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Old 5th Mar 2016, 08:25
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New route from Porto to Milan (MXP) starts in September
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Old 9th Mar 2016, 12:04
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Ryanair B737-700 all business class.

BUSINESS TRAVEL! Customised Ryanair Boeing 737-700 jet now available for private charter!

Book your business travel HERE: Welcome to Ryanair!

Check out the interior HERE:
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Old 9th Mar 2016, 12:13
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would they still sell lottery tickets?
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Old 9th Mar 2016, 12:23
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The mind boggles`d have to make sure you very carefully read all the terms and conditions before chartering from them
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Old 9th Mar 2016, 12:34
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I wonder if they would do better by changing the brand name similar to Toyota/Lexus & Nissan/Infiniti? They are competing with Privatair and others.

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Old 9th Mar 2016, 14:25
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I assume this is EI-SEV which has so far been used as a Co. hack and for base training?
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Old 9th Mar 2016, 14:43
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Originally Posted by Wycombe View Post
I assume this is EI-SEV which has so far been used as a Co. hack and for base training?
Yes, refurbed and now in C60 config.
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Old 9th Mar 2016, 15:12
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Daz211 had already provided a link to the official Ryanair announcement about the new B737-700, so, why the need to provide a link to the same story on your own private blog?
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Old 9th Mar 2016, 20:37
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Ryanair 737-700 Business Class Private Charter?

Interesting strategy, although, how do they expect this to work? If it is still here in 12 months then I'm a Salmon. No mention of WiFi, USB ports or a business class menu...

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Old 9th Mar 2016, 20:41
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Is this the spare and training 737-700?

Well, if you want a quick charter with enough seats then it might be ok. Depends really on the price.

Used to fly for some Biz Charter Company and they most likely did not offer much more food wise and seat wise. Just that they used crappy Bombardier(did I wrote crappy, sorry, ment luxurious) aircraft that tend to break down on a regular basis.

Might work out as a sidebusiness

EDIT: You might wonder how many of this biz jets do NOT have WiFi, USB, AND a business class menue. You would be really surprised.
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Old 9th Mar 2016, 20:46
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A mob in Australia tried something similar a few years back, flying only biz class between Melbourne & Sydney.

Lasted a couple of months IIRC...

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Old 9th Mar 2016, 21:54
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Have to say, I kinda like this statement from their website:

with the world renowned Ryanair branding on the outside,
Makes you look reeeeaaally posh

Other than that a bit weird - they must have reconfigured one of their 737s (although they say it's a -700, always thought they only had -800s). At the beginning of the summer, i.e. peak, season? Interesting.
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Old 9th Mar 2016, 22:04
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They have this 1 737-700 (EI-SEV) which I believe has hitherto been used as a Company hack/internal transport, and for base training.

Guess they have put some posh(ish) seats in it as part of an initiative to turn it into a revenue stream.

Premiership footy teams could use it and claim they are travelling low cost!

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Old 10th Mar 2016, 00:24
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I've noticed there's no inflight entertainment/AVOD. That's a bit of a shame seeing as they've gone as far as introducing scent looking business seats.
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Old 10th Mar 2016, 04:27
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Couldn't help but think of this yorkshire airlines video when I saw the cabin crew.
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Old 10th Mar 2016, 06:25
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Ryanair launches corporate jet hire - Cyprus

A picture of the cabin here.
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Old 10th Mar 2016, 06:35
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interesting. Whilst history has shown the all business-class, especially 'low cost', scheduled services are extremely delicate this is charter. It's just bigger seats and seat pitches in a charter aircraft and, as usual, "business class" is just marketing spin.
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Old 10th Mar 2016, 07:42
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Actually I think I think there are some companies that might prefer to charter a jet that does not look too ostentatious. Companies that run shuttles between their plants would be a good example. The Trumps of this world are not the target. Of course Ryanair management also need to get around, so this was probably an easy idea to sell internally.
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Old 10th Mar 2016, 07:48
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No doubt we'll be seeing it on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding a lot of it comes back. What classier way to turn up than a Ruyanair pruyvut jet?
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Old 10th Mar 2016, 08:28
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IMHO, the main question is whether this is a genuine new revenue generation venture or if it is a very cunning bit of self funding market research.

The company knows how to deal with "cattle class" on short and medium sectors, presumably that knowledge extends to longer, say 6 or so hour runs. What they don't currently know is what works for the discerning business traveller on medium and longer runs. This might be a very good way of carrying out some primary research into that demographic and how they can "Ryanair" that particular group.

After which, the issue for everyone is how, and where, they use that information.

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