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If I can remember, NBE is on Mint Airways, if it is quiet at work tomorrow, I will look through the summer programme and see which other routes are on Mint. I thought we had both Mint Airways aircraft based at NCL this summer.
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According to the original post many weeks ago 'Thomas Cook are to damp lease 2 Mint Airways 757s to be based Newcastle' in which they could simply be integrated with the genuine TCX flights so you won't necessarily know which flights Mint are operating.
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LTS has an errata explaining that the particular flight is on Mint Airways, so we know which flights will be operated by Mint.
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Apparently it's going to be 1 x mint and 1 x astreus now instead of 2 x mint.
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Well TCX have just emailed me to advise my May flight to RHO will now be with Mint using the same TCX flight number and TCX staff
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That makes five route losses for the Summer ...Stansted, Copenhagen, Sharm-el-sheikh, Monastir and Newquay. The March statistics make poor reading with even Dubai down 6%.

On the plus side is :-
Brussels 3938 +17%
Paris 14,768 +9%
Cork 1532 +2%
Dublin 11,636 + 4%
Murcia 3054 + scheduled pax down
Arrecife 2022 + scheduled pax down
Stavanger 1516 + 7%

on the minus side is:-
Chambery 741 - 9%
Dusseldorf 2981 - 3%
Malta 2573 -1%
Amsterdam 19,680 - 4%
Alicante 6772 - scheduled pax down
Barcelona 6206 - " " "
Malaga - 6920 - " " "
Tenerife 2114 - " " "
Dubai 14,057 - 6%
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Jamesair, just a quick note on the routes there. Sharm-el-Sheikh (TOM B738 x 2 & TCX B752) and Monastir (replaced by Enfidha - TOM B738 & TCX B752) still remain as routes per say.

I have just checked on two of the figures mentioned on the CAA website and found the below:

Arrecife 8,196 +64% (2,022 scheduled - up on 1,667 previous)
Murcia 3,174 +6% (3,054 scheduled - up marginally on 2,998 previous)

I think one of the big factors in the drop again (mainly to IT/Holiday destinations) is due to the reduction from Easyjet versus last year (5 x A319 down to 3 x A319). Jet2 have taken up some routes and provided additional capacity, but the bulk of this is not available until the end of April/early May - so hopefully we will see a reduced loss from this period.

Also of note is that TCX are running a number of flights over easter which were not available at this time last year (extra B753 based for the next two weeks or so), which should help the figures a bit. This is on top of the extra B752 based all Summer from them versus last year.

One thing which is apparant, is that there has not been a new route announcement for quite some time now (believe Oslo Rygge was the last one from Ryanair - correct me if I am wrong) - guess this is a sign of the times at the moment (TCX to Hurghada has now been cancelled for the Summer it seems).

Edit: Good Friday 2010 was on 2nd April, so the schools would have been on holiday here from Friday 26th March - this would have had a positive impact on pax figures last year, which will benefit the airport this year in the April figures (here is hoping anyway).
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Couple of quick points -

1. Not sure if the point about Easter is totally correct - my kids didn't finish until Good Friday with Easter being so early (might have been different in other parts of the NE)

2. If Monastir is a loss, isn't Enfidha a new route?

3. TCX B753 just positioned in.
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I donít think Iíve missed out any flights here. I have based these on flight at the start of July. I have left out the non-TCX flights, but below are the flights for TCX flights:

MAH TCX6342 operated by Astreaus
BJV TCX6976 operated by Mint Airways
MAH TCX6342 operated by Aasteaus

ALC TCX6216 operated by Aesteaus
HER TCX6114 operated by Asteraus
TFS TCX6022 operated by Mint Airways
DLM TCX6506 operated by Mint Airways

FUE TCX6272 operated by Mint Airways
RHO TCX6534 operated by Astreaus

LPA TCX6032 operated by Astreaus
ACE TCX6018 operated by Mint Airways
ZTH TCX6324 operated by Mint Airways

MAH TCZX6218 operated by Astreaus
TFS TCX6024 operated by Mint Airways

FUE TCX6106 operated by Astreaus
PMI TCX6238 operated by Mint Airways

IBZ TCX6046 operated by Astreaus
EFL TCX6184 operated by Astreaus
TFS TCX6048 operated by Mint Airways
NBE TCX6012 operated by Mint Airways
ZTH TCX6122 operated by Astreaus
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Astraeus operating for TCX

I noticed from the above posting that Astraeus airlines are operating several flights for TCX, is that for the whole of the summer flying program....???

Who has to provide the cabin crew to operate the astraeus aircraft, will it be TCX cabin crew on the astraeus aircraft...... just wondered how it works.

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A full list of all flights operated by Mint or Astraeus for all dates throughout the summer is available on the Thomas Cook website HERE
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I can't believe I've spent my morning going through all the flights for the start of July and FLYTC have the list on their website, just typical. Oh well, at least it kept me out of trouble for the morning, hehe.
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Note to Kev

When I said routes to Sharm-el-sheikh and Monastir lost....I was meaning the scheduled Jet 2 routes. I should have also mentioned Rome which has been lost for this summer (op by EZY).

Arrecife and Murcia....should have read "Scheduled pax up" they were in my plus column....blame the hayfever tablets!!!!!

Thanks for you comments though
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Looking in the ThomasCook website bit, I noticed this in the Astraeus;

Flights from UK

Flight Number

Dates of Travel

Newcastel - Tenerife


06 May - 20 May 2001

Newcastel - Tenerife


30 Oct 2011 Only

Newcastel - Tenerife


21 Oct 2011 Only

Newcastel - Tenerife


28 Oct 2011 Only

Newcastel - Cofu


02 May - 16 May 2011

Where's Newcastel, and 2001 is a long time ago!
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Think its near Balfast...
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According to the Travel Weekly website the airport is up for sale. Local authorities and CPH keen to sell.
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Jet 2 has posted some of its summer 2012 flights on the website, these cover, Alicante (will be daily), Faro, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Arrecife, Palma, Malaga, Mahon, Murcia and Tenerife (all at the same frequency as this year)
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emirates newcastle

few negative posts last week about the emirates service. was lucky enough to use from dubai(by choice as I could have gone KLM to DTV).

it was superb! we were on time..baggage pick up quick and out into the car park within 22 mins of getting off aircraft.Only downside the walk along the peier was a bit dowdy and dark..needs a paint job!!

this compares with going into dubai.we had atc delay and had to hold for 45 mins!! then took over 25 mins to bus to terminal and then 40 mins to clear immigration checks!!.Newcastle 10/10 dubai 5/10 !

chris..didnt hear people complaining too much there and im sure all appreciated the newcastle end!!

try flying in/out of DTV..then you would have reason to moan!!
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I hear that the local authorities are keen to sell before next year as payment is due on a £320m debt. If this is the case it certainly ticks the marginal box.
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Who owns NCL?

Just for my clarity of NCL still owned by the council and the operation contracted out? I thought it was now in (majority) private hands?
Thanks for any nfo.

roverman (a Manc born in West Jesmond)
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