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MD80 plane crash in Phuket, Sep. 07

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MD80 plane crash in Phuket, Sep. 07

Old 11th Jan 2009, 01:25
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How many know

I frequent a number of Thailand forums, as it's where I go for holidays. I have never seen this subject discussed on any of them. The level of corruption there has to be seen to be believed.
I'll send a PM to a couple of the admins and enquire if this is too touchy a subject for them. If it's OK will post a link over there.
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Old 11th Jan 2009, 04:30
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Thai Forums

Don't expect ThaiVisa ExPat forum to allow this subject.
Both InvestigateUdom 's and my posts were deleted entirely and we were both banned .
As that is the most popular forum, seems Udom needn't worry too many will know of his dangerous management practices. Or other airlines .

Right, until more die.
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Old 12th Jan 2009, 04:25
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New member in LOS

Hi Guys and gals and Thaivisa is usually careful with what it allows to display but if the proof is there then they might allow a thread to continue.The main man is George and is approachable.

I am a retired private pilot and this thread was bought to our attention on our Thailand forum by one of your members hence my interest as I live in Thailand and have done so for 8 years.

Here is the thread he started but you will need to register to gain access to it. Free with no hidden fees etc and I am Admin on that board with the handle hilly. I promise you that the thread will be allowed to run if it stays on track and does not wander off into fantasy land.

Md80 Plane Crash Phuket 2007 - Pattaya Secrets Forum=

What is being said in this thread is interesting to say the least but as we say here TIT (this is thailand) so not to be unexpected. An expose does appear to be needed on this incident and good luck with it.

There are three other main message boards that likely will let a thread run and there are a few CP's and PP's on these boards also. Thaivisa is of course the largest Thai site for sure but these others have 10's of 1000's of members many of who are also Thaivisa members so IMHO it is worth posting on them.
My site is probably the largest and most active next to Thaivisa.
Second and pretty good is Pattaya Addicts Forum
Hope that helps with the cause gentleman and I will keep watching.

At the time many of us expats here thought the whole thing was a can of worms and there was much discussion on the advisories from tower and auto station problems that seemed to indicate that a go around was in order.

Wind sheer seemed to be the prime cause but if reporting equipment at Phuket was out of order, as it seems to have been, then the info being passed on to the pilot might well have been wrong or out of date. I also seem to remember a report that the PIC of the aircraft landing ahead of the MD80, that was in the circuit, had reported wind problems to the FO of the 1 2 Go MD80 but much more than that we never found out until now thanks.
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Old 12th Jan 2009, 04:35
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Managed to get it on Addicts, Live, Secrets, and Phuket info. It's a touchy subject for the corrupt Thai's thats why I figured I would run it pasr a couple of mods first. It's getting a bit of attention though.
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Old 12th Jan 2009, 10:07
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after a post on phuket info forum, i have read the whole thread and all the links here!
i will try to push the thread on PIF and get more people to sign your petition!!
i hope it helps!
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Old 12th Jan 2009, 16:01
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Getting the word out

i will try to push the thread on PIF and get more people to sign
Please let people know aviation safety requires respect for human life and an environment of accountability (where people are fired or prosecuted for unsafe or illegal flight).

One-Two-Go, Orient Thai and Thailand's Civil Aviation Authority have neither. Unfortunately, both have well-financed marketing departments.

Thank you.
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Old 23rd Jan 2009, 05:23
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Cause of crash: Pilots weren't flying the plane

RE: Hillys Comment 606

You might want to read through the black box and VDR info, available on InvestigateUdom.com ,( 2nd page proof and evidence) neither pilot was flying the plane for 14 seconds after a go around was announced, engines were left in idle -think that had more of a bearing on the actual crash than wind shear. Lack of adequate emergency training might be the actual root cause explanation.
( Incidentally, FYI the Investigate Udom movement and website is perpetuated by a woman and so am I. )
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Old 23rd Jan 2009, 15:13
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Crash Investigation Summary

The InvestigateUdom.com website has been updated significantly. The information is now summarized and reorganized for easy reading. The links to the evidence such as the COO Cho's email order to CEO Udom and the flight scheduler to falsify the pilot rosters and the aircraft logbooks are all still intact.

The Thai government has once again delayed the release of the "official" crash report. For those new to this thread, this report was long ago written by the NTSB. The Thai government is allowed a comment and editing period. It is my understanding that, at some point soon approaching, the NTSB will simply make their version of the report public.

Unfortunately, the Thai government didn't care to request a "Survival Factors Assessment", a standard report prepared by the NTSB in US crashes. Amidst the corruption, crime and coverups within OG269, it's worth noting that the Thai government apparently has no interest in learning from this crash and, in fact, is actively working to ensure no one learns anything useful from these 90 deaths.
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Old 23rd Jan 2009, 21:29
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Dear Sir,

I know I am grasping at straws but is there any idea if there is a way to get an accident report of a Thai Airways A-310 at Surat Thani?
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Old 29th Jan 2009, 14:54
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We'll go away...

I'll go away the day:

1) Thailand's Civil Aviation Authority announces, "We value consensus of the powerful over safety, so fly at your own risk."
2) and, Thailand ceases to advertise their "beautiful and safe" vacations in our countries.


I'll go away the day: I am confident enough people have been warned to make their own risk/reward judgements.

May no more innocents perish. May the forewarned have sufficient tools to make best decisions.
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Old 29th Jan 2009, 15:15
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Dear investigateudon,

Beautiful words and wishes, I truly mean that.

But you know that your aspirations will never happen; don't you ?

If Mr. Udon messes up - again - the Thai people will take care of him and I would hate to be around when that happens ( can't stand the sight of blood)

All respect for your work, but let the Thai's take care of this; the Thai way..............

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Old 29th Jan 2009, 15:40
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ok, we're convinced

Gee bossan, you're right. we're all convinced now.
Good luck flying with the Thai Department of Aviation keeping you safe. Good luck flying with Udom. If he "messes up again", I hope it isn't your only child on board.
Sarcasm today. Forgive me.

I just realized I had posted something new on the site without an announcement. In 2006, a pilot wrote a letter to various CAA's, including DCA, detailing the crimes, corruption, bribery and incompetence at Orient Thai and the DCA. It's an interesting read.
See it at: www.InvestigateUdom.com. Search for "Hong Kong, Korean and Thai Civil Aviation Authorities".
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Old 29th Jan 2009, 16:07
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You are forgiven.

I am not against your statements.

I would never fly with anything else but their National carrier, all I was trying to state, is, that you are wasting your time.

Try to publish your grievances through some large media's; PPRuNe is simply too small to sway public opinion ( Consensus ?? again....)

How will you reach the budget/package travellers/tourists, surely not through PPRuNe ?

It just seems so futile to me.

Wish you luck

" Only kid " ? My only kid is an aircraft commander with a reputable airline, I would personally break his legs if he were to contemplate flying for Udom and the likes.

Good luck

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Old 1st Feb 2009, 02:21
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Thai Air safe?

I seriously doubt Thai Air ,with all it's financial problems is safe to fly either- if it ever was.

In fact it has been advertising for a president in the National English language newspaper classifed ads.
Remember its got the Thai DCA mandating safety, just like 1-2 Go , Phuket Air and Jet Star.

I think InvestigateUdom has already made flying safer in Thailand because they know someone is awake and on the net.
1-2 Go would have never been admonished without IU.Com's investigations being made public.
I also am surprised the IU.Com site is still available so I think someone within the Thai gov. is actually concerned cause they will block sites with little cause.

Bossan, I am reporting your post about this thread and InvestigateUdom's efforts as" ...Wasting time,.. and stay away from Thailand.." as utter trolling , useless and I hope you are warned that this thread is about air safety, not things about
TLand ,
" To be enjoyed."
You're right PPRuNe is a small forum and particularly since this thread has just been moved off the publicly accessible "rumours.." room.
FYI- ThaiVisa forum, the best known and largest forum has deleted all posts relating to this matter and banned IU and myself. Perhaps you would attempt to start another thread as I feel sure you are a user on the TV forum.

I post on the Nation Blog regularly and both English Newpapers and the Phuket Gazette have printed several of my Letters to the Editors .

Last edited by ChristySweet; 1st Feb 2009 at 02:41. Reason: Add clarification
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