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So why is Southampton successful with its short runway and Bournemouth not? Much of that has got to be down to public transport links and ease of access. For most people Hurn might as well be on the moon, as they can’t get to the place with any ease.

A good rail link means that the catchment area is enlarged considerably. Just look at what is happening to Southend now that they have a railway station. As the airport is miles away from the railway network, has no national coach links and just a local hourly bus service the future looks bleak.
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Southampton is completely different with a catchment that includes southwest London, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Brighton even. The fact that its runway is short has indirectly assisted BOH in attracting medium to longer range routes with aircraft above 120 seats, including ourselves. If SOU had a runway that was as long as BOH's then i would worry about the ability of BOH to attract carriers.

SOU's success has been down to high frequency, business traffic using smaller aircraft on short haul routes. This is how BOH and SOU have competed effectively with each other, almost complementing each other.

I see the future for SOU as more of the same, and for BOH with less of what SOU has and more longer / medium haul routes with a heavy emphasis on seasonal leisure based traffic and Ryanair might not always be part of that future.
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Civil Aviation Authority stats show that the passenger numbers at Bournemouth have fallen by 70 percent in the last four years During the first three months of this year it had approx 60,000 passengers, compared with more than 200,000 during the same period in 2007.

Also during this same period APD has risen by 140 percent on short-haul flights, from £5 to £12,

Obviously there is a correlation between the tax take on APD, rising security costs and the sheer hassle factor which puts Joe Public off short regional flights when compared to train travel or cross channel ferries.

So from MAGs’ commercial point of view, having hived off the profitable side of the airport ( NW Industrial Sector ) and leveraged debt onto the passenger side through new facilities, It makes sense to flog this debt off to ANO and proceed with getting STN, which has 22 Million passengers.

Multiply that by £2.50 kerching !!!!

Rumour is announcement due in July…but management didn’t say which year .
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Freight doggy,
Not sure where your rumours are from but performance figures show better than expected passenger numbers for the last few months, no sign of any sale.
Also, do you know anyone who buys debt? Perhaps I could flog them my mortgage at the same time.
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The only thing that is happening on 6 th July is a few free holidays being given away by the airport
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Maybe its the new arrivals area ??????? or has that already opened
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Jonathan Bailey, external affairs director at Manchester Airports Group, said recently that he saw ‘no future’ for the UK's smallest airports, blaming high tax and regulatory and security costs, which he said had a greater impact in the regions.

I wonder if he was thinking about Bournemouth when he made those comments.

Passengers fall at regional airports by up to 70%; APD blamed : Prestwick Airport News Stories
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Does any-one know if the Duch F-16 is coming to the Air Pageant and will it be based at Cobham like last year?

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Thanks for the update Area51
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The A330 is already in the Cobham hanger, it arrived 2-3 weeks ago. VP-BAT is living outside temporarily
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Big announcment

Todays BIG announcement from BOH. Free Crunchie at local Thomas Cook Travel Agents....Phew
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The A330 isnt in Cobhams hanger it arrived a few weeks ago on a proving flight & left the same day....more likely is that Cobham are preparing the hanger ready for the A330's arrival later this year.
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Red face Easyjet

So Easyjet are basing 3 A/C at Exeter !

What exactly were the new commecial team at Bournemouth Airport doing ?

We can assume that Exeter will be handling the Olympic Traffic in 2012 !

Wake up MAG, time for some changes in the Management Team, it is all going horribly wrong. Although it may well be too late. ( or do MAG really beleive it's the global economy to blame, which didn't stop EZY cretaing the new base up the road )

Any update on what will be flying ex BOH this winter ? Will Easy still operate the Geneva or will that now move to Exeter ? along with the majority of the Thomson Cruise flights !

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse eh, rumours that Ryanair won't return in Feb 2012 ?

They just as well switch the Runway lights off, and let the glow of embaressment be a beacon to the GA, better whack the landing fees up and increase the drop off chage to a fiver.
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Have not heard Easy Jet basing in Exeter ?

Word at Thomas Cook is that next summers Dalaman and Antalya flights will not be operating and there is a hold on sales of these holidays at the moment while a final decision is made !

This winter will only see Thomson operate to TFS , LPA , PFO , ACE , SSH and ski flights to TRN

Easy Jet are still operating 8 flights a week from mid Dec and only 3 cruise flights to Barbados are scheduled with Thomson

So with the greatest will in the world at the moment on some days no flights and the maximum on others is 2 flights
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So Easyjet are basing 3 A/C at Exeter !
I can't say i have heard this anywhere on any other aviation site and believe me I look at lots on a daily basis!

Where have you heard this?

Personally I very much doubt easyjet would base at Exeter with Bristol its largest base outside of London so nearby! For the same reason that neither easy or Ryanair will go to Cardiff.

I can only see one reason why Easyjet would consider Exeter and that would be dissatisfaction with level of charges and service at Bristol, but the CEO of Easyjet recently commented that BRS was one of there most profitable bases in the UK.

I could be proved totally wrong, but this is my personal view and no I have no connection with Bristol or Easyjet before anyone asks!

The biggest issue with the smaller regional airports like EXT, BOH, CWL, MME etc is that while we have such high government taxes on aviation in the UK and with the current state of the economy they will struggle to attract airlines, which in turn sends the passengers to other larger terminals.

Personally the APD tax needs to be scrapped or reduced considerably to get airlines and passengers get flying again!


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I'm sure whining DILLTHEDOG means that easyJet has a new base at Southend.

People like you need to get out more and stop moaning!
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Operating Profit 3m

BOH made an operating profit of 3m according to the MAG report and accounts for 2010. After taxes and expenses it measured a loss of (0.4m)

Not bad considering the fall in traffic.

Cost per pax has risen considerably given the new terminal, but income per pax has also risen quite fast.

Will be interesting to see how 2011 pans out.
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BOH made an operating profit of 3m according to the MAG report and accounts for 2010. After taxes and expenses it measured a loss of (0.4m)

Not bad considering the fall in traffic.
These figues illustrate quite well just how much traffic/business at BOH is NOT pax related.

All the doom mongers out there take note.

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Bournemouth Spring/Summer 2012 Schedule
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Oh Ryanair are so wonderful in supporting 30 local jobs...wouldn't those people still be there looking after Thompson, Thomas Cook and the GA other flights?

Anyway, as we all pretty much suspected,Ryanair shut down for winter then back with a bang in 2012.

Just need another carrier to stir things up/pay back the mortgage on the terminal.
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