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Old 20th Jun 2007, 17:04
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No announcements of new routes this week?
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Old 20th Jun 2007, 18:16
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The sensible thing to do would be to retain the STN base for 40-odd aircraft, then fly W patterns into LTN during the day. That would retain the early morning/late evening slots at STN, hit BAA, and utilise the only sensible alternative airport at times when it has capacity. (Luton's problem is parking overnight).

It would have best effect on the services with several rotations from STN during the day, like HHN, CIA, PIK, DUB, etc

It would offer London-bound pax a choice of airports and save FR a shed-load of cash. It also keeps FR tapped-in to the all-important and lucrative London market.
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Old 21st Jun 2007, 10:54
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How range restricted would a 737-800 be at Derry? Would it only be practical to serve UK destinations from there?
There going to the Canaries from dublin so the rest of europe from derry would be no problem, may just cost more due to higher take-off weights required.
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Old 21st Jun 2007, 11:03
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Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I understood that because of the short runway in Derry, they couldn't even fill the aircraft on flights to London. Would they not have to shed more and more passengers the further they want to go?
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Old 21st Jun 2007, 11:07
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Recently I wrote you that Ryanair were considering the creation of as much as three bases in Poland, not one. This unexpected move has been given an explanation today. According to Polish and Austrian press, an other major player in Central-Eastern Europe, SkyEurope, has decided to change its strategy very dramatically. New SkyEurope's CEO Jason Bitter wants to move most of the bases from CE to Western Europe in the search for more profitable markets. Currently at least Budapest and Krakow bases are under scrutiny, with Krakow to lose its status before winter this year, leaving around 100 employees and freeing some capacity at Balice Airport. It has obviously revived the negotiations with FR there, the carrier could be given an own terminal and some preferencies.
An OT considering SkyEurope. Vienna's Schwechat Airport will become one of SkyEurope's new strategic places, this citation is for German-speakers:
Zentraleuropas größter europäischer Low-Cost-Carrier, baut seine Flugbasis in Wien-Schwechat massiv aus und nimmt mit Beginn des kommenden Winterflugplans (28.Oktober 2007 bis 29.März 2008) 12 neue — für Business- und Tourismus-Reisende besonders interessante Destinationen auf. Insgesamt werden ab 28. Oktober 24 Destinationen ab/an Wien angeboten. Stark frequentierte Strecken (wie etwa die bereits stark gebuchten Strecken nach Paris, Amsterdam) werden ausgebaut, neue Destinationen nach Osteuropa erschlossen. Mit der Destination Innsbruck wird erstmals ein Low-Cost-Anbieter in den innerösterreichi-schen Luftverkehrsmarkt eintreten.
SkyEurope wird mit der Stationierung von bis zu vier weiteren neuen Maschinen des Typs Boeing 737 700 NG zur zweitgrößten Fluglinie in Wien. Rund 2,1 Mio. Passagiere werden nach Planung des Managements pro Jahr transportiert werden.
"Die Erfahrungen der vergangenen Monate haben gezeigt, dass die Entscheidung, Wien zu einer unseren zentralen Hauptbasen zu machen, richtig war.
Der neue Winterflugplan berücksichtigt die grundlegenden geschäftsstrategischen Planungen des Unternehmens in Richtung Konsolidierung und Profitabilität und die verstärkte Fokussierung auf das Geschäftsreisesegment. So wurden die besonders wichtigen Destinationen wie Amsterdam, Paris, Sofia und Bukarest ausgebaut, diese Strecken werden zu attraktiven Zeiten zwei mal täglich im Tagesrandangeboten. Von hoher Relevanz ist die Tatsache, dass die neuen im Streckennetz von SkyEurope enthaltenen Destinationen alle bis dato nicht von Low-Cost-Anbietern angeflogen wurden.
Die im Frühjahr erfolgte Eröffnung der Basis in Wien ist wesentlicher Bestandteil der Umsetzung der Strategie des Unternehmens, sich auf seine Kernmärkte mit großem wirtschaftlichem Potenzial zu konzentrieren und gleichzeitig Einsparungsmöglichkeiten zu realisieren. Dazu gehört auch die sukzessive Erneuerung der SkyEurope-Flotte, die bis zum Ende des laufenden Geschäftsjahres zur Gänze abgeschlossen sein wird. "Eine Maßnahme, die dazu führen wird, dass Instandhaltungs- sowie Treibstoff-Kosten gesenkt werden und damit die Effizienz weiter steigen wird", so der SkyEurope-Vorstand.
Der Ausbau der Basis in Wien, die laut Makhlouf auch in den kommenden Monaten weiter vorangetrieben werde, hat darüber hinaus eine positive Wirkung auf die Entwicklung der heimischen Wirtschaft und hier insbesondere auch auf den Tourismus.
"Dies zeigt eindrucksvoll, dass wird die Etappenziele , die wir uns im vergangenen Oktober gesetzt haben, erreicht haben und wir uns auf konsequentem Kurs in Richtung Profitabilität befinden. So haben die Aktienexperten der UniCredit (CA IB) die SkyEurope Aktie in der vergangenen Woche bereits von Hold auf Buy hochgestuft", so Makhlouf.
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Old 21st Jun 2007, 16:09
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Yes 840,

That is pretty much how it works.

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Old 21st Jun 2007, 20:54
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Lets hope MAN is the new base!

SkyEurope and Aer Lingus - sweeeeet!
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Old 22nd Jun 2007, 11:28
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Continuing on from its recect foray into main airports (MRS,MAD,BUD) Ryanair are about to announce services to Athens.

Not sure yet if as a base but prob will be in a year or so
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Old 22nd Jun 2007, 21:44
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There is a rumors about Valencia will be the next Ryanair base, probably will be annunced in July.
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Old 22nd Jun 2007, 21:54
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Ryanair winter timetable news from BGY:

BGY-BRE from 4x week to daily (all flights operated by BRE based plane)
BGY-GRO from 18x week to 21x week (3x daily) (new flights operated by GRO based plane)
BGY-BVA from 17x week to 14x week (2x daily)
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Old 25th Jun 2007, 07:27
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It may be an attempt to stop Aer Lingus setting up a base at Aldergrove.

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Ryanair OPO

New here, I'm from Braga, near Oporto in Portugal

New slots for Winter 07 for Ryanair are very good:
Ryanair increased from 1.882 to 3.030 slots. Is this a signal for new base here?
What do you all think?

Best regards!
João Guimarães
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Does anyone know anything about RYR´s plans for Marseille this winter? I saw that most of the destinations have been set online for the winter schedule last week and today there are only half of them left - only enough for half of the planes...
Re-Adjusting of time-tables? Or complete Restructuring of destinations?
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I know that it is a popular destination, so definatly more routes, Think it would do well as base, so hopefully they will, especially as it would be there first base in portugal
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Old 29th Jun 2007, 09:30
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Looking at our local paper (French) it is announcing that Ryanair could be returning to Clermont Ferrond and/or St Etienne airport on a 3 flights a week or so basis. Discussions are apparently ongoing for routes from London, and potentially other destinations. As the airports are around 1h20mins apart, I can see Ryanair playing them off against each other for the best deal, as they did with St Etienne and Grenoble last spring. Can anyone shed any light? Living in by the final approach of St E, it'd be good to see some real planes back, and make UK visits easier.
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Old 29th Jun 2007, 12:30
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Bem vindo, welcome aboard. Good news for OPO it certainly is growing with the help of its beautiful new terminal. It's one of my favourite airports.
Perhaps you should start a OPO thread to keep us to date with any gossip or fact? I am a regular user of OPO (RYR and TAP) as I split my time between Paços de Ferreira and Leicester.
As some here know, I would be delighted if my local (EMA) got a direct flight either with Ryanair or maybe an orange competitor but that seems a distant hope at the moment. Save me a lot on petrol and car parking as the Mrs. would be happy to drop/collect me from there, not to mention the time element.
Anybody with further thoughts on a potential Ryanair EMA-OPO? I know I keep asking but...
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Old 30th Jun 2007, 11:47
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24hrs @ STN

Anyone know anymore about the 24hrs at STN, my friend who is crew at STN was told that it may start doing 24hrs flights a day at STN, with 3 shifts.
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Ryanair does care about its crew and pax

Ryanair operates a zero tolerance policy towards passengers whose behaviour may
endanger the safety of our passengers and crew. We require that crews report any
incidents of disruptive behaviour so that follow up action may be taken with the
individuals concerned.
In the past year, we have taken the following action based on crew reports of
disruptive behaviour onboard:
72 passengers have received a 1-year ban from Ryanair flights
18 passengers have received a 5-year ban from Ryanair flights
73 passengers have received a life ban from Ryanair flights

I think this just shows that Ryanair does put the safety of its crew and other pax as No.1
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Old 2nd Jul 2007, 13:19
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please: BOH base

Ryanair i love you... where is your Bournemouth base!! Desperate for your flights...
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Old 2nd Jul 2007, 13:24
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Im sorry mate but it aint going to happen, too many other important airports to set up a base first. You BOH will get extra fligths from other bases or a a/c doing a W
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