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Old 10th Oct 2010, 23:57
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News from Wiki that Europe Airpost start operations from Stansted this November...

Enfidha [begins 6 November], Tangier [begins 3 November], Tenerife-South [begins 4 November]

Who are these operating for as they do not appear on the Stansted Airport website's charter listing?
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Old 13th Oct 2010, 11:22
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Stansted has to be sold

UPDATE 1-BAA loses court battle on sale of UK airports | Reuters
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Old 19th Oct 2010, 19:25
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Belle Air

I was told today that Belle Air are to start (TIA-STN-TIA) 16/12/10 2x weekly
can anyone back this up ?
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Old 19th Oct 2010, 20:48
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Belle Air

Flights bookable
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Old 21st Oct 2010, 22:31
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Why would Belleair want to start a STN-TIA route when Albanian Airlines already operate on the route.

Looking at the Belleair website the prices for STN-TIA are not cheap plus with their extensive Italian network surely a secondary Italian city to STN would make for a better option to enter the UK market.

What aircraft do they intend using on this new route?

On another note who is taking over the Hamburg International flights on behalf of the Gambia Experience?
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 15:03
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Air Berlin HAJ and NUE to LGW from Feb 11

already being discussed in the wrong forum ....... but now formally announced. it seems to be death by a thousand cuts...... very sad for STN

Gatwick Airport
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 16:18
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On other forums everyone seems to be assuming that the other AB ops will switch to LGW asap, slots permitting. Is this the case? All the other ops (Dusseldorf, Munster & paderborn) are Q400 ops which may seem a bit of a waste or just unprofitable into LGW. Besides Dusseldorf would be up against EZY and Flybe so not much chance of making any money there. I can't see that AB would gain anything from a further shift south - any OW connections would just detract from direct flights from their DUS base surely?? If anything a move to LCY would make more sense
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 16:50
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Except charges at LCY are as far as I know rather too much to make decent profits.
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 17:36
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Remember Air Berlin joined One World alliance recently and the waves of flights will tie up with BA's flights from LGW on its long-haul programme, so its not all about costs at LGW, there is a bigger factor/picture to look at here.
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Old 18th Nov 2010, 17:09
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2 too many !!!

..agreed now on the correct forum...
The over-riding issue at STN is there are still too many handling agents...
Going back less that 18 months, there were 4 which has partially been addressed
with the Servisair absorption of Aviance. On the pax/ramp side there is only
enough work for 2, each with one of the major low cost carriers. The rest of
the work doesn't add up to much and could easily be absorbed.
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Old 18th Nov 2010, 18:25
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Enjoyed using the service to NUE from STN. It was easy to get to avoiding the M25 and the dartford crossing.
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Air Asia X

Air Asia just announced 4 x weekly flights to Paris from Feb 14 2011 using A340. Does this mean a reduction in the service at Stansted?

Last edited by stuinn; 22nd Nov 2010 at 10:22. Reason: Add number of flights
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..doubt it ..they open and shut bases like they're going out of fashion
trying to make different things I reckon they can run both
with the 2 x A340 ( is there a 3rd due ???)
Interesting to note that a lot of the passengers on the STN route fly
in from Europe so possibly the peak time increase to 9 a week will cease...
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todays diverts

There were 3 TCX 330's diverted into STN today
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TCX 330's doing LGW outbound flights. Positioned in from MAN.
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Just noticed DY and even LG back on the departure/arrival boards at STN. Maybe some of these airlines shouldn't have been so quick to do a runner from the airport.

With TCX operating some of the LGW flights from here today, is it not about time some of the charter operators reviewed their London operations and not put all their eggs in one basket being Gatwick? I'm not saying move their operations to STN, but when you have multiple aircraft at Gatwick and just one aircraft at STN surely it would make more sense to move one or two more aircraft over to STN on a more permanent basis?
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A bit of snow wont persuade airlines to go back to Stansted I'm afraid. Nor would it persuade airlines to split operations as much as you said. Anyway, I thought that Essex generally gets more snow than Sussex and Surrey in an average winter?
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I believe there was a Cubana IL96 there aswell that diverted from Gatwick and Air Zimbabwe 767 from Harare.

Stansted is a useful diversionary airport, especially for LCY flights as it is just up M11.

Airport managers need to realise Global Warming and the change of weather patterns that the UK gets, bearing in mind it was on Jan this year that we experienced this kind of bad weather before. Its time to study how the scandinavian countries cope each year. Snow equipment is expensive for the amount of time it is in use, but it is a needed tool that all airports must have, the debacle of LGW and in the past LTN has to be overcome, but like everything else, you still have to get humans to drive these pieces of kit and they too have to get into work. Roll on robotic snow ploughs!!

If you cas you mind back to early this year, there were aircraft stuck at STN after diverting from LGW for a day or so, that was due to handling agent running out of de-icing fluid, so that added to the airlines woes, who already had aircraft out of position. Perhaps this time round they stocked up before hand !!
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one swallow does not make a summer, before Catagory 3 ILS lots of aircraft used to divert to Prestwick from London but they would never consider a Prestwick service. the sad fact of the matter is that the Gatwick commands a higher revenue that Stansted. There are more people in the Gatwick Catchment area than Stansted.
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Just out of interest, how many airlines actually use Stansted?
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