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Old 23rd Mar 2011, 22:09
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Simple. Get each tels eng to do more e.g. 3 days at DSA, 2 days at DTVA. More work for less (or if you're lucky, the same) pay. It's what everyone seems to be expected to do now. Aren't they doing it already?
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Old 24th Mar 2011, 12:55
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I have been "centralised" 4 times over the years although not in the airline industry. The idea and the figures always look compelling on paper but it has never worked. After 3/4 years more money is being spent and the service has always suffered. People decline to take ownership of problems and solve them. As part of a large call centre, which albeit more skilled is what it will be, the controllers will be more inclined to pass the problem up the chain. Loyalty and the spirit of " give and take" suffers and people come to work as a job rather than to enjoy what they are doing.
The person whose idea it is at the beginning has increased his wages by clever presentation of his workload figures and his empire soon starts to expand. Targets,which make the head of operations look good, are set and they are rigidly enforced to the detriment of everything else.
Unless you are on the board of Peel,then I would start looking for accomodation in Liverpool because this appears to be a fait accompli .
Still look on the bright side they could have centralised it to Newcastle!!
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Old 24th Mar 2011, 20:42
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NCL- Not a bad idea! Most of MME's controllers have gone there!!
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Old 24th Mar 2011, 21:19
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...As part of a large call centre, which albeit more skilled is what it will be, the controllers will be.............
Well I suppose the next move is for the whole of NATS to be moved off to the Indian sub continent.
Fortunately then the reality is that it will never happen though only for the simple reason!, in respect of safety then no one would be able to understand the controllers...........
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Old 26th Mar 2011, 00:07
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The Thomson load figures for February look absolutely brilliant. Lowest 90% and the highest 100%. There has been very little discounting so the yields must have been stupendous. I understand that Thomson are running the same schedule for next winter.Great shame they couldn't find summer slots this year but who knows for next and perhaps Thomas Cook may be looking at the figures enviously.
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Old 26th Mar 2011, 10:22
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Parmo, very little discounting????? Egypt has had to be heavily discounted in order to sell since the troubles flared up.

This morning on Thomsons website: Coral Sea Resort All Inclusive from MME Sunday 10th April - Total price for two 1,094 - includes web saving of 720!!

From NCL, the same holiday departing on Thursday 7th April is 996.

On Sunday 3rd April, from MME same holiday is 960.

It'll probably be no different from other airports but it demonstrates how much discounting is taking place to sell Egypt holidays at present.

Of course it is selling at those prices but it won't be making money.
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Old 26th Mar 2011, 11:17
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The figures released are up to the end of February. They also include Tenerife and Alicante. Let's wait and see how they develop because after all everyone is in the same boat over the Red Sea resorts.
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Old 31st Mar 2011, 18:42
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Looks like Thomson Holidays have dropped Sharm flights for next winter probably due to the on going situation out in the region

Alicante and Tenerife are still bookable at the moment though
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Old 31st Mar 2011, 23:15
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MME - awful airport

There has been a thread on the Northern Echo about the standards at MME and I wish to add my comments and bring your attention to this awful airport.I would wish Peel airports would look to the comments posted on Northern Echo and take heed.

It would be a mild word to use when I say that the security/ border control staff can be "overzealous" with arrivees. The degree of questioning oversteps the mark for any other airport I know, including Heathrow. They may be bored but the aggression they show and the extent of questioning really needs to be investigated. I thought that it was a one-off and it was part of travelling but the number of arrivees being interviewed for more than an hour and with a degree of aggression is unacceptable by any standards I have seen in any airport.

Also, the security in the arrivals area is appalling. I picked someone up from the arrivals area and had to wait for some considerable time. In the arrivals area there was an aggressive drunk who was in no way controlled. He persisted in his behaviour because there was no visible presence of security or police staff. When I pointed out to the floor walker that I found the person's behaviour unacceptable and that I anticipated a conflict when I collected the arrivee from the airport, no staff reacted. In this case, I had to use considerable aggression of my own to get to get out of the terminal building.

Failure to control such behaviour and unprofessional passport control staff takes this pathetic airport into the standards of the worst airports in the world.
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Old 3rd Apr 2011, 18:08
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The weekly train service got a mention in this BBC clip I just watched: BBC News - Missed the bus? The route that runs only four times year

The flash mob event is soon, isn't it?
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Old 4th Apr 2011, 14:09
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I believe the Flash Mob was the 2nd April actually!
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Old 4th Apr 2011, 15:17
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And a total of six people turned up according to the Northern Echo ......
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Old 4th Apr 2011, 18:31
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1. A large disorderly crowd or throng.
2. The mass of common people; the populace.
3. An organized gang of criminals; a crime syndicate.
4. An indiscriminate or loosely associated group of persons or things:

Any of these work with just six folks????

Last edited by andrewmcharlton; 4th Apr 2011 at 19:36.
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Old 4th Apr 2011, 22:08
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All four with six geordies!!
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Old 6th Apr 2011, 10:10
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The flash Mob might of worked better if they had advertised it say the week before and then possibly got on the train at Darlington and gotten off at the airport.

The station needs moving from its current possition to somewhere near the enterance road so that pax can get on the passing buses. Also the railway system could be upgraded to the system were you push a button if you want the train to stop, but who pays!

With the present station moved hangar four could be put back to aviation and possibly the skeleton of hangar five.
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Old 6th Apr 2011, 23:23
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Good public transport links rely on a lot of inbound passengers visiting an area, and needing to get to a town or city. Most outbound passengers park their car, get a lift off their mate or take a shared taxi. It's cheaper, and much more convenient, than public transport.

I do travel to DSA by public transport if possible, but this is inconvenient for early departures or late arrivals. The passengers I have seen on public transport were a few odd Poles or Spaniards going to Sheffield. The specific 707 bus was withdrawn, just leaving the normal stopping X19 and 91 services.

So unless a load of foreign tourists start to visit MME I would not see improved public transport as viable or efficient.
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Old 27th Apr 2011, 09:42
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Airport information services, who pays what

For many years a visitor to Teesside airport could have questions answered at the information desk. Peel came up with the great idea of connecting an intercom to Liverpool airport and thus being able to sack the staff at Teesside.

In a recent conversation I herd a rumour that Teesside now supposidly pays Liverpool 80.000 for this service. Can anyone confirm or deny this!
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Old 27th Apr 2011, 15:54
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I see bmibaby are pulling out of Cardiff and Manchester according to their website - wonder if a former Director from our airport who is now at Cardiff had a hand in their departure??

Either way a rather sweet irony.
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Old 27th Apr 2011, 16:52
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She is supposedly no longer there!
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Old 27th Apr 2011, 17:41
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Is she going too BHD now?
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