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Dulles suspended until May .
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not surprised. Loads were poor. This now leaves them with 3 planes (and 2 more on the way) and only the daily STN-JFK-STN flight and LAS flights twice a week.

How do they stay in business as things stand?
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Max Jet Stansted to Washington

Re the disruption to service, I am booked on this next week and have no indication of the problem, there is nothing on their web site.
The only way to see abnormality was to attempt to book for that date....

We were also booking two STN-JFK for tomorrow, but have decided the risk is not worth the savings.

So they have lost three "bums in seats".
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So on the one hand a few weeks ago they say demand exceeds expectations and they were going to increase frequency STN-IAD, now they are concentrating on the other two routes "where demand is strong", the inference therefore that the loadings are low on STN-IAD.
Clearly the reason given for suspending Dulles is bullpoo, so what's the real reason? So they can take N251MY out of service (well, officially, anyway ) and get it fixed once and for all, or get rid of it? Or will the alleged increased rotations on the other two routes keep three planes busy?

Better I guess to suspend the route rather than run it as a lottery anyway!
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waiting for reply from MaxJet

Unable to get response from them, but sent E Mail to Customer services.

Until they state the flights are canx, and rebook on AA or BA from LON to Washington, I am up a gum tree.

I assume that based on past performance they will book, at thier expense, the affected pax on the alternative carrier in C class, because thats the level of service one booked.

I appreciate the difference in cost, but their business model is "Business Class at Economy prices", and should they rebook pax as eco with the other carriers, their potentail for getting any more business from my circle of contacts has become ZERO.

I am sure that they get a discount on transfered pax.
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So if Maxjet are cutting back on IAD, what chances have they got of covering their charter program ???
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I start to begin to understand why Mister Rogliano was asked to look for a new venture...
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having flown STN-LAS return last week, the service was outstanding, for the price. not as good as BA club or Virgin upper, but nowhere near the price. i would say it was close to that offered by the major US carriers.
loads were only about 65% both ways, so lets hope the load factors are enough for them to survive. i see that they are adding a saturday LAS to the service.
i for one hope this venture succeeds, and they can expand to perhaps florida.
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I still think MaxJet missed a trick, they should have stuck with
there first plan, lo-co.

I landed at Stansted this morning at 1040L and seen a Maxjet
aircraft sat on the compass point, not sure why nor reg.
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I was told today by a mate at Maxjet that they shoud be
getting another B767 ( number six ) in Feb 2008
and this will enable them to launch another route Chicago or Miami
he also told me that two more routes are planned for 2008
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last week the CEO said that they were looking to start a florida service 3 or 4 times a week with the cruise liner market in mind. miami seems to be the favourite.
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whats the chances of them going 2 mco???
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More routes not yet

MAXjet need to settle down for a bit. Get their current routes running to time with very few tec problems and other delays. There are still faults that need to be ironed out like the lounge at STN can not cope with 4 flights a day. It gets packed in there esp if there is delay for what ever reason.
Plus get a good fleet of aircraft and get rid of the nasty white monster that is always tec.
Then maxjet should look at more routes and other markets, build on what they have at the present time.
They have got some big growing pains.
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Its very interesting to hear how quickly maxjet are looking to open new routes, i still dont believe that they have a strong enough core in terms of OTP and minimal tech issues, like many say those 767's are not exactly the best and would hate to think how much the maintenance bill is taking out of revenue?

The Arrival of American Airline i believe will cause many problems for Maxjet.........Why? Well with AA operating an identical route if there are any problems on a maxjet (bearing in mind it sells itself as a business class airline)these passengers demand slightly more and business passengers that have meetings to make will only ask to be put on the AA flight in turn Maxjet losing custom but with a customer flying with your competition, will maxjet ever see them again.... i seriously doubt it.

However take the same situation with AA if the tech problem is serious enoough what will they do?? Bus the pax down to LHR, LGW or use any of their alliance partners to accomodate the pax, slight inconvenience however the pax have still had the problem resolved instead of being put into the radisson and wait for problem to be solved.

I would give Maxjet 6 months to drop the JFK route and start to concentrate on the other routes they have planned. Only time will tell.
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Agree with these views. However, if the JFK fails and with these aircraft not performing very well I fear that Max will end up as just another statistic. There is no doubt that once open skies come on line plus the pressure from Business only flts in the EU it may only be a matter of time.
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Those interested in the all-business airline model might want to check out CAP771, which outlines traffic stats for the current all-business carriers ex-UK page 136 onwards
A good presentation by Josh Marks of MAXjet can be found here:
This pdf outlines the opportunity taken by all-business carriers such as MAXjet in the current market.
Clearly the all-business model is in for a rough ride over the next 12 months given the advent of open skies from March 08!
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.... BAA have FINALLY been forced to charge more relevant charges from STN.

Wonder how it will effect Maxjet and indeed EOS if the have to pay full landing fees..?
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Washington going again

MAXjet, announced today that it is increasing its services to New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles with the introduction of a fifth aircraft to its fleet. However, it will also suspend its Washington service for a second time, with the route looking increasingly unlivable.
The airline will expand operations at New York JFK immediately, adding a Saturday frequency beginning October 20. It will launch double-daily services each Monday, Friday and Sunday from March 1, taking flights on the route to ten each week.
In addition, its Las Vegas route will be served by a new Wednesday flight from December 5 - increasing services to five a week - with a new Friday departure from the UK and a return departure on a Saturday - taking the route to six a week - from February 15. There will also be a fifth weekly departure to Los Angeles each Wednesday from December 5.
MAXjet is creating the capacity for the new routes by phasing out its services to Washington from the start of the winter season (on October 29). It also put its fifth Boeing 767 aircraft into service on October 5.
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Maxjet shares suspended

MAXjet Stock Halted Pending Financial Clarification (Update1)

By Tracy Alloway

Dec. 7 (Bloomberg) -- MAXjet Airways Inc., the unprofitable business-only carrier that operates from London to three U.S. cities, asked for its shares be suspended pending clarification of its financial position.

``The board will update investors in due course,'' the Dulles, Virginia-based company said in statement today.

MAXjet's first-half loss widened to $49.5 million from $30.4 million a year earlier as the higher cost of jet fuel and increased spending on additional planes hurt earnings. The company was listed on London's Alternative Investment Market in June.

``This cannot be good,'' said Joe Gill, an analyst at Goodbody Stockbrokers in Dublin. ``The high price of oil, a weak dollar and the general nervousness in the banking system are no doubt affecting them.''

MAXjet began flying between London Stansted and New York John F. Kennedy airports in 2005, joining single-class carriers Eos and SilverJet Plc in competing with British Airways Plc and other network airlines in the lucrative corporate-travel market.

Shares of MAXjet have lost 50 percent of their value since the listing, cutting the company's market value to 51.2 million pounds ($104 million).

The airline's five Boeing Co. 767-200 aircraft have 92-102 leather seats and an onboard service featuring four- course meals with canapés and champagne cocktails. The carrier operates from London to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, as well as New York, after cutting flights to Washington D.C. in October.

MAXjet's listing on AIM raised $104 million to fund expansion. A sub-market of the London Stock Exchange, AIM allows smaller companies to sell stock with a more flexible set of rules than the main market.
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