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Old 11th May 2014, 23:10
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Shows that the easyJet market , at the moment, is UK to Jersey orientated. Got an inkling they will soon be picking up business pax JER- lGW with their excellent fares and good reliability time-wise....
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Old 13th May 2014, 20:55
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BA has until recently had a frequency of 5 daily services to Jersey. This summer they added another daily frequency to partially compensate for the loss of Flybe on the route. Flybe used to operate with 4 to 5 daily flights, often more at weekends during the summer. (Aircraft tended to be mainly 118 seater E95s with some dash 8 flights).
Those flights have been replaced by 2 to 3 daily services by Easyjet and the extra daily frequency by BA. Allowing for the larger size of BA and Easyjet aircraft actual capacity on offer is broadly the same as previously.
BA have no problem selling seats and always carry healthy Club Europe loads on the flights.
Room for both on the route with BA more than holding its own.

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Old 13th May 2014, 21:43
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Easy were looking at going 4 daily if I am not mistaken eventually, so that could provide some interesting competition! Still I suppose BA have plenty of frequent flyers and people connecting onto the rest of their network from LGW on their side.
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Old 30th May 2014, 21:41
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Anyone know when the new aircraft deliveries are due to begin?
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Old 2nd Jun 2014, 10:20
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Good morning

Does anyone working for Easyjet know why the Manage My Booking function on the website isn't working?

Phone calls to Easyland have revealed there is 'a technical problem' and they say it should have been fixed over the weekend.
Just checked - it's still down.

Grateful for any hard news on when it will be fixed - getting nervous about being able to make the necessary changes to my upcoming flight in time.
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Does anyone know when easyJet will be putting Summer 2015 flights on sale?

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If you go by what was initially said the order was for 35 current generation and 100Neos.
They are currently appraising the engines for the Neos and they are due for delivery from 2017 to 2022.
The 35 current generation I have heard start early next year.
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Easyjet at Porto

easyJet anuncia base do Porto a 15 de julho? | Low Cost Portugal

Tuesday there will be a press conference in Porto with three members of the Portuguese government, including the ministry of Economy. There are strong rumours about a base.
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Old 12th Jul 2014, 01:15
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Cheers falcon666
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Loyalty card

I've been thinking about how Easyjet has changed its market positioning from a cheap-as-chips airline to a company that is capable of rivalling major network carriers for business travel and become acceptable for shorthaul to those who want a basic level of creature comforts.

As a company that has a large customer base, it's presumably keen to hang onto the most profitable customers. Large Oneworld, Star and Skyteam carriers all have their loyalty schemes, and I was wondering why Easyjet doesn't want to do their own. Presumably BA's loyalty scheme is a big draw keeping UK business people returning regularly to BA.

I realise that the Plus card is a nod in this direction, but this is really about upselling perks for a fee, rather than giving a passenger a reason to choose Easyjet over another carrier. Yes, there is also Nectar, but it seems fairly UK centric and the £9 booking fee on rewards is offputting. Yes, I also know that running loyalty schemes has a large overhead of management time and expense but is presumably worth it to the largest of companies. I'm guessing also that by encouraging customers to log in to make bookings or retrieve boarding cards and also using the mobile app, much of the customer data capture for subsequent data analysis is already achieved.

I also realise that a loyalty scheme has to both boost and reward profitability - US carriers were absolutely right to kill off long haul mileage runs by taking monetary spend into account.

So, is there a sufficiently large benefit to Easyjet running a loyalty scheme or is Nectar along with existing infrastructure good enough given a cost-benefit analysis ?

Comments from those with inside knowledge of frequent flyer and loyalty marketing would be gratefully received. Tedious drivel about how many points you have on your Tesco clubcard is less welcome.
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Old 12th Jul 2014, 06:57
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Easyjet as a 'Brand'

Easyjets current Business model/Service offering is a good one, on a par with full service airlines if your not obsessed with a free drink/snack or business class (where still offered on short haul).
The weak link in my view, is the quality of the gate/boarding experience - controlled by handling agents, i recently had a poor quality experience at Gatwick of all places, which actually slowed down the boarding of the aircraft.
I see no point in paying for speedy boarding when it is not properly controlled and allocated seating, (which I hugely approve of) becomes a scrum with everybody in every seat row trying to board together.
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Old 12th Jul 2014, 08:33
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You don't pay for SB anymore. It is merely a perk of booking extra legroom seats and easyjet plus pax.
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Allocated seating is an improvement on the boarding scrum, but travelled recently down to Malaga from Liverpool, and was a little annoyed when cabin crew asked could I removed my small haversack from the overhead locker and put it under the seat, why! to allow the minges who cram their cases into the overhead lockers more room, now my gripe is I have paid for my cases to go into the hold, then I'am asked to put my bag under the seat in front of me were it's difficult to get at plus it's under my bloody feet so tight arses can get bloody cases on board, btw are these cases allowed into the cabin getting bigger.
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the overheads are ideally for roll on cases as that makes that space more efficient. You would be at liberty to take one to claim your space there if that is important to you.
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look I just want get on board put me bag away and not have to put it under me feet.
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Yes I too have often thought about the loyalty side.
A while back I know Easyjet had there own credit Card but I think that only lasted a year or so and to be honest I can't remember what that offered in terms of discounts.
I was surprised to find that you can't even get gift cards for Easy, tried last year for friends!!
A colleague of mine flies regularly with Frontier in the US.
They have a business loyalty scheme where once registered company's get 3% discount on airfares.
Now the question is if a airline with 50+ A/C sees a loyalty scheme as the way forward and can make it pay??then why not Easy.Ok I understand that the US has far more customer service orientated culture to the UK but I am sure Easyjet could look at reintroducing some of these feature and I am sure they have looked into it.
Maybe somebody in Easyjet could contribute
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New destinations from the UK
easyJet Media Centre

3rd aircraft for HAM from November and 5 new routes
Pressemitteilungen - Hamburg Airport | Flughafen Hamburg

All new routes
easyJet Adds New Routes for Winter 2014 Season | Airline Route
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Engine Order

easyJet Media Centre
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Easyjet to start Amsterdam base with 3 aircraft, pax up to 7 million per year

British budget airline Easyjet has reached a deal with Schiphol airport to allow it to base at least three aircraft permanently in Amsterdam, boosting its capacity and destinations.

Easyjet says the deal will create 400 jobs in the Netherlands, cut ticket prices and allow the company to expand its 40-strong destination network from Schiphol. The move is a ‘frontal attack’ on Dutch flag carrier KLM, the Telegraaf says.

Analysts told the paper the move is significant because Easyjet is a strong foreign airline which is not involved in Schiphol’s development as an air traffic transfer hub.

Easyjet’s director Carolyn McCall is quoted by the paper as saying passenger numbers to and from Amsterdam will double from their present total of 3.5 million a year. Around one-third of these are business travellers.

- See more at: - Easyjet expands at Schiphol, targets 7 million passengers a year
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Thumbs up

New base starting in Oporto with 2 A320's initially
Just announced by easyJet with a launch in spring 2015.
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