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BA Cityflyer

Old 28th Feb 2008, 22:48
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Rj 85 G-lcyb

This is due for delivery 26 March 08. The second one is still in service with Blue 1 and not due for hand-back maintenance until late March 08.
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Old 2nd Mar 2008, 23:32
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New Aircraft

Heard the second one will be in service from around the 5th May
to be registered G-LCYC.

It's good to see that BA's management are talking about more RJ's or new aircraft for the fleet. I have heard that BA have looked at the Embraer 170/190 and they are also in talks with Bae to see if they can get there hands on more RJ85's and possibly some RJ70's. to replace some of the RJ100's and also to grow the fleet. They have also said that they would not rule out the A318 if the market demanded it.

I guess BA is happy with the performance of BACF. Also BACF have said the new NCE and BCN route forward bookings are well ahead of what they had expected them to be.
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Old 5th Mar 2008, 19:19
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The A318 is not and will not be considered for BACityflyer. All down to 'scope clause' and logistical issues at LCY. Crew 'currency' and 'recency' is another issue.

The proposed LCY-JFK-LCY operation, by A318s will be crewed by LGW based crew.
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Old 5th Mar 2008, 21:00
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tristar500 dont hold your breath on that one!!!!!
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Old 6th Sep 2008, 13:08
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BACF and Flightline

BACF start there additional daily LCY/NCE and there 2 additional daily EDI/LCY rotations from Monday. Using a Flightline 146. Operating M-F,


Does anyone know:

Are they using one particular 146 from the Flightline fleet as they do on the LCY/DUB route (G-FLTB)? If so any idea of the reg?

Will the aircraft as the DUB aircraft carry BA markings?

Are the flightline aircraft operated by BACF cabin crew or Flightline cabin crew??. If it is Flightline cabin crew are they in BA uniform?

Finally will the aircraft remain in EDI Saturday and Sunday or position to SEN on a Friday night and back to EDI on Sunday night?

Thanks in advance for any questions you can answer.


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Old 6th Sep 2008, 16:41
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G-FLTF and G-TBIC are two of the 3 Flightline aircraft going to be used on the additional LCY-EDI services. There is also a Titan 146 slot - registration to be adv on day of flight.

Should have BA titles, but Flightline crewed.

Should be very interesting.
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Old 7th Sep 2008, 01:13
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Thanks for the info silverstreak.

I thought G-TBIC is still with Aer Arran and is due to remain there until end of October.

Thought they would just use G-FLTB and G-FLTF and rotate them once in a while. One operating EDI and one operating DUB.
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Old 7th Sep 2008, 09:34
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G-TBIC is with Air Arann until October, but it could end earlier if the IT programme runs down, as they have another on lease EI-CNQ ( also due to be returned to CityJet in Oct. )

As for G-FLTB it is on maintenance at Exeter at present and I think G-FLTF is only standing in for it, as it has not been repainted and carries no titles.

No doubt all will become clearer soon.
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Old 8th Sep 2008, 12:39
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G-TBIC and G-FLTF both operating out of City this morning.
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Old 8th Sep 2008, 14:34
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What seating config do the Flightline aircraft have?
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Old 22nd Sep 2008, 21:51
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Have noticed recently that both the MAD and ZRH flights that usually use the RJ85 aircraft. There has been on a few occasions in past weeks they have been operated by a RJ100. Is there a problem with one or both the RJ85's ??.

In answer to you question HZ123 believe the flightline a/c are 2/3. However when it operates flights with a club cabin is configured 2/2. Not sure if they have converter seats or just block off the middle seat

The a/c can carry I believe a max of 94Y.

I remember reading an article that said BACF where looking at replacing their fleet of RJ100 aircraft. Anyone heard anymore on this??.

AZ have 6 4 year old Embrear 170 aircraft that could be soon available!!

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Old 24th Sep 2008, 16:15
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Believe the announcement on aircraft is due within the next few weeks.
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Old 24th Sep 2008, 20:51
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CityFlyer Fleet

Heard a rumour that A318s will replace the whole fleet and CityFlyer will takeover all Mainline domestic routes. IE LHR/LGW-MAN, EDI, GLA etc.

Ramp talk or is there substance to it?
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Old 24th Sep 2008, 20:56
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That rumour has been doing the rounds in various incarnations for various subsidiaries for at least 5 years. It wasn't going to happen then and it isn't going to happen now.
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Old 25th Sep 2008, 00:45
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CityFlyer taking over mainline domestic routes? would that be such a bad thing?

bring back meals for domestics as per CityFlyer !!!!

i very much doubt you would see A318's being introduced as a replacement for the whole domestic/CityFlyer fleet due to the A318 being weight restricted ex LCY?
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Old 25th Sep 2008, 13:20
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This article (from ATI) might explain why RJ100s have been on those routes. Another article also appeared the day before noting the wet-lease (from Flightline) of two 146s for the GVA and NCE routes from mid-December. Not clear though if these are two more beyond the two already operating as mentioned earlier in this thread.


BA CityFlyer RJ85 loses panel on departure from Amsterdam
Victoria Moores, London (24Sep08, 16:20 GMT, 222 words)

British Airways (BA) CityFlyer has inspected its Avro RJ fleet after a one of its RJ85ERs lost a piece of fairing measuring 1.5m x 0.8m (4.9ft x 2.6ft) on departure from Amsterdam Airport earlier this month. The aircraft - a 2001 example, registered G-LCYB - was operating as flight BA8452 from Amsterdam to London City on 15 September with 46 passengers on board. A BA CityFlyer spokeswoman says: "On departure from Amsterdam an off-duty air traffic controller spotted something falling from the aircraft into woodland on the flightpath." She says the crew were alerted, but the instruments did not show any faults, therefore the aircraft continued to London City where it landed normally. On inspection the aircraft was found to be missing an upper wing fairing. The spokeswoman says: "It was a fairing which connects from the wing root to the body of the aircraft. It is not a working part and is not vital to the operation of the aircraft. "A full repair has now been completed and all other wing-to-body fairing panels on this aircraft have been inspected. The investigation has found the cause of the panel loss was down to the failure of the metal grommets that hold the panel in place." She says the investigation was carried out by BA CityFlyer and its maintenance provider, supported by BAE Systems.
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Old 25th Sep 2008, 19:51
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Flightline Bae 146-200s G-FLTB and G-FLTF (rotating on a weekly basis) are contracted to be flying for BACF and based at EDI until MAR09.

G-FLTB fresh out of the hangar, with BA titles and a very clean and fresh interior.

So far, making an excellent impression. Crews arrive nice and early and a very reliable service. Have based engineering staff at EDI too with a healthy spares / backup package.

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Old 26th Sep 2008, 03:15
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So far, making an excellent impression. Crews arrive nice and early and a very reliable service so far. Have based engineering staff at EDI too with a healthy spares / backup package.
Thank you... We aim to please!!!
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Old 27th Sep 2008, 09:03
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With the fleet decision still pending I found this very interesting article:

JetBlue also said it has executed an agreement to sell four new E190's, produced by Brazil's Embraer Brazilian Aviation Co. (ERJ), according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The four aircraft are scheduled for delivery to JetBlue in the first quarter of 2009 and are to be delivered to the third party immediately after, subject to contingencies including lease negotiations, according to the filing

The article states that these 4 aircraft might be going to Azul (Brazil LCC) but you never know...
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Old 27th Sep 2008, 11:20
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Hope Cityflyer dont take over the mainline Domestic routes , but I do feel that Domestic routes need a shake up especially cabin service !
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