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Old 1st Sep 2012, 21:04
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So did any of the above make any money on the Lon-Nqy route then? I'm just thinking that if no one else could then why would easyJet be interested?
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Old 1st Sep 2012, 21:21
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This is a difficult one to answer. AirSouthwest's operation was so small, so one could make the assumption that the unit costs were significantly high, hence a bigger operation with lower costs may have had a better opportunity at making an adequate return.

Ryanair on the other hand with these low costs only ran a summer seasonal route, and it wouldnt be so much as was it profitable, but more was it as profitable as some of the other popular seasonal routes ex Stansted.

My concern now would be that a NQY to London would take some time to re-establish, and given the lack of slots at LHR ,the increased costs and the lack of peak time slots at LGW, the charging for peak slots at LCY mean that any London route would most likely be an STN, SEN or LTN.

Narrow it down and look at the potential airlines through that filter we are left with:

- Easyjet
- Ryanair (ex STN, been and gone)
- Aer Lingus Regional (ex SEN, right sized aircraft, but lack there of)

I would suggest that unless we see a new carrier commuter size at NQY or easyjet putting on a flight from SEN... the possibilities are limited...


(just realising that this is easyJet thread and not NQY!)
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Old 2nd Sep 2012, 00:08
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EI-BUD correct on almost everything, apart from the Ryanair route being seasonal. The NQY-STN route was daily/double daily and had a decent amount of people using it.

Ryanair did run i think off the top of my head 2 seasonal routes maybe 3 weekly on each, i think ALC and somewhere else.

Silvertop its a difficult question, but Air Southwest were running at a profit until the very end.

Just to put some perspective to it,

NQY-STN 167 445
NQY-LGW 46 910 plus 60 922 plus PLH

NQY-STN 183 847
NQY-LGW 40 302 Plus 65 984 from PLH

etc etc etc

So there is a proven history of a market about 200,000+ between LON-NQY, however currently even with 100% seat utilisation on the 3 daily DH8 it would only give you around 85,000 seats

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Old 2nd Sep 2012, 09:03
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cornishsimon, thanks for the update, I didnt actually realise that the Ryanair STN NQY route was year round, ie not seasonal. What in your view is the likely carrier for the route or likely London terminus, if any?

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Old 2nd Sep 2012, 09:25
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Well EZY to SEN or EI regional to the same would be nice but the stats prove a market for STN.

Ryanair pulled out in an argument with the xouncil, when CCC refused to back down MOL threw his toys out of the pram and pulled the flights !!

Obviously as a point to point Cornwall to London STN or SEN would work
Well, I'd love to see BA at NQY ex LHR but I dont think that's likely unless R3 gets built, I also see a LCY - NQY market

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Old 4th Sep 2012, 21:07
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I see allocated seating has been added to extra routes. Seems to be coming as policy.

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Old 5th Sep 2012, 06:09
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Allocated Seating is now confirmed - a staggered release of routes, but every route, every day will have it.

Allocated seating
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Old 5th Sep 2012, 10:54
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This is a major step forward by easyJet. I have long considered unallocated seats and the consequent rush for boarding to be the major turn-off with low-cost carriers. This will make flying with easyJet a more pleasurable experience.
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Old 5th Sep 2012, 13:50
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This is a major step forward by easyJet
Major step backwards!
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Old 5th Sep 2012, 14:19
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Alot of people would disagree with you there IB.
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Old 5th Sep 2012, 15:32
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I agree its another major step away from been a true loco. Its more to do with raising revenue than providing customer service. What would Stellios think

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You will find that there are a lot of very unhappy plus card holders easyflyer83, who feel that the recent renewal of their cards at a greatly increased fee, followed by allocated seating is a major change to what you pay for and are looking for refunds, as they feel cheated. You will see this clearly by looking at the comments from the many card holders on the easyJet Community site.

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Old 5th Sep 2012, 17:36
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The plus card holders are able to select which seat, even the XL ones for free. And I think you will find routes which already have allocated seating has seen an increase in the sale of plus cards. I sold a few myself last week on flights only 139.

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Old 5th Sep 2012, 17:47
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Are U2 implementing a zonal boarding system to, a la the American airlines, rather than it just being a free-for-all as it currently is? Fill the back and work your way forward.
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Old 5th Sep 2012, 17:53
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Definitely a backward step. Essentially now if you want a guaranteed aisle or window seat rather than the awful middle seat you'll have to pay extra. Was never a problem before. Previous system had flexibility. Why can't they just be a normal airline and let people choose their seats for free unless they want extra legroom which costs extra?

It's so disingenuous to say it's about service. It's about extra revenue. People will still rush to be on the plane because of overhead luggage space, as we'll all be travelling without hold baggage to keep costs down.
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Old 5th Sep 2012, 17:54
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The original system worked fine - until they stopped implementing it. This was the alternative and it will raise revenue. Consequently, they were always going to take the option.
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Old 5th Sep 2012, 18:00
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I'm by charging for seats they are being "normal". Few airlines let you select seats well in advance for free. They may give you the option close to departure but most seats have gone to those who have paid or frequent flyers with status. Try booking an AA flight and the selection of seats months in advance is poor as they have gone to elites. EZ are giving you the chance to book in advance for a reasonable fee. An let's not forget with the current system you risk sitting in the middle if you are held up at security and are last to board. If you don't like it then pay the 3.

It's exactly the same set up as BA (only a lot cheaper). I've never heard many complains there.

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One of the major assumptions in much of economic theory, is that you have a bunch of people, each with a collection of different items, and each having different opinions as to how good or bad any single item is.
An example, is a group of kids in a school playground who have each been given different things in their packed lunch by their parents. One kid loves eating cheese (but was given a sausage roll by his mum), while the other loves sausage rolls (but was given a piece of cheese).

Economics then says, that the people in these groups then choose to swap, so that they get a mutually beneficial result.
Or in this case, the kids with the cheese and the sausge roll do a swap, so that each gets to eat the food they like for lunch.

Once easyJet implement allocated seating, will there be anything to stop people openly swapping seats before departure ?
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I believe the after takeoff PA includes something along the lines of "please remain seated in your assigned seat until the signs above you have been switched off". I know on Jet2 they stop people sitting in premium seats unless they hav paid for it.
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Old 5th Sep 2012, 19:42
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Major step backwards!
I don't see how you can say that if you can select the seats you want in advance and for free (as a cardholder).

I'm sure allocated seating will appeal to far more people who would not normally travel easyjet.
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