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Old 12th Sep 2012, 13:07
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Thumbs up Allocated Seating

Just booked a few flights for NCL and LPL next year with allocated seating. All flights had no seats booked.. was I the first in history? Anyway paid my dues and looking fwd to no stampede! Still cheaper than the majors!!
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Old 12th Sep 2012, 20:36
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Saw a Virgin branded car parked outside tthe easy hangar today on my way to work. Made me wonder if this has anything to do with the rumours of the Virgin domestic flights operated by U2 ??
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Old 13th Sep 2012, 15:46
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July& August

Anyone any idea,when easy are likely to load the July & August 2013 flights?

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Old 25th Sep 2012, 03:35
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Interesting one this:

It seems has been registered and I've done a bit of a WHOIS on it and I can see it is registered by the same corporate domains company as

Over on they seem to be speculating if easyjet could buy someone like Allegiant, spirit and startup in the USA or more likely, I think that maybe they be the first main "LCC" to start flying transatlantic other than the occasional one from Jet2? (maybe even for Thomas Cook!)

... I suppose we can only keep our eyes peeled. It could just be them protecting the URL just in-case, eh?
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Old 25th Sep 2012, 18:17
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Interesting. So the web name is from easyJet rather than easy group.

As we know stellios registered easyatlantic some time ago but that is through easy group.

Very interesting, so now the question is what's the reason behind easyjetusa
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Old 25th Sep 2012, 19:54
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I think you will find they belong to easygroup not easyjet.
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Old 26th Sep 2012, 01:40
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I too have seen the forum thread on the other website. Interesting and there is no reason why the model shouldn't work across the pond. There could however be absolutely nothing to the rumour.

As for transatlantic/long haul. I do honestly believe a time will come when Easy will go long haul, they are on the crest of long haul already with SSH, AMM etc, but I don't see it in the short/mid term.

It would be nice to be proved wrong.
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Old 1st Oct 2012, 17:54
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I've got the Easyjet app on my phone, they are showing Reykjavik as a route from EDI but does not pull back any results. When you check it from KEF it's also shows routes to MAN. It's not on the website, could it be a new route for those extra aircraft ? or just a glitch.

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Old 2nd Oct 2012, 07:13
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Is there any further news on the new MAN routes and when they are likley to go on sale? Thanks, DomyDom
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Old 2nd Oct 2012, 07:30
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It's often a glitch when a new route is announced. In the past a new route would default to KEF. However once announced the correct route would be displayed and the link to KEF would vanish. Jet2 have just announced EDI-KEF. Can't see there being enough demand for two airlines.

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Jet2 didn't announce a scheduled EDI-KEF route, merely a 'Discovery Weekend' one-off flight taking place in May.

Iceland Express operates a short summer series between KEF and EDI, though I'm not certain if their 2013 plans have been finalised as yet.

EDI is expecting in the region of 5 new easyJet destinations to be announced at some point in October.
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Old 2nd Oct 2012, 10:10
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Any news/ rumours whether BFS will have any new destinations for next year?
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New routes announcement imminent. Can't really say too much as I'm having to watch what I say on here.

Thanks easyflyer83, I understand. Things appear very positive though.
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Old 2nd Oct 2012, 18:56
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So, what routes would these be flyer83?
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Old 2nd Oct 2012, 19:13
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Inspire Me

I've been having a play with the new 'Inspire Me' section on the Easyjet website, and keep coming to the conclusion that it's got some fancy (but far too busy) graphics designed by some web developer who thinks he should be working for Pixar on an animation film, but in terms of effective use for the person who is thinking of pulling out their credit card is not actually that useful.

In particular, there's very little capacity to search carefully for something that might be useful
No way to enter specific dates or ranges of dates, besides "Spring/Summer"
No way to enter "out on Saturday, back on Sunday" - can only choose a 3 day weekend
Can't choose "All airports in London" - can specify only Gatwick, or Luton, etc...
Can't specify that you want a morning / afternoon / evening flight for outbound / return
Can't identify particular cities of interest (besides the very generic 'Nightlife' or 'Culture' icons)
Can't choose anything based on climate
Can't mix+match airports - e.g. out to Verona, back from Venice.
When drilling down to a specific destination, cannot see round trip prices for a range of dates

The main impression is that it's a bit like those ads in the weekend papers full of "Fly to destination XXX from Łalmost nothing" statements. Yes, the price is valid, but it's never what you actually want, and requires a lot more time digging around to find something given your own personal situation - e.g. can't go on the weekend of 10 June because it's Mum's birthday.

The result is that you end up being shown a picture of magical gold at the end of the rainbow, in the full knowledge that it is completely and utterly unobtainable, all the time while being surrounded by a long abandoned factory on some grim industrial site.

It all seems like something that someone in marketing has dreamt up to look cool and something they can boast about, but it's not actually that useful for searching for trips in a way that gives back concise and highly relevant search results. Skyscanner on the other hand have gone for a style that gives greater capacity to find the trips that might really be of interest.

As an alternate example, when using Google, imagine the website that you were looking for was actually on page 17 of the results, and that you had to read through 16 pages of garbage before you found anything useful.

Behind the scenes, any search for a trip is likely just a bit of SQL. (Note - SQL stands for 'Structured Query Language and is the dominant programming language on commercial database software systems)
Yes, adding more parameters makes the entry form longer, but search in a non-specific way and you get back large amounts of garbage that causes punters' eyes to glaze over. Search with specific parameters, and you get back much more relevant information.

The only thing in favour of the marketing people at Easyjet, is that the 'Inspire Me' section on their website is nothing more than a marketing tool, and that Easyjet knows they make profits out of people who can't be bothered to spend a lot of time searching for a cheap flight at a useful time and will instead get bored and give up early and settle for either paying a higher fare at a peak time or a lower fare at an off-peak time instead.

I don't know what specific technology Easyjet have running their systems, but surely their developers are capable of something better than this ?

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I've had a play on it. It's not flawless. I noticed some missing routes. It could be better but I think the whole aim of it is to highlight the destinations and route map, hence the destination guides and the 'inspire me' tagline. It's not really for searching for particular flights, afterall, that's what the flight search engine is for. Perhaps taking away the from price element would make it more coherent and not blur the actual use of the application. I.e to inspire.
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Tried it from Manchester for flights during the winter. It threw up a lot of interesting destinations at random dates. But because I presume it chooses the cheapest fares, my impression was, 'crap, I'd have to stay in a hotel the night before' or 'crap, I'd have to stay in a hotel when I get back'. This wouldn't apply to car drivers, though it does imply a lot of middle of the night set-offs or arrivals back, even if you live near Manchester, unless you can get dropped off by a mate or taxi.

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Typical departures first wave departures are 0600-0730 as usual and in the winter the vast majority of the aircraft are home and dry by midnight.
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Some very impressive performance data from EZY, raising its profit guidance. Congratulations!
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Easyjet performance

Slightly off-topic but as Easyjet's profit guidance has been mentioned, apart from dividend payouts are their any 'perks' through holding Easyjet shares? Does holding shares offer any form of priority boarding or the option of dividend reinvestment in shares. Anyone know?
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