew on EI-DYZ two weeks ago in 11F, which had a window, and noticed that 11A had no window. Hope this helps.

Just looked on Seatguru and it confirms 11A does not have a window, it looks like the only one missing.

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Old 22nd Jan 2014, 08:13
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Does anyboby know what "will be assigned a randomly allocated seat" will pratically mean if you are travelling with family or friends?
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Old 22nd Jan 2014, 08:19
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Ryanair have some big news later today according to their twitter
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Old 22nd Jan 2014, 09:13
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Not sure if it's been noted but it appears Bergamo will be closing for maintenance sometime this Summer, as Malpensa MXP has appeared in the drop-down menu with the exact same destinations as Bergamo although no flights loaded.
I haven't heard about the plans for scheduled maintenance at BGY this summer. Usually such things are being announced 1 year before or smth. No checked and no information provided.

Could it be big news from Ryanair for today that they will leave BGY for MXP?
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Old 22nd Jan 2014, 09:20
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BGY is closing for planned runway maintenance from May 13 to June 1 included.

ALL airlines operating to/from Milan/BGY will reroute their flights to Milan/MXP.

FR has a multi-year commercial agreement with BGY and it's not planning to leave.
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Old 22nd Jan 2014, 11:29
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Possibly this is the article but seems a % sign is missing out of the last paragraph...... Ryanair promotes its new direction in London as airline announces that customers ‘love’ its recent service improvements - Marketing - Marketing | Ireland's online business and management news service -

“Ninety-seven of 10,000 Ryanair customers surveyed have said they will fly Ryanair again – and can continue to enjoy a range of customer service improvement and initiatives as well as the lowest fares and most on-time flights, but can now enjoy reduced airport bag, boarding card and excess bag fees, a second free small carry-on bag, along with easier website access, 24 hour grace periods, quiet flights and allocated seating, with further improvements set to be rolled out over the coming weeks and months,” said Ryanair’s head of customer service Caroline Green.
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Old 22nd Jan 2014, 14:24
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Ryanair Partners With Google Flight Search

Partnership with Google flight search
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Old 22nd Jan 2014, 15:32
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I don't get this dramatic announcement Racedo. Until all airlines join Google flights with their best fares isn't the consumer still going to have to shop around for the best deal?
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Old 22nd Jan 2014, 17:46
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Ninety-seven of 10,000 Ryanair customers surveyed have said they will fly Ryanair again
As many as that?
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Old 23rd Jan 2014, 07:07
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“Ninety-seven of 10,000 Ryanair customers surveyed have said they will fly Ryanair again
% .... perhaps?
I wouldn't. Have flown them once, had a specific reason for doing so, and it wasn't because it was 'cheap' or even convenient. They got me there on time, but it was a ghastly experience and I despise their ethics, and for that reason more than any other, and won't fly them again.
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Old 23rd Jan 2014, 07:42
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I try and avoid them too despite using them all the time years ago. Nothing against them, they are a hugely successful airline but I just don't like the service/product so no thanks. Maybe their recent changes will improve them but who knows.

My issue is I really want to go to Marrakech, direct with Ryanair or one stop with others...a tough call.
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Old 23rd Jan 2014, 09:41
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Ryanair are certainly a punctual airline. I prefer the food/drinks onboard than on Easyjet and the cabin crew have always been great in my experience.
However, a 4 hour trip to Marrackech I would have to use the exit seats onboard as Ryanair seating is a little cramped for a long flight to Morocco.
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Old 23rd Jan 2014, 10:05
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Official: base in Lisbon:

1 plane, 4 new routes:

Oficial: Ryanair abre base em Lisboa | Low Cost Portugal
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Old 23rd Jan 2014, 12:22
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Good move by FR I think. Just came through LIS courtesy of EZY and it's a great city. Badly affected by the economic downturn but with a creative undercurrent that reminded me of Berlin. And it's a lot warmer! The airport's LCC terminal is remote and of course just a shed really but adequate.
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Old 23rd Jan 2014, 15:42
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New UK Routes:

Manchester - Lisbon
Manchester - Zadar
Bristol - Bologna
Bournemouth - Chania
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